Be The Match BioTherapies® and Celyad Announce Collaboration to Advance Development of Allogeneic CAR-T Therapies

Be The Match BioTherapies和Celyad合作,推进CAR-T疗法开发

2019-09-11 11:08:30 BioSpace


Alliance will support the clinical progression of Celyad’s non-gene edited allogeneic CAR-T candidates Be The Match BioTherapies®, an organization offering solutions for companies developing and commercializing cell and gene therapies, and Celyad (Euronext Brussels and Paris, and Nasdaq: CYAD), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of CAR-T cell therapies, today announced a collaboration to advance the clinical trial of Celyad’s non-gene edited allogeneic CAR-T therapies. Through the collaboration, Be The Match BioTherapies will provide high-quality, consistent starting material from volunteer donors on the Be The Match Registry® for the development and manufacturing of Celyad’s allogeneic CAR-T cell program. “At Celyad, we are constantly pushing boundaries of innovation to develop our CAR-T cell therapies. We surround ourselves with partners who can help turn these ideas into product candidates for which logistical challenges are bound to rise,” said Jean-Pierre Latere, chief operating officer of Celyad. “Partnering with Be The Match BioTherapies gives us starting material that meets the needs of our clinical development programs of non-gene edited allogeneic CAR-T candidate therapies.” As part of the National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match®, Be The Match BioTherapies will leverage extensive resources to support the trial, including access to more than 20 million donors through the Be The Match Registry®, the world’s largest and most diverse registry of potential donors for hematopoietic stem cell transplant and cellular therapy starting material. Celyad will join Be The Match BioTherapies’ growing network of partners in the E.U., as Be The Match BioTherapies extends its cell therapy supply chain support to advance the rising number of cell and gene therapies worldwide. “Celyad is among those leading the charge developing next-generation cellular therapies,” said Mark Flower, vice president, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, Be The Match BioTherapies. “The pioneering research at the company has allowed the field of allogeneic CAR-T therapies to take shape and become a reality. We look forward to supporting Celyad’s work to help bring transformative therapies to patients suffering from a broad range of cancers worldwide.” About Be The Match BioTherapies Be The Match BioTherapies is the only cell and gene therapy solutions provider with customizable services to support the end-to-end cell therapy supply chain. Backed by the industry-leading experience of the National Marrow Donor Program®/Be The Match®, and a research partnership with the CIBMTR® (Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research®), the organization designs solutions that advance the development of cell and gene therapies across the globe. Be The Match BioTherapies is dedicated to accelerating patient access to life-saving cell and gene therapies by providing high-quality cellular source material from consented donors on the Be The Match Registry®, the world’s largest and most diverse registry of potential blood stem cell donors. Through established relationships with apheresis centers and transplant centers worldwide, the organization efficiently qualifies, develops and manages expansive cell collection networks. Based on a history of compliance managing the chain of identity, Be The Match BioTherapies uses proven infrastructure consisting