Cannabis Marketing Tech Startup Fyllo Launches After Raising $16M


2019-09-16 09:00:38 benzinga


A new marketing tech platform for the cannabis industry launched Wednesday.  Fyllo is debuting after raising $16 million in seed capital in a round led by JW Asset Management and Canada-based K2 & Associates. Chicago-based Fyllo's seed round is among the largest of any cannabis startup in the Midwest. Jason Klarreich, managing director of JW Asset Management, will take a seat on the company’s board of directors. Fyllo said it plans to use its initial funds to expand its technology platforms and expand its personnel to meet operational needs. “Fyllo has made a running start by assembling a team of executives that is highly adept at early stage growth,” Chad Bronstein, the company's founder and CEO, said in a statement. “We’re confident that our intellectual property, technology stack and go-to-market strategy will result in exceptional value for cannabis brands and mainstream publishers alike.” In addition to Bronstein, former chief revenue officer for Amobee — the largest privately held adtech platform — Fyllo’s executive team includes: “We are excited to partner with Fyllo as they address a major unmet need for the cannabis industry,” JW Asset Management's Klarreich said. “Chad has built a great team with the experience and talent to deliver superior marketing solutions to companies across the cannabis industry.”
一个新的大麻行业营销技术平台周三推出。 在jw资产管理公司(jw asset management)和加拿大k2&associates牵头的一轮融资中,fylo筹集了1600万美元的种子资本,目前正在首次亮相。 总部位于芝加哥的FYLLO种子轮是中西部最大的大麻初创公司之一。 JW资产管理公司董事总经理杰森·克拉里希(Jason Klarerich)将在公司董事会中占有一席之地。 FYLLO表示,公司计划利用初期资金扩大技术平台,并扩大人员规模,以满足运营需求。 该公司创始人兼首席执行官查德•布朗斯坦(Chad Bronstein)在一份声明中说:“FYLLO通过组建一支非常擅长早期增长的高管团队,实现了一个良好的开端。” “我们相信,我们的知识产权、技术组合和走向市场战略将为大麻品牌和主流出版商带来超凡的价值。” 除了Bronstein,Amobee的前首席收入官——最大的私营AdTech平台——FYLLO的执行团队还包括: JW资产管理公司的Klarreich说:“我们很高兴与FYLLO合作,因为他们解决了大麻行业尚未满足的主要需求。” “乍得建立了一支具有经验和人才的优秀团队,为大麻行业的公司提供卓越的营销解决方案。”