Atomwise and OncoStatyx Announce Joint Venture to Develop Small Molecule Inhibitors of Oncology Target KDM5B


2019-09-11 20:00:00 BioSpace


Atomwise, Inc. the leader in artificial intelligence for drug discovery, announced today the launch of a joint venture with OncoStatyx, LLC, an oncology focused preclinical stage biotechnology company based in Ohio. The joint venture will discover and develop small molecule compounds that inhibit KDM5B, lysine-specific demethylase 5B, a key epigenetic modulator protein, as an anti-cancer agent, especially for triple negative breast cancer . Atomwise will use its proprietary AI technology to iteratively model interactions between the KDM5B pharmaceutical target and putative inhibitor compounds. Inhibition of KDM5B will reactivate expression of the tumor suppressor protein HEXIM1, which plays an important role in turning off the cancerous state in multiple types of solid tumor cancers, including TNBC. OncoStatyx will provide proprietary information concerning interactions between the target and current lead compounds that inhibit KDM5B at nanomolar concentrations in cancer cells - a potency significantly better than published compounds. By combining the capabilities of both companies, the joint venture will be able to rapidly expand successful chemotypes and also optimize OncoStatyx’s current lead compounds to create clinical candidates. OncoStatyx will perform biochemical and biological testing and evaluation of the most promising compounds produced at each step of the collaboration. “We’re extremely pleased to be launching a joint venture with Atomwise and see it as a significant validation of our approach,” says Matt Lawes, PhD MBA, CEO and Co-Founder of OncoStatyx. “Our collaboration will be transformative for a scrappy Midwestern upstart like OncoStatyx and levels the playing field for us in very significant ways. It allows us to stay both ultra-lean and fast and pursue a novel approach to treating solid tumor cancers by switching off multiple cancerous properties. Disrupting cancer: faster, better, cheaper. Why not?!” “Entrepreneurial biotech companies and academic spin-outs, such as OncoStatyx, are engines of innovation and discovery," says Abraham Heifets, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Atomwise. "We are excited to partner with the OncoStatyx team who are committed to novel treatments that will have meaningful impact on patient health.” “As an academic researcher it’s very gratifying to see the translation of my lab’s work on tumor suppressor HEXIM1 into potential clinical medicines,” says Monica Montano PhD, Professor of Pharmacology at Case Western School of Medicine, and CSO and Co-Founder of OncoStatyx. “We are planning to develop the first medicine to induce the expression of a tumor suppressor as the primary therapeutic approach to treat solid tumor cancers. I’m very interested to see what emerges from the collaboration between Atomwise and OncoStatyx, certainly things will move a lot more quickly now with access to Atomwise’s expertise.” About Atomwise Atomwise, Inc. invented the first deep learning AI technology for structure-based small molecule drug discovery. Created in 2012, today Atomwise performs hundreds of projects per year in partnership with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies, as well as hundreds of universities and hospitals in 19 countries. Atomwise has raised over $50 million from leading venture capital firms to support the development and application of its AI technology. About OncoStatyx OncoStatyx, LLC is a preclinical stage drug development company. Founded in 2013 and based in Cleveland, Ohio, OncoStatyx is focused on developing inexpensive, safe and orally bioavailable small molecule therapeutics with the potential for treatment of a broad range of solid tumor cancers such as breast, prostate, lung and colorectal cancers.
Atomiwise , Inc .是药物发现人工智能领域的领导者,今天宣布与 OncoStatyx , LLC 成立一家合资公司, OncoStatyx , LLC 是一家总部位于俄亥俄州的肿瘤临床前阶段生物技术公司。合资公司将发现并开发抑制 KDM5B 的小分子化合物,赖氨酸特异性去甲基化酶5B ,一种关键的表观基因调节剂蛋白,作为抗癌药物,特别是三重阴性乳腺癌。 Atomiwise 将使用其专有的人工智能技术,反复模拟 KDM5B 药物靶点和推定抑制剂化合物之间的相互作用。抑制 KDM5B 将重新激活肿瘤抑制蛋白 HEXIM1的表达,该蛋白在阻断肿瘤多种类型的实体瘤包括 TNBC 的癌变状态中起重要作用。OncoStatyx 将提供有关目标化合物和当前先导化合物之间相互作用的专有信息,这些化合物在肿瘤细胞中的纳米摩尔浓度下抑制 KDM5B ,这种效力明显优于已发表的化合物。通过结合两家公司的能力,合资公司将能够迅速扩大成功的化学药品种类,并优化 OncoStatyx 目前的先导化合物,以创造临床候选物。OncoStatyx 将在合作的每一步进行生化和生物测试,并对最有前途的化合物进行评估。 OncoStatyx 首席执行官兼联合创始人马特•拉维斯( Matt Lawes )表示:“我们非常高兴与 Atomiwise 成立一家合资企业,并将其视为对我们方法的重大验证。”“对于像 OncoStatyx 这样的中西部暴发户来说,我们的合作将是一种变革性的变革,并以非常重要的方式为我们创造公平的竞争环境。它使我们能够保持超瘦和快速,并寻求一种新的方法来治疗实体瘤癌症通过关闭多个癌症性质。破坏癌症:更快,更好,更便宜。为什么不?!“这是一个很好的选择。” Atomiwise 的首席执行官兼联合创始人 Abraham Heifets 说:“像 OncoStatyx 这样的创业生物技术公司和学术衍生企业是创新和发现的引擎。”“我们很高兴与 OncoStatyx 团队合作,他们致力于新的治疗方法,这将对患者的健康产生有意义的影响。” “作为一名学术研究人员,看到我实验室关于肿瘤抑制物 HEXIM1的研究成果转化为潜在的临床药物是非常令人欣慰的,”凯斯西医学院药理学教授莫妮卡·蒙塔诺博士、 OncoStatyx 的 CSO 和联合创始人莫妮卡·蒙塔诺博士说。“我们计划开发第一种药物来诱导肿瘤抑制剂的表达,作为治疗实体瘤的主要治疗方法。我非常有兴趣看到 Atomiwise 和 OncoStatyx 之间的合作所产生的结果,当然,现在有了 Atomiwise 的专业知识,事情会更快地发展。” 关于原子的 原子公司发明了第一个基于结构的小分子药物发现的深入学习人工智能技术。Atomiwise 创建于2012年,目前每年与一些全球最大的制药和农化公司以及19个国家的数百所大学和医院合作,执行数百个项目。Atomiwise 已从领先的风险投资公司筹集超过5000万美元,以支持其人工智能技术的开发和应用。 关于 OncoStatyx OncoStatyx , LLC 是一家临床前阶段药物研发公司。OncoStatyx 成立于2013年,总部位于俄亥俄州克利夫兰市,专注于开发廉价、安全和口服生物利用的小分子治疗药物,有望治疗多种实体肿瘤癌症,如乳腺癌、前列腺癌、肺癌和结直肠癌。