‘Everybody’s reputation dropped’: Measuring Canadian cannabis industry fallout in wake of CannTrust scandal


2019-09-09 18:00:00 mjbizdaily


The scandal that made CannTrust the least-trusted cannabis company in Canada is weighing on the reputation of the entire industry, according to a new survey by market research firm Leger. Dave Scholz, a partner at the Montreal-based company and a reputation expert, said that is largely because Canada’s cannabis companies – even the largest ones – haven’t completely differentiated themselves yet. “Everybody’s reputation dropped,” the pollster told Marijuana Business Daily on Thursday in Toronto as MJBizConINT’L kicked off. “It’s a new industry, so no company has really differentiated itself yet. One bad apple can spoil the bunch, and that’s what’s affecting all their reputations.” The margin of error for the study was +/- 2.49% – 19 times out of 20 – and 1,521 Canadians were polled online. Scholz released the full results of the survey during a presentation at MJBizConINT’L. The poll found that Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis maintained its narrow lead over Ontario’s Canopy Growth as the “most reputable” marijuana company in Canada. Quebec’s Hexo, Leamington, Ontario-based Aphria and Toronto-headquartered Cronos Group, respectively, trailed the two leaders. Scholz said the poll results have positive takeaways for the cannabis sector. The first survey, conducted earlier this year, found that levels of awareness about the producers were extremely low across the board, laying bare the challenges ahead as legal cannabis businesses look to make lasting impressions on consumers. The July survey showed increased awareness. “If there’s anything positive to come out of this, it’s that people are starting to be aware of the brands that are manufacturing and selling cannabis,” Scholz said. “That’s the positive part, but the bad part is that we’re not giving them necessarily a good story of what these companies are about right now. “For a fledgling industry, that’s a pretty good start.” New: Consumers polled To isolate the results to consumers and nonconsumers, the July survey asked the 1,521 respondents if they had consumed cannabis, and 16% of Canadians reported buying cannabis through a legal channel since October 2018. Aurora and Canopy maintained their positions as the most trusted cannabis companies. The results show that their reputations rose significantly when only consumers are considered. Among those who had purchased cannabis through a legal channel since last October, Aurora’s reputation score was 47, Canopy’s 34, Aphria’s 21 and Hexo’s 19. “When I ask people who have purchased cannabis, Aurora’s score increases to 47. So that’s a very positive score,” Scholz said. “The people who are buying are feeling more positively about cannabis companies than the rest of Canada. So your current market is saying good things about you.” Scholz said the goal for the regulated industry should be to start appealing to new potential customers and to build that reputation with them as well. Among consumers, Aurora led in the “good opinion” category with 51%. Only 3% had a bad opinion of the Alberta company, and 46% weren’t sure. For Canopy, 40% of consumers had a good opinion, 6% bad and 53% weren’t sure. Aphria closed out the top three with 25% positive, 4% negative and 73% unsure. CannTrust has some ground to make up, as the company fell to last among the 19 companies in the survey – 11% had a bad opinion and 20% had a good opinion. But CannTrust is doing things right by being more forthcoming, according to Scholz, and it’s possible for the company to recover. The company’s sweet spot is that 25% of those surveyed know of the company but have no opinion, he added. “Do not confuse brand and corporate reputation,” he said on stage. Flip the script Media coverage has mostly reflected growing pains within Canada’s fledgling cannabis industry, Scholz pointed out. So, for companies to improve their image, they’re going to have to help create positive narratives. “The amount of product that’s available, the problem of accessing it at retail outlets, and just the general issues of a new industry in the first year is what we’re hearing a lot about,” he said. “If I was one of these cannabis companies, I would find some positive aspects that I can talk about within the regulations. “So people who are starting to learn about (your company) are learning good things, as opposed to, ‘Here’s another cannabis company that’s potentially growing product illegally because I’ve heard someone else is.’” Lessons To avoid rising and falling with the tide of the sector, Canada’s leaders in the regulated cannabis industry are going to have to create their own stories, Scholz said. The reputational expert also suggests that companies have a plan in place in case a crisis hits. And if a scandal does befall a company, act quickly. “React quickly. React transparently and honestly,” he said. “If there is a reputational crisis happening, do not try to drag it out by hiding it. “Get on top of it as fast as possible. We’ve seen examples of that where one negative story compounds into a second negative story. “Getting out from underneath that reputational crisis can be very difficult, and you need to make sure that you’re on it as fast as possible.”
