BrightInsight Raises $25 Million to Enhance its Regulated Digital Health Platform and Accelerate Global Commercialization


2019-09-09 14:33:39 BioSpace


 BrightInsight, Inc. announced today a Series A funding round of $25 million co-led by New Leaf Venture Partners and Eclipse Ventures. The funding enables BrightInsight to further enhance the functionality of its BrightInsight™ Platform and accelerate global commercialization efforts for the leading global regulated digital health platform serving biopharma and medtech customers. BrightInsight will also further integrate its platform into the broader healthcare ecosystem, including Electronic Health Records (EHRs), payers and disease management programs.  "Since the launch in 2018, our BrightInsight Platform has become the leading global regulated digital health platform for the world's top biopharma and medtech companies," said Kal Patel, MD, CEO and Co-Founder, BrightInsight. "Our investors have strong pedigrees in healthcare as well as software and technology, which clearly validates our success thus far. This financing enables us to continue to invest in our differentiated platform while also integrating our solutions into the broader healthcare ecosystem globally." The BrightInsight Platform is a medical-grade Internet of Things (IoT) platform built under a robust ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System to support and optimize regulated drugs, devices and software through integrated data and actionable insights. It also enables our customers to increase patient adherence and engagement. Having achieved the upmost privacy, security, regulatory and quality certifications, BrightInsight was selected as Novo Nordisk's global digital health partner to develop innovative solutions for diabetes patients. Additionally, the company announced the launch of a dosing calculator to treat patients with Hemophilia A, which was sponsored by F. Hoffmann-La Roche. In the past year, the award-winning BrightInsight Platform was selected as the "Best IoT Healthcare Platform" in the 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Awards, the "2018 Google Cloud Partner of the Year for Healthcare and Life Sciences," and was featured as the cover story for CIOReview Magazine's "20 Most Promising Biotech Solution Providers 2019." "It's clear that digital technologies are critical to transforming the healthcare system," said Vijay Lathi, Managing Director, New Leaf Venture Partners. "We believe that BrightInsight will be a central piece in that transformation by enabling biopharma and medtech companies to deploy clinically impactful digital health solutions that have the potential to improve the quality of patient care while also reducing costs." "Bringing healthcare to the edge will revolutionize patient care. While personalized medicine has long promised to deliver life-changing results, there has been limited adoption due to the lack of a secure, regulated infrastructure," said Justin Butler, Partner, Eclipse Ventures. "The medical-grade BrightInsight Platform will accelerate a new class of regulated therapies -- from Software as a Medical Device to connected drugs and devices -- delivering improved patient outcomes and experiences." "As connected medical devices and therapeutics continue to proliferate, the BrightInsight Platform serves as the ideal regulated cloud solution to securely manage the new data these products generate," said John Carlson, President, Health Solutions, Flex. "As a strategic partner, Flex will continue to support the BrightInsight Platform and work closely with the team to deliver reliable and innovative Sketch-to-Scale® health solutions for our biopharma and medtech customers around the world." The BrightInsight Platform is HITRUST CSF® Certified and HITRUST Certified of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to manage risk, improve security posture and meet compliance requirements. The BrightInsight Platform is also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, HIPAA and GDPR compliant and certified under both the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield frameworks. ABOUT BRIGHTINSIGHT, INC. BrightInsight provides the leading global regulated digital health platform for biopharma and medtech. Our medical-grade Internet of Things (IoT) platform is built under a robust QMS ISO 13485:2016 to enable regulated drugs, devices and SaMDs to ingest and analyze data and deploy regulated recommendations and insights back to patients and providers. Additionally, the BrightInsight™ Platform captures, transmits and analyzes data from CE-marked and FDA-regulated medical devices, combination products, apps and Software as a Medical Device, conforming with security, privacy and regulatory requirements such as HITRUST and GDPR. For more information, visit BrightInsight's website, our blog, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. ABOUT NEW LEAF VENTURE PARTNERS NLVP was formed in 2005 when the healthcare team spun out of the Sprout Group. The NLVP team has been built over the last two decades and managed healthcare technology portfolios in four Sprout funds and six New Leaf funds, including our two latest funds — New Leaf Ventures IV for venture investments and New Leaf Biopharma Opportunities II for private and public growth-stage biopharmaceuticals investments. We partner with companies across all phases, from startup to public offerings, as we look to invest in visionary teams, businesses at the forefront of biology and innovation, and disruptive healthcare technologies across the entire healthcare system. And we share our broad perspectives, decades of experience and deep domain expertise to help our portfolio navigate the complexity of the healthcare industry. For more information, visit ABOUT ECLIPSE VENTURES Eclipse Ventures is a technology-focused investment firm specializing in complex operations. Founded in 2015 and based in Palo Alto, CA, Eclipse partners with entrepreneurs boldly transforming the essential industries that define and propel economies.