of logistics and regulatory compliance experts, personalized case managers and MatchSource® software to successfully transport and deliver regulatory compliant life-saving therapies across the globe. Through the CIBMTR, Be The Match BioTherapies extends services beyond the cell therapy supply chain to include long-term follow-up tracking for the first two FDA-approved CAR-T therapies. For more information, visit or follow Be The Match BioTherapies on LinkedIn or Twitter at @BTMBioTherapies. About Celyad Celyad is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of specialized CAR-T cell-based product candidates and utilizes its expertise in cell engineering to target cancer. Celyad’s CAR-T cell platform has the potential to treat a broad range of solid and hematologic tumors. The company’s lead clinical candidate, CYAD-01, an autologous NKG2D-based CAR-T therapy, is currently being evaluated in several Phase 1 clinical trials to assess safety and clinical activity for the treatment of hematological malignancies, such as acute myeloid leukemia, and solid cancers, such as metastatic colorectal cancer. Celyad is also developing CYAD-101, an investigational, non-gene edited, allogeneic (donor derived) NKG2D-based CAR-T therapy, which is currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 trial for the treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer. Celyad was founded in 2007 and is based in Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, and New York, NY. Celyad’s ordinary shares are listed on the Euronext Brussels and Euronext Paris exchanges, and its American Depository Shares are listed on the Nasdaq Global Market, all under the ticker symbol CYAD.
联盟将支持Celyad非基因编辑异基因CAR-T候选人的临床进展 成为Match Biotherapies®一家为开发和商业化细胞和基因疗法的公司提供解决方案的组织,以及Celyad(Euronext布鲁塞尔和巴黎,以及Nasdaq:Cyad),一家专注于开发CAR-T细胞疗法的临床阶段生物制药公司,今天联合国环发会议一项合作,以推进Celyad的非基因编辑异基因CAR-T疗法的临床试验。 通过合作,BE The Match Biotherapies将在BE The Match Registry®上为Celyad异基因Car-T细胞项目的开发和制造提供来自志愿者的高质量、一致的起始材料。 “在Celyad,我们不断推动创新的边界,以开发我们的Car-T细胞疗法。Celyad首席运营官让-皮埃尔•拉特(Jean-Pierre Latere)表示:“我们身边都是合作伙伴,他们可以帮助我们将这些创意转化为产品候选人,而物流方面的挑战势必会增加。”“与BE The Match生物疗法合作,为我们提供了满足非基因编辑异基因CAR-T候选疗法临床开发项目需要的起始材料。” 作为国家骨髓捐赠者计划的一部分,BE-The-Match生物治疗将利用广泛的资源来支持试验,包括通过BE-The-Match Registry(世界上最大和最多样化的潜在捐赠者注册中心)获得超过2000万的捐赠者。或造血干细胞移植和细胞治疗的起始材料。Celyad将加入Match Biotherapies在欧盟不断增长的合作伙伴网络,因为Match Biotherapies扩展了其细胞治疗供应链支持,以推动全球细胞和基因治疗数量的不断增长。 “Celyad是开发下一代细胞疗法的领军者之一,”负责商业发展和战略合作的副总裁MarkFlower说,Be the Match生物疗法。“该公司的开创性研究使异基因car-t治疗领域成形并成为现实。我们期待着支持Celyad的工作,帮助为全世界患有广泛癌症的患者带来变革性治疗。” 关于火柴生物疗法 Be the Match Biotherapies是唯一一家细胞和基因治疗解决方案提供商,提供可定制的服务,以支持端到端细胞治疗供应链。在国家骨髓捐赠者计划(National Marrow Donor Program?/BE the Match?)的行业领先经验以及与CIBMTR(国际血液和骨髓移植研究中心?)的研究伙伴关系的支持下,该组织设计了促进细胞和基因疗法发展的解决方案遍布全球。 BE The Match Biotherapies致力于通过在BE The Match Registry®上提供来自同意捐献者的高质量细胞源材料,加速患者获得挽救生命的细胞和基因治疗,BE The Match Registry®是世界上最大、最具多样性的潜在造血干细胞捐献者注册中心。通过与世界各地的分离中心和移植中心建立关系,该组织有效地鉴定、开发和管理了广阔的细胞收集网络。基于合规管理身份链的历史,BE The Match Biotherapies使用由物流和合规专家、个性化案例管理人员和MatchSource®软件组成的经验证的基础设施,成功地运输和交付合规的生命救世主全球的天然气治疗。通过cibmtr,be-the-match生物治疗将服务扩展到细胞治疗供应链之外,包括对fda批准的前两种car-t疗法的长期跟踪。 有关更多信息,请访问,或访问linkedin或twitter上的match biotherapies@btmbotherapies。 关于Celyad Celyad是一家临床阶段的生物制药公司,专注于开发基于CAR-T细胞的专业候选产品,并利用其在细胞工程方面的专业知识来瞄准癌症。Celyad的Car-T细胞平台有潜力治疗广泛的实体肿瘤和血液肿瘤。该公司的主要临床候选者,cyad-01,一种基于nkg2d的自体car-t疗法,目前正在几项一期临床试验中进行评估,以评估治疗血液系统恶性肿瘤,如急性髓细胞白血病和实体癌的安全性和临床活性。转移性结直肠癌。Celyad也在开发Cyad-101,这是一种研究性的、非基因编辑的、同种异体(供体来源)NKG2D为基础的CAR-T疗法,目前正在进行转移性结直肠癌患者治疗的第1阶段试验。Celyad成立于2007年,总部位于比利时的圣吉伯特山和纽约。Celyad的普通股在布鲁塞尔泛欧交易所(Euronext Brussels)和巴黎泛欧交易所(Euronext Paris Exchange)上市,其美国存托股在纳斯达克全球市场上市,股票代码均为cyad。