Platelet BioGenesis Raises $26 Million in Series A-1 Financing

血小板疗法公司Platelet BioGenesis获2600万美元A-1轮融资

2019-09-10 10:03:38 BioSpace


Steven Altschuler, M.D., Managing Director of Ziff Capital Partners and Chairman of Spark Therapeutics, joins PBG’s Board of Directors Platelet BioGenesis, Inc. (PBG), the leader in stem cell-derived, on-demand human platelets (PLTs+™) and platelet-based therapeutics, announced today that it has raised more than $26 million in Series A-1 financing. This round – in addition to Series A financing and numerous grants – brings PBG’s total funding to approximately $45 million. Ziff Capital Partners (ZCP) and Qiming Venture Partners USA co-led the Series A-1 round, marking the former’s first investment in PBG. Existing investors Nest.Bio Ventures and eCoast Angels also participated in the round, among others. As a part of ZCP’s investment, Steven Altschuler, M.D., the company’s managing director of healthcare ventures, will join PBG’s board of directors. Dr. Altschuler is a recognized expert in gene and cell therapy, and chairman of the board of Spark Therapeutics, a company he co-founded while serving as the CEO of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Spark Therapeutics’ advancements have garnered attention across the industry and the company is currently in the process of being acquired by Roche for $4.3 billion. Dr. Altschuler also sits on the board of several other highly innovative biotech companies, including AsclepiX Therapeutics Inc. and ImVaX Inc. PBG will use the funds from the Series A-1 round to accelerate the development of its donor-independent platelet manufacturing capabilities and advance its proof of concept work around platelet-based therapeutics. The company plans to double its staff to approximately 50 employees in 2020. “The Series A-1 round is a watershed moment for Platelet BioGenesis and constitutes a significant step forward toward supporting our goal of designing and launching our first clinical trial using stem cell-derived platelets,” said PBG President and CEO Sam Rasty, Ph.D. “By developing a targeted mechanism that harnesses donor-independent platelets as a new treatment modality, we plan to advance platelet-based therapy to effectively treat a broad range of human diseases. Our technology is unlike anything on the market, and we believe that our therapeutic capabilities have the potential to build on previous advancements in the gene and cell therapy fields and lead to transformative medicines.” This announcement comes on the heels of several key developments for PBG. In addition to Dr. Rasty’s appointment as president and CEO in July, the company recently added biotech veteran Richard Murray, Ph.D., to its board of directors. PBG is expanding its operational capacity and moving into a new 18,000-square-foot headquarters in Watertown, Mass., early next year. “In a short period of time, PBG has emerged as a leader in the market for cell therapy and platelet manufacturing,” said Dr. Altschuler. “This is a testament to the technology and team that PBG has built, and I am confident that the company is well-positioned for the next wave of growth.” Mark McDade, chairman of the board of Platelet BioGenesis and managing partner at Qiming Venture Partners USA, added, “We have been very pleased with PBG’s progress to date. This infusion of capital, plus the tremendous expertise and guidance that Steve brings, further bolster the company’s prospects for continued success.” To learn more about Platelet BioGenesis, please visit About Platelet BioGenesis Platelet BioGenesis (PBG) has created the only platform that can generate human platelets at scale. The stem cell-derived, on-demand platelets will be the first donor-independent source of platelets to address the chronic shortage worldwide. The company is also developing platelet-based therapeutics, a new treatment modality for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. PBG’s platform is patented and cGMP-compliant. The company was spun out of Harvard University and has received venture funding from Qiming Venture Partners USA and other investors, and has obtained grant funding from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center, the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Defense.
Steven Altschuler 医学博士(M.D.)博士, Ziff Capital Partners 董事总经理兼 Spark Therapeutics 董事长,加入 PBG 董事会 Platelet BioGenesis( PBG )是干细胞衍生、按需人体血小板( PLT +™)和血小板治疗药物的领导者,今天宣布已经筹集了2600万美元的 A-1系列资金。这一轮融资——除了 A 系列融资和大量赠款——使 PBG 的资金总额达到约4500万美元。 Ziff Capital Partners ( ZCP )和启明风险投资公司( Qiming Venture Partners USA )共同领导了 A-1系列投资,标志着前者对 PBG 的首次投资。现有投资者 Nest 。生物风险投资公司和 eCoastAngels 也参与了这轮融资,其中包括。作为 ZCP 投资的一部分,该公司医疗风险业务董事总经理 Steven Altschuler 将加入 PBG 董事会。Altschuler 博士是基因和细胞治疗领域公认的专家,同时也是 Spark Therapeutics 公司的董事长, Spark Therapeutics 是他在费城儿童医院担任 CEO 期间共同创立的公司。Spark Therapeutics 的进展已经引起了整个行业的关注,该公司目前正在被罗氏(Roche)以43亿美元收购。Altschuler 博士也是其他几家高创新生物技术公司的董事会成员,包括 AsclepiX Therapeutics Inc .和 ImVaX Inc .。 PBG 将利用 A-1系列的资金,加速开发独立于供体血小板制造能力,并推进其基于血小板治疗的概念验证工作。公司计划在2020年将员工增加一倍至约50人。 PBG 总裁兼首席执行官萨姆•拉斯蒂( Sam Rasty )表示:“ A-1系列是血小板生物创世纪的一个分水岭时刻,是我们实现设计和启动首个使用干细胞衍生血小板的临床试验的重要一步。”“通过开发一种利用供体独立血小板作为新治疗方式的靶向机制,我们计划推进基于血小板的治疗,以有效治疗广泛的人类疾病。我们的技术与市场上的任何东西都不一样,我们相信我们的治疗能力有可能在基因和细胞治疗领域先前的进展基础上发展,并导致转化药物。” 这一声明是在 PBG 几个关键进展之后发布的。除了 Ratty 博士7月份被任命为总裁兼首席执行官外,该公司最近还在董事会中增加了生物技术资深人士 Richard Murray 博士。PBG 正在扩大其运营能力,并将总部迁至马萨诸塞州 Watertown ,占地1.8万平方英尺的新总部。,明年初。 “在短期内, PBG 已成为细胞治疗和血小板制造市场的领导者,” Altschuler 博士说。“这证明了 PBG 所打造的技术和团队,我相信该公司在下一波增长中处于有利地位。” 美国启明创业投资公司( Qiming Venture Partners USA )董事长兼管理合伙人马克·麦克达德( Mark McDade )补充道:“我们对 PBG 迄今取得的进展感到非常高兴。这种资本注入,再加上史蒂夫带来的巨大专业知识和指导,进一步增强了公司持续成功的前景。” 欲了解更多关于血小板生成的信息,请访问 。 关于板块生物成因 血小板生物成因( PBG )创造了唯一的平台,可以产生大规模的人血小板。干细胞衍生的,按需的血小板将是第一个独立于供体血小板来源,以解决全球慢性短缺。该公司还开发了基于血小板的疗法,一种新的治疗癌症和其他威胁生命的疾病的方式。PBG 平台获得专利并符合 cGMP 要求。该公司由哈佛大学( Harvard University )剥离,获得了启明风险投资伙伴美国公司( Qiming Venture Partners USA )和其他投资者的风险投资,并获得了麻省生命科学中心( Massachusetts Life Sciences Center )、美国国立卫生研究院( National Institutes of Health )和美国国防部( U.S . Department of Defense )的资助。