Germany gains new supplier of medical marijuana flower


2019-08-19 14:30:14 mjbizdaily


It’s been an eventful week for German medical cannabis distributor Iuvo Therapeutics. First, the Neuss-based company received its first international shipment of dry cannabis flower from Canada-based TerrAscend. Then, Iuvo Therapeutics announced it was being acquired by London-based cannabis firm Wundr Co. “In the upcoming weeks – and together with our new team from Wundr – Iuvo will continually scale up the import volumes to contribute to a sustainable supply of cannabis pharmaceuticals in Germany and Europe,” the company’s Managing Director Daniel Seidl told Marijuana Business Daily. He assured that everything is in place for larger shipments to begin soon. Earlier this year, TerrAscend became the latest Canadian cannabis licensed producer to obtain European Union-Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification, which is necessary to export flower for pharmacy dispensing in Germany. By becoming EU-GMP certified and exporting to the European Union, TerrAscend joined the select group of Canadian cannabis producers already certified that include: The German market currently is totally dependent on imports from the Netherlands and Canada. The first domestic harvests in the nation are expected at the end of 2020, but imports are expected to be possible and necessary to supply the rapidly growing market even after that date. German authorities reported a dramatic increase of imports during the second quarter of 2019 with almost 2,500 kilograms (5,512 pounds) during the first half of the year. The Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) of the Netherlands told MJBizDaily the country exported 1,100 kilograms of flower to Germany for pharmacy dispensing during the first half of the year. That means exports from Canada to Germany in the same period must have been close to 1,400 kilograms to complete the 2,500 kilograms of imported cannabis that German authorities reported. The OMC ships cannabis to Germany every month, dividing it among the licensed importers that place an order. An agency spokesperson also said that “at this moment, we can divide about 200 kilograms per month. “We get more and more orders each month, there are several new customers each month, so the amount for each customer gets smaller.” That’s a sign that importers that depend exclusively on supply from the Netherlands might see revenue shrink as new importers get licensed, if supply remains the same. However, exports from the Netherlands are expected to increase during the second half of the year. Meanwhile, a new law to simplify cannabis access for patients went into effect this week in Germany. Under the new law, after statutory health insurers initially approve a patient’s reimbursement, with no new application needed if there’s an adjustment to the dosage or a change in the flower variety. Alfredo Pascual can be reached at [email protected]
对于德国的医用大麻分销商 Iuvo Therapeutics 来说,这是一个充满变数的星期。 首先,这家位于纽斯的公司收到了第一批来自加拿大 TerrAscend 的干大麻花货。 随后, Iuvo Therapeutics 宣布将被伦敦的大麻公司 Wundr 公司收购。 该公司董事总经理丹尼尔•塞德尔( Daniel Seidl )对《马里亚纳商业日报》( Marijuana Business Daily )表示:“未来几周, Iuvo 将与我们来自 Wundr 的新团队一道,不断扩大进口量,以促进德国和欧洲大麻药品的可持续供应。” 他保证所有的货物都已经准备好了,更大的货物即将开始。 今年早些时候, TerrAscend 成为最新一家获得欧盟药品生产质量管理规范( GMP )认证的加拿大大麻特许生产商,这是德国出口用于药房配药的花卉所必需的。 通过成为欧盟 GMP 认证和出口到欧盟, TerrAscend 加入了已认证的加拿大大麻生产商的精选小组,其中包括: 德国市场目前完全依赖于从荷兰和加拿大的进口。 第一批国内收获预计将在2020年底实现,但预计进口将是可能的,也是供应快速增长的市场所必需的,即便在那之后。 德国当局报告称,2019年第二季度进口大幅增加,上半年进口近2500公斤(5512磅)。 荷兰医学大麻办公室( OMC )告诉 MJBizDaily ,今年上半年,该国向德国出口了1100公斤用于配药的花卉。 这意味着,同期加拿大对德国的出口必须接近1400公斤,才能完成德国当局报告的2500公斤进口大麻。 OMC 每月都会将大麻运往德国,并将其分配给下达订单的特许进口商。 该机构的一位发言人还表示,“目前,我们可以每月分200公斤左右。” “我们每个月收到越来越多的订单,每个月都有几个新客户,因此每个客户的数量都会变小。” 这表明,如果供应保持不变,完全依赖荷兰供应的进口商可能会因为新进口商获得许可而导致收入减少。 不过,预计荷兰的出口将在今年下半年增加。 与此同时,德国本周开始实施一项简化患者大麻使用的新法律。 根据新法律,在法定健康保险公司最初批准病人报销后,如果调整剂量或改变花卉品种,就不需要新的申请。 Alfredo Pascual 可通过[电子邮件保护]联系到.