Private Nebraska University Offers Cannabis Certificate Program


2019-08-15 00:16:21 Ganjapreneur


Doane University, a private university based in Crete, Nebraska, is launching an online Professional Cannabis Certificate Program – the first of its kind in the state. The program is expected to launch this fall. According to a press release, “Cannabis Science and Industries: Seeds to Needs” is a series of three online courses designed by cannabis industry experts and faculty with PhD and MD credentials. It’s designed for students interested in cannabis industry careers, including cultivators, processors, marketing, business, finance, and administration. The foundation for the course curriculum was designed by Dr. Andrea Holmes, professor of chemistry at Doane, who worked at Colorado state-certified AgriScience Labs during a sabbatical in the 2018-2019 academic year, and Amanda McKinney, M.D., associate dean of health sciences and executive director of the Institute for Human and Planetary Health at Doane. “Cannabis has been studied in-depth and much is published in medical literature on the benefits that can be provided from some of its component molecules. While not a ‘cure-all’, cannabinoids can and should be used as they are safe and efficacious for many disorders.” – McKinney, in a press release Holmes described the program as “based on innovation, advancement of science, [and] cutting edge pedagogy,” adding that it would expand over time based on industry growth and changes in federal laws. Doane faculty from other departments will have access to courses from the cannabis program to add to their curriculum. Nebraska has neither medical nor recreational cannabis programs.
位于内布拉斯加州克里特市的一所私立大学 Doane 大学正在推出一项在线专业大麻认证计划,这是该州首个此类计划。该计划预计将于今年秋季推出。 根据一份新闻稿,“大麻科学和工业:需要种子”是由大麻行业专家和具有博士和医学博士学位的教师设计的一系列在线课程。它是专为对大麻产业职业感兴趣的学生设计的,这些职业包括耕种者、加工者、市场营销、商业、金融和管理。 课程的基础由 Doane 化学教授 Andrea Holmes 博士设计,他在科罗拉多州立农业科学实验室( AgriScience Labs )工作,在2018-2019学年休假,在医学博士(M.D.)博士 Amanda McKenney 工作。Doane 健康科学副主任兼人类和行星健康研究所执行主任。 “大麻已被深入研究,许多研究成果发表在医学文献上,关于其某些成分分子所能提供的益处。虽然大麻不是一种“万灵药”,但它可以也应该被用来治疗许多疾病,因为它们是安全有效的。”– McKinney ,新闻稿 霍姆斯将该项目描述为“基于创新、科学进步和尖端教育学”,并补充说,它将随着时间的推移根据行业增长和联邦法律的变化而扩展。 来自其他部门的 Doane 教师将可以从大麻计划中获得课程,以增加他们的课程。 内布拉斯加州既没有医疗也没有娱乐大麻项目。