Multistate marijuana company Curaleaf posts higher revenues, losses


2019-08-29 16:30:19 mjbizdaily


Curaleaf Holdings, a multistate cannabis operator, reported revenue of $48.5 million in the second quarter, more than triple the $14.6 million in revenue during the same period of 2018. The Massachusetts-based company lost $24.4 million in the quarter, ending June 30, mostly due to noncash items and one-time, acquisition-related charges. That compared with a loss of $6.4 million in its second quarter of 2018. In July, Curaleaf agreed to buy privately owned cannabis company Grassroots for $875 million in cash and stock. Curaleaf also announced it is selling six cultivation, processing and retail buildings in Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey to newly formed real estate investment company Freehold Properties for $28.3 million. The agreement calls for Freehold to lease back the buildings to Curaleaf. Curaleaf also was in the news recently for receiving a warning from the FDA about making medical claims around its CBD products. Curaleaf responded by removing such claims from its website and social media sites. Curaleaf trades on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol CURA and on the U.S. over-the-counter markets as CURLF.
多州大麻经营者Curaleaf Holdings第二季度的收入为4850万美元,是2018年同期1460万美元收入的三倍多。 这家总部位于马萨诸塞州的公司本季度亏损2440万美元,截至6月30日,主要是由于非现金项目和一次性收购相关费用。相比之下,2018年第二季度亏损640万美元。 7月,Curaleaf同意以8.75亿美元现金和股票收购私有大麻公司Grassroots。 Curaleaf还宣布,将以2830万美元的价格向新成立的房地产投资公司Freehold Properties出售佛罗里达、马萨诸塞和新泽西的六座种植、加工和零售建筑。 该协议要求Curaleaf永久保有将回租这些建筑的权利。 库拉索夫最近也因收到FDA关于其CBD产品医疗索赔的警告而出现在新闻中。库拉利夫的回应是,从其网站和社交媒体网站上删除这些声明。 库拉索在加拿大证券交易所以库拉索的股票代码进行交易,在美国场外市场以curlf的名义进行交易。