Yield Growth Announces its Face Moisturizer with Hemp Oil Passes European Union Compliance Review and Urban Juve secures European Trademark

Yield Growth大麻面霜通过欧盟合规审查,Urban Juve获欧洲商标

2019-09-04 17:30:14 CFN Media Group


The Yield Growth Corp.  is pleased to announce that its Urban Juve Balance Face Moisturizer with Hemp Oil has received a Compliance Certificate for registration in the European Union. Yield Growth also announces that Urban Juve has successfully registered the trademark “Urban Juve” in the European Union. Urban Juve’s Balance Terpene Rich Face Moisturizer is made of all natural ingredients and is rich with terpenes from hemp seed oil and other essential oils. It will be featured in Vogue Beauty Highlights in the November issue of UK Vogue, introducing the product to a new audience of 4.1 million readers. Also, the moisturizer has been selected by Yield Growth’s South American distributor to launch in Colombia, and will soon be submitted for registration in certain South American countries. Urban Juve is building a robust international distribution platform with distribution partners who have access to 44,000 retail points of sale. “With our new distribution alliances in place, Urban Juve products may soon become part of the daily skin care rituals for consumers in Europe and South America,” says Penny White, CEO of Yield Growth. “Conquering regulatory hurdles and securing our trademark internationally sets a solid foundation for growth.” Urban Juve’s Face Moisturizer joins the company’s Anti Aging Serum and Lip Balm as the third product to be officially registered with the European Union. Urban Juve has eight more products waiting for approval and expects to have these registered in the European Union within the next month. As proposed legislation across the European Union continues to bring cannabis closer to the mainstream, high-end cannabis products are gaining in popularity. With a total population over 508 million, the EU represents massive market potential for Urban Juve products. Jefferies estimates that the CBD beauty industry will reach US $25 billion within 10 years and that it could account for 10 – 15% of global skin care sales. Jefferies says, “The Global Beauty & Personal Care market neared $465 billion in 2017 and is ripe for disruption from Cannabis-based products.” Yield Growth congratulates it’s CEO on her marriage on August 30, 2019 and announces that her new married name is Penny White. About The Yield Growth Corp. The Yield Growth Corp. develops, manufactures and distributes cannabis and hemp infused luxury product brands Urban Juve and Wright & Well and has a catalogue of over 200 wellness and beauty products in development. It intends to disrupt the international wellness market, which is a $4.2 Trillion Global Economy, according to the Global Wellness Institute, by connecting ancient healing with modern science and technology. Its management team has deep experience with global brands including Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, M·A·C Cosmetics, Skechers, Best Buy, Aritzia, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Corporation. Yield Growth serves mainstream luxury consumers who seek sophisticated wellness products. Its flagship consumer brand, Urban Juve, has proprietary, patent-pending hemp root oil extraction technology and formulas. Yield Growth is building sophisticated international distribution channels and has multiple revenue streams including licensing, services and product sales.
Yield Growth Corp.很高兴地宣布,旗下的Urban Juve平衡面霜(Urban Juvie Balance Face)已获得欧盟注册的合规证书。Yield Growth还宣布,Urban Juve已经在欧盟成功注册了“Urban Juve”商标。 Urban Juve的平衡富含萜烯的面部保湿霜由所有天然成分制成,富含大麻籽油和其他精油中的萜烯。它将在11月出版的《英国时尚》杂志上刊登在《Vogue Beauty Highlights》上,向410万读者的新观众介绍该产品。此外,这款保湿霜已经由Yield Growth的南美经销商选定在哥伦比亚上市,并将很快在某些南美国家提交注册。Urban Juve正在与拥有44000个零售销售点的分销合作伙伴建立一个强大的国际分销平台。 “随着我们新的分销联盟的建立,Urban Juve产品可能很快成为欧洲和南美消费者日常护肤仪式的一部分,”收益增长首席执行官Penny White说。“征服监管障碍,确保我们的国际商标为经济增长奠定了坚实的基础。” Urban Juve的面部保湿剂加入该公司的抗衰老血清和Lip Balm作为第三产品正式登记在欧盟。Urban Juve还有8个产品等待批准,并预计在下个月内在欧盟注册。 随着整个欧盟拟议的立法继续使大麻更接近主流,高端大麻产品越来越受欢迎。欧盟总人口超过5.08亿,代表着城市尤文产品的巨大市场潜力。 Jefferies估计,CBD美容业在10年内将达到250亿美元,占全球皮肤护理销售额的10-15%。杰弗里斯说,“2017年全球美容和个人护理市场接近4650亿美元,大麻类产品的破坏时机已经成熟。” Yield Growth祝贺其CEO于2019年8月30日结婚,并宣布她的新婚名字为Penny White。 关于收益增长公司。 Yield Growth Corp.开发、生产和销售大麻和注入大麻的奢侈品品牌urban juve和wright&well,并拥有超过200种正在开发的保健美容产品目录。据全球健康研究所(global hellness institute)称,它打算通过将古代康复与现代科学技术联系起来,扰乱全球4.2万亿美元的健康市场。其管理团队在强生、宝洁、M·A·C化妆品、Skechers、百思买、Aritzia、可口可乐和百事可乐等全球品牌方面拥有丰富的经验。产量增长服务于寻求复杂健康产品的主流奢侈品消费者。其旗舰消费品牌城市胡麻,拥有专利,正在申请专利的大麻根油提取技术和配方。收益增长正在建立复杂的国际分销渠道,并有多种收入来源,包括许可证、服务和产品销售。