U.S. states kick off antitrust probe expected to focus on Google


2019-09-09 18:00:00 Reuters


By Diane Bartz WASHINGTON, Sept 9 (Reuters) - Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday will detail a multi-state antitrust probe of potentially anticompetitive practices at major U.S. technology companies, which is expected to focus on Alphabet's Google . Once lauded as engines of economic growth, the social media, search and e-commerce giants have sparked anger amid allegations of abusing outsized market power and lapses such as privacy breaches. President Donald Trump, progressive Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, consumers and other firms have criticized that power. Paxton's office said on Friday that he was leading an investigation of large tech companies without naming them and promised a formal launch of the probe with a news conference in Washington, D.C., on Monday afternoon. That probe, likely to include more than 40 state attorneys general, is expected to focus on Google, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. A source previously told Reuters the Google investigation would look at the intersection of privacy and antitrust. The focus during Paxton's news conference will be on learning the identity of the company or companies being investigated, which activities are under scrutiny, and the other states that are joining the investigation. Google has faced accusations that its web search service, which has become so dominant that it is now a verb, leads consumers to its own products at the cost of competitors. On the federal level, the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission are probing Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon, also for potential violations of antitrust law. Another states attorney general probe announced on Friday focuses on Facebook. Late Friday, Google said in a government filing that it had received a civil investigative demand, essentially a subpoena, from the Justice Department on Aug. 30.
戴安·巴茨 路透华盛顿9月9日电---德克萨斯司法部长帕克斯顿( Ken Paxton )周一将详细阐述一项针对美国主要科技公司潜在反竞争行为的多国反垄断调查,预计该调查将聚焦于 Alphabet 旗下的谷歌( Google ). 曾经被誉为经济增长引擎的社交媒体、搜索和电子商务巨头,在滥用巨大的市场力量和隐私泄露等失误的指控中引发了愤怒。唐纳德·特朗普总统,进步的民主党总统候选人伊丽莎白·沃伦,消费者和其他公司批评了这一权力。 Paxton 的办公室上周五表示,他正在领导一项针对大型科技公司的调查,但没有透露这些公司的名字,并承诺将在周一下午在华盛顿举行的新闻发布会上正式启动调查。 据知情人士透露,这项调查可能包括40多名州总检察长,预计将聚焦于谷歌。一位消息人士此前告诉路透社,谷歌的调查将着眼于隐私与反垄断的交叉。 在 Paxton 的新闻发布会上,重点将是了解被调查公司或公司的身份,哪些活动正在接受审查,以及其他参与调查的州。 谷歌( Google )面临的指控是,其网络搜索服务以竞争对手为代价,引导消费者购买自己的产品。谷歌的网络搜索服务已占据主导地位,目前已成为一个动词。 在联邦一级,司法部和联邦贸易委员会正在调查 Facebook 、谷歌、苹果和亚马逊,也可能违反反垄断法。周五宣布的另一项州总检察长调查聚焦于 Facebook 。 上周五晚些时候,谷歌在一份政府文件中表示,它已于8月30日收到美国司法部的民事调查请求,基本上是传票。