市场研究公司 Leger 的一项最新调查显示,这一丑闻令 CannTrust 成为加拿大最不受信任的大麻公司,正给整个行业的声誉带来压力。 蒙特利尔公司合伙人、声誉专家戴夫•斯科茨( Dave Scholz )表示,这在很大程度上是因为加拿大的大麻公司——甚至是最大的大麻公司——还没有完全区别自己。 “每个人的声誉都下降了,”这位民意调查者周四在多伦多的《玛丽安娜商业日报》上表示, MJBizConINT ’ L 启动。 “这是一个新行业,因此还没有一家公司真正做到了差异化。一个坏苹果会破坏这群人的名誉。” 这项研究的误差幅度为+/-2.49%——20次中有19次——1521名加拿大人在网上进行了调查。 Scholtz 在 MJBizConINT'L 的演讲中公布了调查的全部结果。 这项调查发现,总部位于艾伯塔省的奥罗拉(Aurora) Cannabis 公司在加拿大大麻行业保持着相对于安大略大麻市场增长的微弱领先优势,成为“最知名”的大麻公司。 魁北克的 Hexo 、 Leamington 、安大略的 Aphria 和总部位于多伦多的 Cronos Group 分别落后于这两位领导人。 舒尔茨说,调查结果对大麻行业有积极的影响。 今年早些时候进行的第一次调查发现,各方对大麻生产商的认知度非常低,这暴露了未来的挑战,因为合法大麻企业希望对消费者产生持久影响。 七月份的调查显示人们的意识有所增强。 “如果说有什么积极的结果,那就是人们开始意识到生产和销售大麻的品牌。” “这是积极的部分,但坏的部分是,我们不一定给他们一个好的故事,说明这些公司现在的情况。 “对于刚刚起步的行业来说,这是一个很好的开端。” 新:消费者调查 为了将调查结果与消费者和非消费者区分开来,7月的调查询问了1521名受访者是否食用了大麻,16%的加拿大人报告称自2018年10月以来通过合法渠道购买了大麻。 奥罗拉(Aurora)和 Canopy 一直是最值得信赖的大麻公司。 研究结果表明,仅考虑消费者,他们的声誉显著提升. 在去年10月以来通过合法渠道购买大麻的人中,奥罗拉(Aurora)的声誉得分为47分、 Canopy 的34分、 Aphria 的21分和 Hexo 的19分。 “当我问那些购买大麻的人时,奥罗拉(Aurora)的分数上升到47分。所以这是一个非常积极的分数。” “与加拿大其他地区相比,购买大麻的人对大麻公司的感觉更积极。所以你现在的市场对你说的很好。” 舒尔茨说,受监管行业的目标应该是开始吸引新的潜在客户,并与他们建立声誉。 在消费者中,奥罗拉(Aurora)以51%的比例领先于“好观点”类别。只有3%的人对艾伯塔省的公司持负面看法,46%的人不确定。 对于 Canopy 来说,40%的消费者有一个好的观点,6%的消费者是坏的,53%的消费者不确定。 Aphria 以25%的阳性、4%的阴性和73%的不确定来结束前三名。 佳能信托有一定的理由来弥补,因为该公司在调查中的19家公司中排名垫底——11%的公司意见不佳,20%的公司意见不错。 但据舒尔茨说, CannTrust 的做法是正确的,因为它更接近未来,公司有可能复苏。 他补充说,公司最好的地方是,25%的被调查者知道公司,但没有任何意见。 “不要混淆品牌和企业声誉,”他在舞台上表示。 翻动脚本 斯科尔斯指出,媒体报道大多反映出加拿大新生的大麻产业正面临越来越大的困难。 因此,为了提高公司的形象,他们必须帮助创造积极的故事。 他表示:“我们听到了很多关于产品数量、在零售商店获取产品的问题,以及第一年新行业的一般问题。” “如果我是这些大麻公司之一,我会发现一些积极的方面,我可以在法规中谈论。 “因此,开始了解(你的公司)的人正在学习好东西,而不是,‘这里是另一家大麻公司,可能非法种植产品,因为我听说有其他人。“” 经验教训 斯科茨说,为了避免大麻产业的兴衰,加拿大在受监管的大麻产业的领导者将不得不创造自己的故事。 声誉专家还表示,企业已制定了应对危机冲击的计划。 如果一桩丑闻真的降临到公司头上,那么就迅速采取行动。 “快速反应。他说。“如果发生声誉危机,不要试图通过隐藏它来拖延。 “尽快把它放在最上面。我们已经看到了一个例子,其中一个负面故事合成了第二个负面故事。 “从根本上说,声誉危机可能非常困难,你需要确保尽快解决。”