Another Georgia County ‘Suspends’ Cannabis Enforcement


2019-08-15 00:16:33 Ganjapreneur


Another Georgia county is suspending low-level cannabis enforcement following hemp legalization in the state, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Cobb County Police Chief Tim Cox said the move is a “temporary procedural change” until a “remedy” is found. The decision comes after officials in Gwinnett County said they would no longer prosecute or make arrests for low-level possession crimes. “After discussions with prosecutors, it appears that arresting someone for misdemeanor marijuana possession is not recommended. As a result, effective immediately, any misdemeanor amounts of marijuana that an officer encounters will be confiscated and sent to the Evidence Unit to be destroyed. A criminal charge will not be made until a solution can be found to this dilemma.” – Cox, in a statement, via the AJC Cobb Solicitor General Barry Morgan said pending cases would not be dismissed but new cases would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are “working on finding a new test that could differentiate [THC-rich] marijuana from hemp and cases will be held pending that.” Gwinnet County officials indicated that there is currently no court-acceptable test for THC levels. The agency said they would continue making arrests, however, for felony cannabis crimes. Hemp legalization has also forced some Texas cities to drop cannabis cases over the plant’s similarities to cannabis with THC concentrations higher than 0.3 percent – which defines hemp. Of Texas’ 10 most populous counties, just one district attorney said they would continue prosecuting low-level cannabis cases. In Florida, some law enforcement agencies have said they would stop detaining people for cannabis odor because it could be either hemp or THC-rich cannabis.
据《亚特兰大宪法报》报道,佐治亚州另一个县在该州大麻合法化后,将暂停低级别大麻执法。科布县警察局局长蒂姆•考克斯( Tim Cox )表示,在找到“补救措施”之前,此举是一项“临时程序改变”。此前,格温内特( Gwinnett )郡的官员表示,他们将不再对低级别的占有犯罪进行起诉或逮捕。 “在与检察官讨论之后,似乎不建议逮捕因持有大麻而犯罪的人。因此,从立即开始,任何官员遇到的轻罪大麻数额将被没收并送到证据股销毁。只有找到解决这一难题的办法,才会提出刑事指控。”–在一份声明中, Cox 通过 AJC Cobb 总检察长巴里•摩根( Barry Morgan )表示,待决案件不会被驳回,但新案件将逐案审查,格鲁吉亚调查局( Georgia Bureau of Investigation )正“努力寻找一种新的测试,将(富含 THC 的)大麻与大麻区分开来,相关案件将待审理。” 格温内特县官员表示,目前尚无法庭认可的 THC 水平测试。该机构说,他们将继续逮捕重罪大麻犯罪。 大麻合法化也迫使德克萨斯州的一些城市放弃大麻的案例,因为大麻与 THC 浓度高于0.3%的大麻相似,这就是大麻的定义。在德克萨斯州人口最多的10个县中,只有一位地区检察官表示,他们将继续起诉低级别大麻案件。 在弗洛里达州,一些执法机构表示,他们将停止扣留大麻气味的人,因为大麻或富含 THC 的大麻。