With AI Empowering Healthcare, Ping An Good Doctor Showed Nine Black Technology Products at The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019


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On 29 August 2019, the World Artificial Intelligence Conference opened in Shanghai World Expo Center and Expo Exhibition Hall. The world's leading healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited showed collectively its strategic products, including "Private Doctor" and "One-minute Clinic", internet hospital; "Pharmacy Cloud", the Pulse Diagnosis device; and various wearable smart devices, bringing a vivid experience of AI+ medical treatment to the audience. The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 is jointly organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Internet Information Office, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the Shanghai Municipal Government. It is the world's top intelligent cooperation and exchange platform. This year, with the theme of "Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities", the conference is focused on the exploration of the technological frontiers, industrial trends and hot issues in the field of intelligence. As an enterprise representative in deep integration of AI and medical health, Ping An Good Doctor is invited to attend the conference. "Private Doctor" is attracted the gaze of the guests with extraordinary "AI Doctor" In Ping An Good Doctor's exhibition area, a product that can make friends with doctors and bring high quality medical resources to the users is aroused widespread attention from the audiences. The Private Doctor is a strategic product launched by Ping An Good Doctor in 2019. Through an one-on-one private doctor (from self-owned doctor team of Ping An Good Doctor) and a group of famous doctors from the top 100 well-known domestic hospitals, it provides 7x24, comprehensive and high-quality medical and health services for children, adults, the elderly and chronic patients. AI Doctor, a special supporter behind the Private Doctor, which is the world leading AI-assisted diagnosis system and was independently developed by Ping An Good Doctor. The AI-assisted diagnosis system has been applied to the departments of self-owned medical team of Ping An Good Doctor and nearly 150 offline hospitals, covering an aggregation of over 3,000 diseases. Such system is continuously optimised under the training of Ping An Good Doctor with 530 million person-times of consultation records, and the advanced AI Doctor has greatly improved the doctor's diagnosis efficiency with extremely fast speed and high precision, ensuring that friend-like "Private Doctor" can provide high-quality, efficient, considerate and personalized precise health services. Black technology applications are continuously emerging, the closed loop of AI medical services is formed Ping An Good Doctor also exhibited on site various black technologies of AI+ medical results -- One-minute Clinic, internet hospital, Pharmacy Cloud, Pulse Diagnosis System device and smart devices including health smart watches, smart blood pressure watches, smart water cups, blood glucose meters, smart body fat scales, covering various scenes under health management, and bringing many surprises and praises to the attending guests. In the One-minute Clinic, the patient makes a voice communication with the "AI Doctor" to provide key information such as the main symptoms of disease, and then the "AI Doctor" transfers the information by intelligent triage to the respective specialist department. After a real doctor receives the consultation, "AI Doctor" will assist the doctor to complete the whole process of health consultation and issue intelligent prescription, thus forms the intelligence of the whole consultation and improves the efficiency of the consultation. The internet hospital has focused on the combination of the AI medical technology capabilities of Ping An Good Doctor with the medical resources of physical hospitals. Through the "Hospital Cloud" system of Ping An Good Doctor and the information system of the cooperative hospitals, the company has built a unified management platform of internet hospital collecting online diagnosis and treatment platform, prescription sharing platform and health management platform, and thus greatly enhances the efficiency of medical services and the patient's medical experience. The "Pharmacy Cloud" uses WeChat as a carrier to provide online consultation and e-prescription services for users in pharmacies. In the field of AI equipment, the Pulse Diagnosis System device can be controlled by mobile phones innovatively to initiate pulse detection, in which the pulse diagnosis and treatment in the traditional