Elekta buys treatment planner ProKnow Systems


2019-08-30 17:40:12 mass


Elekta (STO:EKTA B) said today that it acquired ProKnow Systems for an undisclosed amount in a move toward cloud-based solutions for advanced radiation therapy. Sweden-based Elekta will have access to ProKnow’s products, namely the ProKnow DS, to offer the cloud-based analytics systems and standardize its practices. The ProKnow DS is designed to allow for analysis of collective data from patient groups, offering data support to oncology team. The program is meant to streamline workflow challenges and improve contouring accuracy and treatment plan quality. “We are very pleased to join the Elekta team,” director & co-founder Ben Nelms said in prepared remarks. “It is truly a great fit, not just in terms of technology, but also mindset. ProKnow and Elekta have a fruitful history of collaboration – such as working together to establish programs for the continual improvement of anatomy contouring and treatment plan quality – and now an even brighter future. We are excited to help stimulate Elekta’s ambitious digital roadmap, and to provide the radiation therapy community with some of the most innovative, useful, and intuitive tools they have ever seen.” “This strategic acquisition supports our Elekta Digital initiative and will contribute to accelerating our big data and artificial intelligence efforts as we help healthcare providers to improve decision support, identify best practices and ensure a high quality of care,” added Elekta CEO Richard Hausmann. “The solutions that ProKnow brings are especially well-suited to many of our large customers and their need for data management, analytics and workflow automation across their oncology networks. We’re also looking forward to accessing the expertise and competencies within the ProKnow team to continue enhancing analytics under the Elekta umbrella.”
Elekta今天表示,它收购Proknow系统的数量尚未披露,这是为了向先进放射治疗云解决方案迈进。 总部位于瑞典的Elekta将有权使用Proknow的产品,即Proknow DS,以提供基于云的分析系统并标准化其实践。 Proknow DS设计用于分析来自患者组的集体数据,为肿瘤学团队提供数据支持。该计划旨在简化工作流程挑战,提高轮廓精度和治疗计划质量。 “我们很高兴加入Elekta团队,”董事兼联合创始人BenNelms在事先准备好的发言中表示。“它确实是一个非常适合的产品,不仅在技术方面,而且在思维方式方面。Proknow和Elekta有着丰富的合作历史,例如合作建立持续改进解剖轮廓和治疗计划质量的计划,现在的前景更加光明。我们很高兴能够帮助Elekta实现雄心勃勃的数字路线图,并为放射治疗社区提供他们所见过的最具创新性、最有用和最直观的工具。” “这项战略收购支持我们的Elekta数字计划,并将有助于加快我们的大数据和人工智能工作,因为我们帮助医疗保健提供商改进决策支持、确定最佳实践并确保高质量的护理,”Elekta首席执行官Richa补充道。德豪斯曼。“Proknow提供的解决方案特别适合我们的许多大客户,以及他们在整个肿瘤网络中对数据管理、分析和工作流自动化的需求。我们也期待着获得Proknow团队的专业知识和能力,继续在Elekta保护伞下加强分析。”