Eleanor Health Launched to Treat Opioid and Substance Use Disorders With Whole-Person Approach

Eleanor Health启动用全人方法治疗阿片类药物使用障碍

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Eleanor Health the first addiction and mental health services provider designed to deliver long-term patient recovery outcomes and modeled on value-based care delivery and payments, officially launched with its first outpatient clinic in Mooresville, NC. The opening marks the first of 10 to 15 Eleanor Health sites set to open in the next year, first in North Carolina and then across the country. Eleanor Health is rethinking how to treat addiction, which is now the leading cause of death in America for those under 50, by fully treating addiction as a chronic disease. Eleanor Health will focus on the complete set of clinical and non-clinical factors to manage the disease and provide both human and high-tech support. This includes comprehensive treatment, including medication assisted treatment (MAT), for Opioid and other Substance Use Disorders. The Eleanor Health approach is designed to meet patients where they are in their recovery journey, through outpatient clinics, community settings, and at home through technology and field-based teams. Uniquely, Eleanor Health is designed to be financially accountable for long-term, whole-person outcomes.  Eleanor Health is led by seasoned healthcare innovator, CEO and Co-Founder Corbin Petro, formerly Founding CEO & President of Benevera Health. "We launched Eleanor Health to help people with addiction challenges live amazing lives by providing evidence-based, whole-person treatment for substance use disorders and mental health. We are committed to treating these conditions as a chronic medical illnesses requiring long-term management, and to being reimbursed based on positive health outcomes," said Corbin Petro. "We are leveraging data and new technology to enhance in-person clinical service delivery and building a world-class team committed to our mission and vision."  The founding team at Eleanor Health reflects a diversity of perspectives and experiences that mirrors the people Eleanor will serve. It includes leading national physician, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder Nzinga Harrison, MD, and VP of Growth Operations and Co-Founder, Srishti Mirchandani. Eleanor Health has also been working with national clinical and community experts to design treatment and has recruited a top tier board that includes Andy Slavitt, Trevor Price, David Whelan, Dr. Kate Knutson, and Sonny Goyal. As the company begins operations in North Carolina, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (Blue Cross NC) is collaborating with Eleanor Health to expand access to Eleanor Health's comprehensive treatment services. "The prevalence of substance use disorders, especially fueled by the opioid epidemic, is a national public health emergency," said Patrick Conway, MD, president and CEO of Blue Cross NC. "There simply aren't enough high-quality facilities and clinical teams to effectively treat everyone at all stages of their recovery, so we partnered with Town Hall to build and launch Eleanor Health. Starting here in North Carolina, Eleanor Health is providing fully coordinated, high-quality care to individuals and families impacted by substance use and will save lives." COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH TO NATIONAL CHALLENGE Nationwide, more than 21 million people have a substance use disorder. More than 12.5 million people misuse prescription opioids with over 2 million people suffering from an opioid use disorder. From 1999 to 2017, more than 700,000 people have died from a drug overdose. Despite this rise in deaths, individuals with substance use disorders experience significant barriers accessing quality comprehensive treatment in their community.  Less than 18 percent of those impacted by opioid use disorders get treatment due to lack of access, stigma, and other factors. When people do receive treatment, it is often fragmented, uncoordinated, and not based on evidence, leading to very poor outcomes.   Eleanor Health is dedicated to:  Providing treatment where most convenient for patients including in-home, in the community, and in Eleanor Health outpatient clinics by using technology and field-based teams. Delivering comprehensive services in the community including medication assisted treatment, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, individual and group therapy, support to address social determinants of health, and peer recovery coaching. Operating on a value-based payment structure so that payment is based on the positive health outcomes achieved, including reducing total health care costs, providing unmatched access, and achieving high patient satisfaction.  Employing teams of medical practitioners, addiction clinicians, and peer recovery coaches with personal lived experience, to engage and support individuals to achieve their recovery goals.  Coordinating care across the healthcare and social services continuum in order to improve the patient journey and increase long-term recovery rates and overall health outcomes for individuals.  Eleanor Health is also announcing major financing completed in July 2019, led by Mosaic Health Solutions, a subsidiary of Blue Cross NC. Additional investors include Town Hall Ventures, a venture firm co-founded by Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Town Hall Ventures and Oxeon Ventures participated in the formation of Eleanor Health, selecting markets, working with policy makers, and recruiting the management team.  "When Town Hall Ventures was formed, behavioral health, and specifically opioid and substance use disorder, were high on our list of priorities. Building an integrity-based care and business model and backing this incredible team to provide access and solutions to vulnerable populations suffering from substance use disorder is core to missions that drive Town Hall and Oxeon. I want to thank Patrick Conway, Rahul Rajkumar, and the BCBS North Carolina organization for their leadership and vision in working so closely with us to stand up Eleanor Health," said Trevor Price, Board Chair of Eleanor Health, CEO of Oxeon and General Partner of Town Hall Ventures. Eleanor Health is welcoming people into treatment in Mooresville and integrating closely with the community. Grounded in evidence, a sense of community is integral to Eleanor Health's model - both with existing organizations and in creating new ties.  "We refer to the people we serve as 'community members'," says Dr. Nzinga Harrison, Co-Founder and CMO of Eleanor Health. "We are creating longitudinal relationships that allow us to know individuals as more than just patients, and provide whole-person treatment and support. Our goal is not just remission, but improvements in quality of life and meaningfulness. We couldn't be more excited to be embarking on this journey to recovery with those we serve, and the communities in which they live." 