BrightInsight 公司今天宣布了一轮由 New Leaf Venture Partners 和 Eclipse Ventures 共同领导的2500万美元的 A 轮融资。这笔资金使 BrightInsight 能够进一步增强其 BrightInsight ™平台的功能,并加快面向生物制药和医疗技术客户的全球领先受监管数字健康平台的全球商业化努力。 BrightInsight 还将进一步将其平台纳入更广泛的医疗生态系统,包括电子健康记录( EHR )、支付者和疾病管理计划。 BrightInsight 首席执行官兼联合创始人 Kal Patel 表示:“自2018年推出以来,我们的 BrightInsight 平台已成为全球领先的生物制药和医疗科技公司受监管的数字化健康平台。”“我们的投资者在医疗保健以及软件和技术方面有很强的血统,这清楚地证明了我们迄今的成功。这一融资使我们能够继续投资于我们的差异化平台,同时将我们的解决方案整合到全球更广泛的医疗生态系统中。” BrightInsight 平台是在一个强大的 ISO 13485:2016认证质量管理系统下构建的医疗级物联网( IoT )平台,通过集成数据和可操作的见解,支持和优化受监管的药品、设备和软件。这也使我们的客户能够提高病人的依从性和敬业度。BrightInsight 获得了最高的隐私、安全、监管和质量认证,被选为诺和诺德(Novo Nordisk)的全球数字健康合作伙伴,为糖尿病患者开发创新的解决方案。此外,该公司宣布推出一种剂量计算器治疗血友病 A 患者,这是由 F.Hoffmann-La 罗氏(Roche)赞助。 在过去的一年中,获奖的 BrightInsight 平台被评选为2019年 MedTech 突破性大奖中的“最佳物联网医疗平台”(“2018年 GoogleCloud Partner of the Year for Healthcare and Life Sciences ”),并作为 CIOReview Magazine 的“20家最具潜力的生物技术解决方案提供商2019”的封面故事。 “很明显,数字技术对于医疗保健系统的转型至关重要,”新 Leaf 风险投资合伙公司董事总经理 Vijay Lathi 说。“我们相信 BrightInsight 将成为这一转型的核心部分,它将使生物制药和医疗科技公司能够部署临床上有效的数字健康解决方案,这些解决方案有可能提高患者护理质量,同时降低成本。” “把医疗保健带到边缘将使病人护理发生革命性的变化。尽管个性化医疗长期以来一直承诺提供改变生命的结果,但由于缺乏安全的、受监管的基础设施,采用有限,” EclipseVentures 合伙人贾斯汀•巴特勒( Justin Butler )表示。“医疗级的 Bright Insight 平台将加速一种新的监管疗法——从“软件即医疗设备”到连接药物和设备——提供更好的患者结果和体验。 Flex 健康解决方案总裁 John Carlson 表示:“随着连接医疗设备和疗法的不断普及, BrightInsight 平台成为理想的受监管云解决方案,可安全管理这些产品产生的新数据。”作为战略合作伙伴, Flex 将继续支持 BrightInsight 平台,并与团队密切合作,为全球生物制药和医疗科技客户提供可靠且创新的 Sketch-to-Scale ®健康解决方案。 BrightInsight 平台是美国 NIST 网络安全框架的 HITRUST CSF ®认证和 HITRUST 认证,用于管理风险、改善安全状态和满足法规遵从性要求。BrightInsight 平台还通过 ISO / IEC27001:2013认证,符合 HIPAA 和 GDPR 标准,并通过欧盟-美国和瑞士-美国隐私保护框架认证。 关于 BRITGHINSIGHT , INC . BrightInsight 为生物制药和医疗科技提供了全球领先的受监管的数字健康平台。我们的医疗级物联网( IoT )平台是在强大的 QMS ISO 13485:2016下构建的,旨在使受监管的药品、设备和 SaMDs 能够吸收和分析数据,并向患者和供应商部署受监管的建议和见解。此外, BrightInsight ™平台还根据 HITRUST 和 GDPR 等安全、隐私和法规要求,从 CE 标记和 FDA 监管的医疗设备、组合产品、应用程序和软件中获取、传输和分析数据。有关更多信息,请访问 BrightInsight 的网站、我们的博客、 Twitter 和 LinkedIn 页面。 关于新的 LEAF 风险合伙人 NLVP 成立于2005年,当时医疗团队从 Sproup 集团中分离出来。NLVP 团队在过去20年中建立,管理了四个 Sproup 基金和六个 New Leaf 基金的医疗保健技术投资组合,包括我们最新的两个基金——用于风险投资的 New Leaf Ventures IV 和用于私人和公共增长阶段生物制药投资的 New Leaf Biopharma Oppharmas Opportunities II 。我们与各个阶段的公司合作,从初创企业到公开发行( IPO ),我们希望投资于有远见的团队、生物和创新前沿的企业,以及整个医疗体系中具有破坏性的医疗技术。我们分享了我们的广泛观点、数十年的经验和深厚的领域专业知识,以帮助我们的投资组合驾驭医疗行业的复杂性。有关详细信息,请访问:\160; 。 排除潜在风险 Eclipse Ventures 是一家专注于复杂操作的技术投资公司。Eclipse 成立于2015年,总部位于加州帕洛阿尔托,与企业家合作大胆地改变定义和推动经济的基本行业。