Marrone Bio Acquires Jet Ag, Jet Oxide Product Lines; Significantly Expands Opportunity in Agricultural Bioprotection Market

马龙生物收购 Jet Ag 、 Jet Oxide 产品线,显著拓展农业生物保护市场机遇

2019-09-12 03:40:00 Business Times


PRESS RELEASE -- Trym, a farm management software provider for cannabis cultivation, has announced its official certification with Metrc, the selected track-and-trace software system for many recreational cannabis markets such as California, Colorado and Oregon. Trym officially launched this integration last week with Santa Rosa, Calif.-based FloraCal Farms. With this launch, Trym expands upon its core farm management offering, now allowing cultivators to manage all aspects of their daily operations, such as task management, environmental monitoring, batch analytics and compliance reporting, in a single software system. Beyond conventional cannabis seed-to-sale software systems, Trym enables cultivators to track plant batches throughout their life cycles, along with all attributed task and environmental data, in order to understand the critical variables contributing to each harvest. Tracking these important data points consistently empowers growers to make meaningful improvements to their cultivation processes. "At Trym, we listen intently to our customers to ensure we're always delivering products that provide the most value to growers. We heard from numerous farms that the workflows found in Metrc don't match the way they actually grow cannabis and that tracking plant data in Metrc was costing them a lot of money in additional labor expenses," said Matt Mayberry, co-founder and chief executive officer of Trym. "We took a 'farm-first' approach to our Metrc integration, with a focus on mirroring actual cultivation workflows and minimizing time growers need to think about compliance." FloraCal Farms, craft cannabis producer, currently uses Trym to manage their cultivation operations at all four of their Santa Rosa, California cultivation facilities. As a long-standing and valued partner to Trym, their team worked closely with Trym during the Metrc integration development process. Additionally, FloraCal Farms was the first farm to utilize the integration, both during initial testing and for the official launch. "Matt, Ben, and the rest of the Trym team have been a joy to work with. Their ability to scale quickly and efficiently with our operations has helped us greatly. Their customer service and willingness to tailor the software towards our operational processes, have made them a valuable partner to our business," said Drew Duval, FloraCal Farms' VP of operations. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has put three CBD companies on alert that "it is illegal to advertise that a product can prevent, treat, or cure human disease without competent and reliable scientific evidence to support such claims." The three companies, unnamed by the FTC, "sell oils, tinctures, capsules, 'gummies,' and creams" containing CBD. The federal commission urged the companies (and, by association, all CBD companies) to carefully review all health claims made with respect to their products and "to ensure they are supported by competent and reliable scientific evidence." The move echoes a crackdown from the Food and Drug Administration, specifically its actions against Curaleaf's "unsubstantiated" CBD health claims. From the FTC's Sept. 10 advisory: Westword reports that Denver-based Cannabis Clinicians Colorado is seeking 16 retired athletes for a study on how CBD use addresses health issues like chronic pain. Screening days are Sept. 27 and 28. The chosen participants will be involved in an eight-week research campaign looking at how certain CBD dosages and delivery systems impact physical and mental health. As the organization's website states: "Did you play football, hockey, MMA (mixed martial arts), volleyball, basketball, field hockey, soccer, etc? Do you have pain and/or mental issues resulting from your sport? Email to see if you qualify for the study!" The research mirrors similar projects taking place across athletic leagues and in the cannabis industry. Aurora Cannabis, a major licensed Canadian producer, teamed up earlier this year with UFC for a study on how CBD address pain incurred by fighters. 
PRESS RELEASE —— Trym ,一家大麻种植的农场管理软件供应商,已经宣布了其与 Metroc 的官方认证, Metroc 是许多休闲大麻市场(如加利福尼亚、科罗拉多和俄勒冈)所选择的跟踪和跟踪软件系统。上周, Trym 与加州圣罗莎正式启动了这一整合。-以 FloraCal 农场为基地。 随着此次发布, Trym 扩展了其核心农场管理产品,现在允许耕种者在单一软件系统中管理其日常运营的所有方面,如任务管理、环境监控、批量分析和法规遵从性报告。除了传统的大麻种子到销售的软件系统之外, Trym 使耕种者能够跟踪植物在其生命周期中的批处理情况,以及所有归因任务和环境数据,以便了解促成每一次收获的关键变量。跟踪这些重要的数据点始终使种植者能够对他们的种植过程做出有意义的改进。 “在 Trym ,我们认真倾听客户的意见,以确保我们始终为种植者提供最有价值的产品。Trym 联合创始人兼首席执行官马特•梅伯里( Matt Mayberry )表示:“我们从众多农场听说, Metc 发现的工作流程与它们实际种植大麻的方式不匹配,而 Metc 的工厂数据显示,这些农场在额外的劳动力支出中耗费了大量资金。”“我们采用了“农场至上”的方法来实现我们的 Metc 集成,重点是反映实际的种植工作流程,并最大限度地减少种植者需要考虑法规遵从性的时间。” FloraCalFarms 是一家手工大麻生产商,目前正在使用 Trym 管理他们在加州圣罗莎的所有四个种植设施的种植业务。作为 Trym 的长期和有价值的合作伙伴,他们的团队在 Metric 集成开发过程中与 Trym 密切合作。此外, FloraCalFarms 是首个利用整合的农场,无论是在初始测试期间还是在正式启动时。 “马特,本和其他的 Trym 团队一直很高兴能与之合作。他们在我们的行动中迅速而有效地扩大规模的能力大大帮助了我们。FloraCal Farms 运营副总裁 Drew Duval 说:“他们的客户服务和根据运营流程定制软件的意愿,使他们成为我们业务的宝贵合作伙伴。” 美国联邦贸易委员会( FTC )已经提醒三家 CBD 公司“在没有足够可靠的科学证据支持这种说法的情况下,广告一种产品能够预防、治疗或治愈人类疾病是非法的”。 这三家公司未被联邦贸易委员会点名,“销售含有 CBD 的油、酊剂、胶囊、口香糖和奶油”。联邦委员会敦促这些公司(以及所有 CBD 公司联合)仔细审查对其产品提出的所有健康索赔,并“确保它们得到有能力和可靠科学证据的支持”。 此举呼应了美国食品药品监督管理局(Food and Drug Administration)( FoodandDrugAdministration )的打击行动,特别是针对 Curaleaf “未经证实”的 CBD 健康声明的行动。 来自联邦贸易委员会9月10日的咨询报告: WestWord 报道说,科罗拉多州丹佛市的 Cannabis Clinicians 正在寻找16名退休的运动员来研究 CBD 如何解决像慢性疼痛这样的健康问题。 筛选日期是9月27日和28日。入选的参与者将参与为期8周的研究活动,研究某些 CBD 剂量和给药系统对身体和精神健康的影响。正如该组织的网站所说:“你是踢足球、曲棍球、 MMA (混合武术)、排球、篮球、田曲棍球、足球等吗?你有运动引起的疼痛和/或精神问题吗?电子邮件 Info @ ,查看您是否符合申请资格!"" 这项研究反映了在体育联盟和大麻行业进行的类似项目。加拿大主要特许生产商奥罗拉(Aurora) Cannabis 今年早些时候与 UFC 合作进行了一项研究,研究 CBD 如何应对战斗机造成的疼痛。