Canopy Growth Gains Key Extraction License, Now Runs 3 Extraction Assets

Canopy Growth获关键提取许可,增加至拥有3项提取资产

2019-08-21 09:00:10 Benzinga


Canopy Growth Corporation announced Tuesday it has gained Health Canada’s license for its KeyLeaf Life Sciences facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. With this addition, the company now runs three substantial extraction assets, with the other two being Smiths Falls site and BC Tweed extraction site. The KeyLeaf facility was recently adapted for Canopy Growth’s use, planning to start using it in the fall, extracting up to 5,000 kilograms of hemp or cannabis biomass daily. Click here more information about the upcoming Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Oct. 22-23 in Chicago. This is another step in Canopy Growth’s capacity expansion plan, as it aims to be more productive and to cut operational costs by the end of the year, the company reported. "With this milestone, we are executing against the vision of making strategic investments today in order to deliver results over the long term," said CEO Mark Zekulin. "This licence will ensure we have the supply of extraction inputs for the medical, CBD, and recreational markets, especially the next generation of value-add, high margin cannabis products here in Canada." The stock closed Monday’s session at $26.72 per share. Don’t miss out on the top cannabis stories of the day. Click here to sign up for our daily insider newsletter. See more from Benzinga
Canopy Growth 公司周二宣布,已获得加拿大卫生部在萨斯喀彻温省萨斯卡通的 KeyLeaf 生命科学设施的许可证。 加上这一点,该公司现在经营三个实质性的开采资产,另外两个是 Smiths Falls 网站和 BC Tweed 开采网站。 KeyLeaf 设施最近已适应 Canopy Growth 的使用,计划在秋季开始使用,每日提取多达5000公斤大麻或大麻生物量。 点击这里更多的信息,关于即将举行的奔驰坎纳比斯资本会议10月22日至23日在芝加哥。 该公司报告称,这是 Canopy Growth 产能扩张计划的又一步,因为该计划旨在提高生产率,并在年底前削减运营成本。 “有了这个里程碑,我们正在执行的愿景,作出战略投资,今天,以实现长期的成果,”首席执行官马克 Zekulin 说。“该许可证将确保我们为医疗、 CBD 和娱乐市场,特别是加拿大的下一代高附加值、高利润率的大麻产品提供提取投入。” 该股周一收盘报每股26.72美元。 不要错过当天最精彩的大麻故事。点击这里注册我们的每日内部通讯。 请参阅 Benzinga