Korean drugmaker buys large Vietnamese plant


2019-09-05 11:30:00 pharma


South Korea’s JW Pharmaceutical has a plan to target emerging markets and has started by snapping up a plant in Vietnam once owned by Valeant. The Seoul-based drugmaker has acquired Euvipharm, getting a 35,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in the deal, Korea Biomedical Review reports. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.  "This acquisition has enabled us to secure a large-scale plant with advanced technology and modern equipment in the emerging manufacturing powerhouse of Vietnam," JW Pharmaceutical CEO Shin Yeong-seop said in a statement reported by Korea Biomedical. "We will try to spread the JW brand in the global market, starting with Vietnam." The plant, reportedly the largest in Vietnam, can produce up to 1.9 billion units a year. It is approved by the World Health Organization. In addition to using the facility in the Hoa District in Long An province as a base to export to other Asian countries, JW intends to use it for contract manufacturing.  Valeant, now Bausch Health, acquired the facility in 2013 during its expansion frenzy but listed (PDF) it in 2017 among assets it was divesting during its debt reduction turmoil.  Vietnam is becoming attractive to Western drugmakers. Earlier this year, Pfizer announced a deal with Medochemie to manufacture some of Pfizer’s drugs in the country, including some injectables. Cyprus-based Medochemie has three manufacturing sites in Vietnam.  Last year, Hikma bought Medlac Pharma Italy, a Vietnamese injectables manufacturing company established a decade ago as a Vietnamese and Italian joint venture. The acquisition included an injectables facility in Hanoi and nearly two dozen drugs.
韩国的 JW 制药( JW Pharmaceutical )计划瞄准新兴市场,并已开始收购威朗(Valeant)在越南的一家工厂。 韩国生物医学评论报道,这家总部位于首尔的制药商已经收购了 Euvipharm ,获得了一家3.5万平方米的生产设施。交易条款未披露。 “这次收购使我们能够在越南这个新兴的制造业强国建立一个拥有先进技术和现代设备的大型工厂,” JW 制药首席执行官 ShinYeong-seop 在韩国生物医药公司的一份声明中说。“我们将尝试在全球市场推广 JW 品牌,从越南开始。” 据报道,该工厂是越南最大的工厂,每年可生产19亿台。它是由世界卫生组织批准的。除了利用位于龙安省霍亚区的工厂作为出口到其他亚洲国家的基地外, JW 还打算将其用于合同制造。 威朗(Valeant),现为 Bausch Health ,在2013年扩张狂潮期间收购了该设施,但在2017年将其列为减债危机期间剥离的资产。 越南正变得对西方制药商具有吸引力。今年早些时候,辉瑞宣布与 Medochemi 达成协议,在美国生产辉瑞(Pfizer)的一些药物,包括一些注射剂。总部位于塞浦路斯的 Medochemi 在越南有三个生产基地。 去年, Hikma 收购了 Medlac Pharma Italy ,一家越南注射器制造公司,成立于10年前,是一家越南和意大利合资公司。此次收购包括河内的一家注射设备和近24种药物。