Lightcast Discovery Set to Deliver Step-change in Complex Cell Analysis, Raises £1.3m in Seed Financing to Expand Pilot Studies


2019-09-11 17:00:00 BioSpace


Lightcast Discovery Ltd , an early stage developer of a next-generation microfluidic platform aiming to revolutionise complex cell analysis, today announces that it has raised £1.3 m in seed financing from private investors to develop the capabilities and applications of its platform including continuing to expand its range of pilot studies. Originating from work carried out by the founders at Base4 in Cambridge, UK, Lightcast has attracted substantial interest from major pharma companies and leading academic groups, and is engaged in collaborative studies across a variety of applications. The platform offers game-changing capabilities in a wide range of fields including drug discovery, cell therapy, antibody/biologic discovery, CRISPR screening, immuno-oncology, cell line development, stem cell differentiation, and synthetic biology. “There is a drive towards increasingly complex cell analysis across life science, often using single cells. However, the tools to run effective single-cell workflows, particularly those with cell-cell interactions, multi-parameter cell selections, or cell-by-cell recovery, just aren’t there at the moment,” explained Cameron Frayling, CEO of Lightcast. “The technology we’ve developed allows for a dramatic increase in the complexity of automated operations that can be performed at scale and using high quality imaging. Working with our partners, the unique capabilities of our platform are enabling a truly exciting range of high-impact applications. Ahead of commercial launch, we plan to develop successive prototypes with greater power and scale to enable our users to really advance their discoveries.” Lightcast’s automated cell manipulation platform offers unrivalled flexibility and control, enabling complex and completely novel cell-based applications and workflows to be performed at scale and at speed. Software generated light patterns are employed to precisely manipulate thousands of individual cell- and reagent-containing microdroplets independently and in parallel. Live cells can be cultured, assayed, recovered and monitored at the single-cell level, pushing the current boundaries of complex cell analysis. The Company has multiple pilot collaborations underway, driving advances in new science, clinical approaches, therapies and innovative products. These include projects in immuno-oncology, in which the mechanism of action of a leading new biologic drug is being screened in a multi-step, on-chip reaction between model cancer cells and T-cells, and in antibody-development, in which discovery assays are being implemented on-chip to dramatically shorten the time to screen the immune repertoire of a host, accelerating lead discovery. Lightcast was co-founded earlier this year by Cameron Frayling, CEO, and Dr Tom Isaac, Chief Scientist, and has been developing an extensive patent portfolio covering the technology, methods and apparatus. The Company is actively seeking collaborators and development partners with an interest in implementing new, cutting-edge assays on the Lightcast platform, and is expanding its multidisciplinary team to help carry out this work, actively recruiting across a number of science and engineering roles in Cambridge, UK. Driven by the broad potential of its platform, Lightcast is exploring a Series A financing to accelerate the Company’s development and advance the platform to commercial launch. Notes To Editors About Lightcast Discovery Ltd Lightcast is pushing the boundaries of complex cell analysis with its next generation microfluidic platform. Through working on a number of high-value and high-impact pilot studies with major pharmaceutical companies and leading academic institutes, Lightcast is enabling researchers to discover more. Together with its collaborators, Lightcast is making advances towards new science, unique clinical approaches, new therapies and innovative products. Recognised as potentially game-changing for the industry, Lightcast’s revolutionary cell manipulation platform has the ability to transform how cells are controlled, cultured and assayed, dramatically simplifying and shortening the complexity of cell analysis workflows. Thousands of individual cells can be manipulated independently and in parallel, providing unprecedented control. Lightcast is a private company headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Founded in 2019, the Company is based on technology developed at Base4 Innovation. Lightcast is exploring a Series A financing to advance the platform to commercial launch, following its successful £1.3m seed round.
Lightcast Discovery Ltd .是下一代微流体平台的早期开发者,旨在彻底改变复杂细胞分析。今天宣布,该公司已从私人投资者那里筹集130万英镑种子资金,以开发其平台的能力和应用,包括继续扩大其试点研究范围。 Lightcast 源于英国剑桥 Base4的创始人所做的工作,吸引了大型制药公司和领先学术团体的极大兴趣,并从事各种应用领域的合作研究。该平台在药物发现、细胞治疗、抗体/生物发现、 CRISPR 筛查、免疫肿瘤学、细胞系开发、干细胞分化、合成生物学等广泛领域提供游戏改变能力。 “生命科学领域越来越复杂的细胞分析,经常使用单个细胞。然而,运行有效的单细胞工作流的工具,特别是那些与细胞-细胞相互作用、多参数细胞选择或逐个细胞恢复的工具,目前还没有出现,” Lightcast 首席执行官 CameronFrayling 解释说。 “我们开发的技术使自动化操作的复杂性显著增加,可以大规模执行,并使用高质量的成像。与我们的合作伙伴合作,我们平台的独特功能使一系列真正令人兴奋的高影响应用程序成为可能。在商业发射之前,我们计划开发具有更大力量和规模的连续原型,使我们的用户能够真正推进他们的发现。” Lightcast 的自动单元操作平台提供了无与伦比的灵活性和控制,使复杂而全新的基于单元的应用程序和工作流能够以规模和速度执行。软件产生的光模式被用来精确地操作数千个单独的细胞和试剂包含的微滴独立和并行。活细胞可以在单细胞水平上进行培养、检测、恢复和监测,从而推进复杂细胞分析的当前边界。 公司正在进行多个试点合作,推动新科学、临床方法、治疗和创新产品的进步。这些项目包括免疫肿瘤学项目,其中正在对一种领先的新型生物药物的作用机制进行多步骤的、芯片上的模型癌症细胞与 T 细胞之间的反应以及抗体开发的筛选,其中,发现检测正在芯片上实施,以显著缩短筛选宿主免疫曲目的时间,加速先导发现。 Lightcast 由首席执行官 Cameron Frayling 和首席科学家 Tom Isaac 博士共同创立,并一直在开发涵盖技术、方法和设备的广泛专利组合。 本公司正积极寻求合作伙伴和发展伙伴,有兴趣在 Lightcast 平台上实施新的、前沿的检测,并正在扩大其多学科团队,以帮助开展这项工作,积极招聘跨多个科学和工程角色在英国剑桥。 在其平台广泛潜力的推动下, Lightcast 正在探索 A 系列融资,以加速公司的发展并将该平台推向商业发射。 致编辑的注释 关于 Lightcast Discovery Ltd 随着下一代微流体平台的出现, Lightcast 正在推进复杂细胞分析的边界。通过与主要制药公司和领先的学术机构合作, Lightcast 开展了多项高价值和高影响的试点研究,使研究人员能够发现更多。与合作伙伴一起, Lightcast 正在向新的科学、独特的临床方法、新的治疗方法和创新的产品发展。 Lightcast 革命性的细胞操作平台被认为可能改变行业的游戏规则,能够改变细胞的控制、培养和检测方式,显著简化和缩短细胞分析工作流程的复杂性。数以千计的单个细胞可以被独立和并行地操纵,提供了前所未有的控制。 Lightcast 是一家总部位于英国剑桥的私人公司。本公司成立于2019年,以 Base4 Innovation 研发的技术为基础。Lightcast 在成功进行了130万英镑的种子融资后,正在探索 A 系列融资,以推动该平台的商业化发行。