EleanorHealth 是第一家提供上瘾和精神健康服务的公司,旨在提供长期的病人康复结果,并以基于价值的服务提供和支付为模式,正式推出了其第一个门诊在北卡罗莱纳州,数控。开幕式标志着10至15个埃莉诺健康网站中的第一个将在明年开放,首先在北卡罗来纳州,然后在全国各地。 EleanorHealth 正在重新考虑如何治疗成瘾,这是目前美国50岁以下人群的主要死亡原因,完全把成瘾当作一种慢性疾病。埃莉诺健康将重点关注一整套临床和非临床因素,以管理疾病,同时提供人和高科技的支持。这包括综合治疗,包括药物辅助治疗( MAT ),用于阿片类药物和其他物质使用障碍。Eleanor Health 方法旨在通过门诊诊所、社区设置以及在家中通过技术和现场团队来满足处于康复过程中的患者。独一无二的是, Eleanor Health 旨在为长期的、全人的结果承担财务责任。 埃莉诺健康是由经验丰富的医疗创新,首席执行官和共同创始人科尔宾石油,前创始人首席执行官和贝纳维健康总裁。“我们推出了 EleanorHealth ,通过提供基于证据的、针对药物使用障碍和精神健康的全人治疗,帮助那些有成瘾挑战的人过上令人惊叹的生活。我们致力于将这些疾病视为需要长期管理的慢性疾病,并根据积极的健康结果得到补偿。“我们正在利用数据和新技术来加强个人临床服务的提供,并建立一个致力于我们使命和愿景的世界级团队。”这是一个很好的例子 EleanorHealth 的创始团队反映了 EleanorHealth 所服务的不同视角和经验。它包括领先的国家医生,首席医疗官和联合创始人 NzingHarrison ,医学博士,和副总裁的增长业务和联合创始人, Srishti Mirchandani 。Eleanor Health 也一直与国家临床和社区专家合作设计治疗方案,并聘请了顶级董事会,包括 Andy Slavit , Trevor Price , David Whelan , Dr . Kate Knutson 和 Sonny Goyal 。 随着公司在北卡罗莱纳州开始运营,北卡罗莱纳州的 BlueCross 和 BlueShield ( BlueCross NC )正与 Eleanor Health 合作,拓展 Eleanor Health 综合治疗服务的获取渠道。BlueCrossNC 总裁兼首席执行官 PatrickConway 说:“药物使用障碍的流行,特别是阿片类疾病的流行,是一种全国性的公共卫生紧急情况。”“仅仅是因为没有足够的高质量的设施和临床团队来有效的治疗每个人在恢复的所有阶段,所以我们与市政厅合作建立和启动埃莉诺健康。从北卡罗来纳州开始, EleanorHealth 为受药物使用影响的个人和家庭提供全面协调、高质量的护理,并将挽救生命。” 全面适用于国家主席 在全国范围内,超过2100万人患有药物使用障碍。超过1250万人滥用处方类阿片类药物,超过200万人患有阿片类药物使用障碍。从1999年到2017年,超过70万人死于药物过量用药。尽管死亡人数有所增加,但药物使用障碍患者在社区获得高质量综合治疗方面遇到了重大障碍。 不到18%的受阿片类药物使用障碍影响的患者由于缺乏接触、污名和其他因素而接受治疗。当人们接受治疗时,往往是零散的、不协调的,而不是基于证据,导致非常糟糕的结果。 Eleanor Health 致力于: 利用技术和现场团队,为患者提供最方便的治疗,包括家庭、社区和埃莉诺健康门诊。 在社区提供全面的服务,包括药物辅助治疗、精神病评估、药物管理、个人和团体治疗、支持解决健康的社会决定因素,以及同伴康复指导。 以基于价值的支付结构运营,以便支付基于所实现的积极健康结果,包括降低总的医疗保健成本、提供无与伦比的服务以及实现高患者满意度。 雇用具有个人生活经验的医疗从业者、成瘾临床医生和同伴康复教练团队,让和支持个人实现康复目标。 协调整个医疗和社会服务的连续性,以改善病人的旅程,提高长期恢复率和个人的整体健康结果。 Eleanor Health 也宣布在2019年7月完成主要融资,由 Blue Cross NC 的子公司 Mosaic Health Solutions 牵头。其他投资者包括 TownHall Ventures ,一家由医疗保险和医疗补助服务中心( CMS )前代理管理员 AndySlasvitt 共同创立的风险投资公司。Town Hall Ventures 和 Oxeon Ventures 参与了 Eleanor Health 的组建,选择了市场,与决策者合作,并招募了管理团队。 “当 TownHall Ventures 成立时,行为健康,特别是阿片类药物和药物使用障碍,在我们的优先事项清单中占有很高的位置。建立一个以诚信为基础的护理和商业模式,并支持这个难以置信的团队,为遭受药物使用障碍的弱势群体提供访问和解决方案,是推动市政厅和牛津的使命的核心。我要感谢 Patrick Conway 、 Rahul Rajkumar 和 BCBS North Carolina 组织在与我们密切合作以支持 Eleanor 健康方面的领导和远见," Eleanor Health 董事会主席 Trevor Price 说, Oxeon 首席执行官和 Town Hall Ventures 的普通合伙人。 埃莉诺健康公司欢迎人们在穆雷斯维尔接受治疗,并与社区紧密结合。基于证据,社区意识是埃莉诺健康模式不可或缺的一部分,既有组织,也有建立新关系的组织。 “我们指的是我们作为‘社区成员’的人,” EleanorHealth 的联合创始人兼首席营销官 NzingHarrison 博士说。“我们正在建立纵向关系,让我们了解个人不仅仅是病人,并提供全人治疗和支持。我们的目标不仅仅是缓解,而是提高生活质量和意义。我们不能更兴奋地开始我们服务的人和他们生活的社区的复苏之旅。”这是一个很好的例子