LNC Therapeutics raises €6.2 million for the clinical development of new generation gut microbiome based drugs

LNC Therapeutics融资620万欧元,用于新一代肠道微生物药物临床研究

2019-09-10 18:30:36 BioSpace


Capital increase supported by the Company’s historic shareholders, including Seventure Partners and a new family office Funding from BpiFrance, as part of the Deeptech program, and from the NouvelleAquitaine region A total raised of €6.2 million for the clinical development of LNC Therapeutics’ Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) and to study christensenella bacteria LNC Therapeutics, a French biotech company specializing in gut microbiome-based drug discovery, announced today that it has raised €6.2 million via a capital increase and non-dilutive funding. This new capital increase of €4.9 million involved the Company’s historic shareholders, including Seventure Partners and a new family office. LNC Therapeutics has also obtained €0.5 million in funding through a grant from the NouvelleAquitaine region, as part of its regional innovation grant policy, as well as €0.8 million from BpiFrance as part of its Deeptech programme. Deeptech was introduced by BpiFrance in January 2019, and aims to support French start-ups developing breakthrough technological innovations capable of meeting actual major challenges. The programme is intended to make France more competitive in all sectors, particularly science-related ones. “We are delighted to have secured this funding, which shows the confidence that investors have in our unique technology and expertise. We are particularly proud to have been selected by BpiFrance to take part in its Deeptech programme, which acknowledges the technological innovation developed by French companies, such as LNC Therapeutics. We’re also grateful to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region for its support.” said Georges Rawadi, Chief Executive Officer of LNC Therapeutics. Developing a new generation of drugs based on essential bacteria in the gut microbiota Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs) are a new class of drugs that contain living organisms such as bacteria, and that are being used by LNC Therapeutics to treat diseases with major unmet medical needs. LNC Therapeutics is currently focusing its R&D efforts on the bacteria family Christensenellaceae. Christensenella is a genus of bacteria that was described for the first time in 2012. It has been the subject of many academic studies that have revealed its benefits for human health, particularly in the treatment of metabolic diseases and inflammatory bowel diseases. LNC Therapeutics currently has two programmes dedicated to Christensenella and its human health applications, for which the Company obtained an exclusive license agreement from Cornell University (Ithaca, New York, United States). • The LNC01 programme aims to develop LBPs based on a unique christensenella strain to treat obesity and metabolic diseases. • The LNC02 programme is focused on studying christensenella and identifying new therapeutic applications via LNC Therapeutics’ exclusive research platform. With these newly raised funds, LNC Therapeutics intends to ramp up the LNC01 programme in order to file an IND1 (Investigational New Drug) application and begin first-in-man clinical trials in 2020. The Company also intends to continue using its research platform to understand Christensenella’s mechanisms of action and the ways in which it interacts with its host, and eventually identify new indications. “We are more confident than ever that the gut microbiome can play a strong therapeutic role in human health. This is a quickly growing sector in which the research is progressing every day,” concluded Georges Rawadi. “With the introduction of our new R&D platform in early June and the licensing of patents relating to Christensenella’s therapeutic applications, LNC Therapeutics will actively pursue its strategy of developing the first Live Biotherapeutic Product based on the gut microbiome.” About LNC Therapeutics – www.lnc.bio Founded in 2010, LNC Therapeutics is a French biotech company specialized in research & development of gut microbiome-based drugs. LNC Therapeutics’ goal is to develop new drug candidates to treat obesity and other metabolic diseases (LNC Therapeutics historical indications) and to enlarge its expertise to other indications for which no treatment exist yet. Backed by leading venture capital investors such as Seventure Partners and Family Offices, the company cultivates worldwide collaborations with renowned medical experts to ensure the highest level of standards in the development of innovative drugs.
由公司历史股东支持的增资,包括 Seure Partners 和新的家族理财室 作为 Deeptech 项目的一部分, BpiFrance 提供的资金,以及来自新维耶阿基坦地区的资金 总计募集资金620万欧元用于 LNC Therapeutics ’ Live Biotherapy Products ( LBP )的临床开发和 Christensenella 细菌的研究 LNC Therapeutics ,一家专注于肠道微生物药物发现的法国生物技术公司,今天宣布通过增资和非稀释融资募集620万欧元。 本次增资490万欧元涉及公司的历史股东,包括 Seventure Partners 和新的家族理财室。 作为其区域创新赠款政策的一部分, LNC Therapeutics 还通过 Nouvelle Aquiteaine 地区的赠款获得50万欧元的资金,以及 BpiFrance 作为其 Deeptech 方案的一部分提供80万欧元。Deeptech 由 BpiFrance 于2019年1月推出,旨在支持法国初创企业开发能够应对实际重大挑战的突破性技术创新。该方案旨在使法国在所有部门,特别是与科学有关的部门中更具竞争力。 “我们很高兴获得这笔资金,这表明投资者对我们独特的技术和专业知识有信心。我们特别感到自豪的是,被 BpiFrance 选中参加其 Deeptech 项目,该项目承认法国公司开发的技术创新,如 LNC Therapeutics 。我们也感谢努维尔-阿基坦地区的支持。LNC Therapeutics 首席执行官 Georges Rawadi 说。 开发新一代基于肠道微生物的药物 生物活性治疗产品( LBP )是一类新的药物,含有微生物等生物,目前正被 LNC Therapeutics 用于治疗重大医疗需求未得到满足的疾病。LNC Therapeutics 目前的研发重点是细菌家族 Christensenellake 。 Christensenella 是2012年第一次被描述的细菌属。它已成为许多学术研究的主题,揭示了它对人类健康的益处,特别是在代谢疾病和炎症性肠病的治疗。 LNC Therapeutics 目前有两个项目致力于 Christensenella 及其人类健康应用,公司为此获得康奈尔大学(美国纽约伊萨卡)的独家许可协议。• LNCC01项目旨在开发基于一种独特的克里斯腾内拉菌株的 LBP ,用于治疗肥胖症和代谢性疾病。• LNC 02计划的重点是通过 LNC Therapeutics 的独家研究平台研究 Christensenella 并确定新的治疗应用。 利用这些新筹集的资金, LNC Therapeutics 公司打算加强 LNC 01项目,以便提交 IND1(调查新药)申请,并于2020年开始首次临床试验。 公司还打算继续利用其研究平台了解 Christensenella 的行动机制及其与主机的互动方式,并最终确定新的迹象。 “我们比以往任何时候都更有信心,肠道微生物能够在人类健康中发挥强大的治疗作用。这是一个快速增长的领域,研究每天都在进步,” Georges Rawadi 总结道。“随着6月初新研发平台的推出,以及与 Christensenella 治疗应用相关的专利授权, LNC Therapeutics 将积极推行其基于肠道微生物组的首个生物治疗产品开发战略。” 关于 LNC 疗法- www.lnc.bio LNC Therapeutics 成立于2010年,是一家法国生物技术公司,专门从事肠道微生物药物的研发。LNC Therapeutics 的目标是开发治疗肥胖症和其他代谢性疾病( LNC Therapeutics 历史适应症)的新药候选药物,并将其专业知识扩大到其他尚无治疗手段的适应症。在 Seventure Partners 、 Family Offices 等领先风险投资机构的支持下,公司培育与知名医学专家的全球合作,确保创新药研发的最高标准。