Chinese medicine are completely changed by digitalization. The health smart watches, smart blood pressure watches, smart water cups and blood glucose meters and other equipment displayed on site are small, exquisite, stylish and easy to operate, which are designed for adults, elders, children and chronic patients respectively. Such devices have been linked with the App of Ping An Good Doctor. The collected body health data is uploaded to the App, and then the App provides personalized health management solutions through AI-assisted analysis and doctor's health guidance. These products covering all kinds of people and different types of health application scenarios are based on leading AI technologies and supported by intelligent hardware. At the same time, combining with the service model of "Private Doctor", Ping An Good Doctor has built an intelligent medical system. The service capacity has been multiplied, medical accuracy and efficiency have been rapidly improved, and AI application in the medical field has been continuously occupied a high place About Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited As the world leading healthcare ecosystem platform, Ping An Healthcare and Technology Company Limited ("Ping An Good Doctor"; stock code: 01833.HK) strives to provide every family with a family doctor, every person with an e-health profile and everyone with a healthcare management plan through its "mobile medical + AI technology". At present, Ping An Good Doctor has established key business segments including online medical services, consumer healthcare, healthcare mall, and health management and wellness interaction. As of 30 June 2019, our number of registered users reached 289.3 million and the number of monthly active users reached 62.7 million, it has become the largest mobile medical application in China in terms of coverage. Ping An Good Doctor assists its in-house medical team through the self-developed AI-assisted diagnosis system to provide users 7x24 one-stop medical services including online consultation, referral, registration, online drug purchase and 1-hour drug delivery, and also provide diversified one-stop membership service products through its self-owned medical team. In April 2015, the App "Ping An Good Doctor" was officially launched. In December 2017, the Company completed the pre-IPO financing from Softbank Vision Fund, during which it raised US$400 million. On 4 May 2018, Ping An Good Doctor became the No.1 listed internet health-tech company in the world when it joined the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code 01833.HK. 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2019年8月29日,世界人工智能大会在上海世博会中心和世博会展览馆开幕。全球领先的医疗生态系统平台平安医疗科技有限公司集中展示了其战略产品,包括“私人医生”和“一分钟诊所”、互联网医院、“药云”、脉动诊断设备以及各种可穿戴智能设备。带给观众一种人工智能+医疗的生动体验。 2019年世界人工智能大会由国家发展和改革委员会、科技部、工业和信息化部、国家互联网信息办公室、中国科学院、中国工程院上海市政府。是全球顶尖的智能合作交流平台。今年,会议以“智能互联、无限可能性”为主题,重点探讨了智能领域的技术前沿、产业趋势和热点问题。作为人工智能与医疗健康深度融合的企业代表,平安好医生应邀出席会议。 “私家医生”以非凡的“人工智能博士”吸引了客人的目光. 在平安好医生展区,一种能与医生交朋友、为用户带来优质医疗资源的产品引起了广大受众的广泛关注。私人医生是平安好医生于2019年推出的战略产品。通过一对一的私人医生(来自平安好医生的自有医生团队)和国内百强知名医院的一批知名医生,为儿童、成人、老年人和慢性病患者提供7x24、全面、优质的医疗卫生服务。 人工智能医生是全球领先的人工智能辅助诊断系统,由平安好医生自主研发的民营医生背后的特殊支持者。人工智能辅助诊断系统已应用于平安好医生及近150家线下医院自有医疗团队科室,覆盖疾病累计3000余种。该系统在平安好医生的培训下不断优化,拥有5.3亿人次的会诊记录,先进的人工智能医生以极快的速度和极高的精度大大提高了医生的诊断效率,保证了类友“私人医生”能够提供高质量、高效的体贴周到、个性化的精准健康服务。 黑色技术应用不断涌现,人工智能医疗服务的闭环形成 平安好医生还在现场展示了人工智能+医学成果的各种黑色技术——一分钟诊所、互联网医院、药云、脉搏诊断系统设备和智能设备,包括健康智能手表、智能血压手表、智能水杯、血糖仪、智能体脂秤、在健康管理的不同场景中,给客人带来许多惊喜和赞扬。 在一分钟的门诊,患者与“ AI 医生”进行语音沟通,提供主要疾病症状等关键信息,然后“ AI 医生”通过智能筛选将信息传递给相应的专科部门。真正的医生收到会诊后,“ AI 医生”将协助医生完成整个健康会诊过程并出具智能处方,从而形成整个会诊的智能化,提高会诊效率。互联网医院专注于平安好医生人工智能医疗技术能力与实体医院医疗资源的结合。 公司通过平安好医生的“医院云”系统和合作医院信息系统,构建了互联网医院集在线诊疗平台、处方共享平台和健康管理平台为一体的统一管理平台。从而大大提高了医疗服务的效率和患者的医疗体验。“药房云”以微信为载体,为药店用户提供在线咨询和电子处方服务。 在人工智能设备领域,通过手机创新控制脉搏诊断系统装置,启动脉搏检测,实现中药脉搏诊断和治疗的数字化。现场展示的健康智能手表、智能血压表、智能水杯、血糖仪等设备小巧、精致、时尚、操作方便,分别为成人、老人、儿童和慢性病患者设计。这些设备已与平安好医生的应用程序连接。收集的身体健康数据上传至 App ,然后 App 通过人工智能辅助分析和医生的健康指导提供个性化的健康管理解决方案。 这些产品涵盖了各类人群和不同类型的健康应用场景,是基于领先的人工智能技术和智能硬件的支持。同时,结合“民营医生”的服务模式,平安好医生构建了智能医疗系统。服务能力倍增,医疗精度和效率快速提升,人工智能在医疗领域的应用不断占据高位 关于平安医疗科技有限公司 作为全球领先的医疗生态系统平台,平安医疗科技有限公司(“平安好医生”;股票代码:01833.HK ”)致力于通过其“移动医疗+ AI 技术”为每个家庭提供家庭医生、每个人提供电子健康档案以及每个人提供医疗管理计划。目前,平安好医生已建立了包括在线医疗服务、消费者医疗、健康商城、健康管理和健康互动等关键业务板块。 截至2019年6月30日,我们的注册用户数达到2.893亿,月活跃用户数达到6,270万,已成为国内覆盖范围最大的移动医疗应用。平安好医生通过自主研发的人工智能辅助诊断系统协助其内部医疗团队,为用户提供包括在线咨询、转诊、注册、网上购药、1小时送药等一站式医疗服务;并通过自有医疗团队提供多元化的一站式会员服务产品。 2015年4月, App “平安好医生”正式上线。2017年12月,本公司完成软银远见基金首次公开发行前融资,期间募集资金4亿美元。2018年5月4日,平安好医生加入香港联交所,股票代码01833,成为全球第一家上市互联网健康科技公司。香港。 查看原始内容: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-disease/with-ai-power-health-ping-an-good-show-9-black-technology-products-at-world-AI-Intelligence-Conference-2019-300909086。html 宝安医疗科技有限公司 公司代码:香港:1833, OTC-PINK : PIAHY