Green Thumb completes $60 million marijuana firm acquisition

Green Thumb 6000万美元收购纽约州大麻持证商Fiorello

2019-08-27 12:04:10 mjbizdaily


Chicago-based Green Thumb Industries announced Monday it completed its $59.6 million cash and stock acquisition of Fiorello Pharmaceuticals, one of 10 companies approved to operate a medical cannabis company in New York. Green Thumb purchased New York City-based Fiorello in a transaction involving $46 million in cash and 1.7 million shares. Fiorello’s assets include: “As one of only 10 license holders in a state with a population of approximately 20 million, this acquisition is firmly in line with our strategic goal of entering highly regulated markets to manufacture and distribute cannabis brands at scale,” GTI founder and CEO Ben Kovler said in a statement. Kovler called GTI’s entry into New York “an important milestone.” The deal was first announced in June 2018. Green Thumb, which owns the luxury cannabis brand Beboe, trades on the U.S. over-the-counter-market under the ticker symbol GTBIF and on the Canadian Securities Exchange as GTII. For more on this acquisition, click here. For analysis and in-depth looks at the investment trends and deals driving the cannabis industry forward, sign up for our premium subscription service, Investor Intelligence.
总部位于芝加哥的 Green Thumb Industries 周一宣布,已完成对 Fiorello Pharmaceuticals 的5960万美元现金和股票收购。 Fiorello Pharmaceuticals 是获准在纽约经营一家医用大麻公司的10家公司之一。 Green Thumbm 在一笔涉及4600万美元现金和170万股股票的交易中收购了总部位于纽约市的 Fiorello 。 Fiorello 的资产包括: GTI 创始人兼首席执行官本•科夫勒( Ben Kovler )在一份声明中表示:“作为一个人口约2000万的州仅有10家牌照持有者之一,此次收购坚定符合我们的战略目标,即进入高度监管的市场,大规模生产和分销大麻品牌。” Kovler 称 GTI 进入纽约是“一个重要里程碑”。 本次交易于2018年6月首次公告。 拥有豪华大麻品牌 Beboe 的 Green Thumb 在美国场外交易市场交易,交易代码为 GTBIF ,在加拿大证券交易所交易代码为 GTII 。 有关此收购的详细信息,请单击此处。 为了分析和深入研究推动大麻产业向前发展的投资趋势和交易,注册我们的高级订阅服务,投资者情报。