California Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Create Stringent Quality Control Policies for Cannabis Products


2019-09-12 04:13:00 Business Times


TORONTO----PRESS RELEASE--Vinzan International, Inc. has announced the 51-percent acquisition of Colombia Dreams Marihuana Inc. Colombia Dreams Marihuana’s operations will fall under Vinzan International’s global umbrella and will be renamed “Vinzan Colombia.” The Colombia Dreams Marihuana brand will be used to market products. “We are thrilled to make this announcement and start working together to make Vinzan Colombia a leader in the region.” said CEO Brian Armstrong “We considered many options to grow our Colombian operation, but the strength of the CDM team set them apart.” Vinzan’s Colombia operation include two growing locations in Guamo-Tolima and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, totalling over 18 hectares. Vinzan Colombia has been granted licenses for non-psychoactive cannabis and sowing of seeds by the Government of Colombia and is in the final stages of approval for manufacturing and psychoactive cannabis licenses. Vinzan Colombia’s operation also includes a seeds and genetics program that will provide inputs for all of Vinzan International’s operations. “In Vinzan International, we found a team that shared our vision for reaching global markets,” said Vinzan Colombia CEO Jairo Moreno. “There is a lot of competition in Colombia, and in order to separate ourselves, we needed a partner who understands international markets and has a focused global strategy.” The Vinzan International team is building a global network of operations to services regional demand for THC and CBD isolates, distillates and final form cannabis products. Vinzan Asia will service the growing cannabis market in Asia-Pacific region while Vinzan Colombia will focus primarily on genetics and distribution within the Americas. “There is real pressure on the cannabis industry today – investors want to see bottom line profitability, sound management and a global strategy that can endure the growing pains the industry is experiencing,” said Armstrong “We are seeing a lot of cannabis companies make decisions that leave investors shaking their heads. At Vinzan International, we are executing on a global plan to service high valued markets from low-cost production regions. Our business model takes best practices from the world’s largest agriculture companies and today’s announcement solidifies another piece to that puzzle.” Vinzan Colombia’s Leadership Team: Jairo Moreno (Vinzan Colombia CEO) has extensive experience in the cannabis industry and has spent 17 years working with the National University of Colombia in various roles. He has 15 years of experience working in the business sector as the founder and manager of four ventures. Previously, he worked as a consultant for communications for telecom and logistics companies. Jairo will lead Vinzan Colombia’s operations and work closely with executive management team in Toronto, Canada. Boris Serrano (Master Grower) has 25 years of experience in agricultural project management, planning, cost control and inspection. He has extensive experience in commercial and public relations. He is the owner of Richwood, Landscaping Maintenance & Irrigation Corp. based in Florida. At Vinzan Colombia, he will be responsible for project management, quality, irrigation technology and plant cultivation development. Rafael Amador (Board of Directors) is the former Colombian Ambassador to Russia and has extensive record of public service as a Colombian Senator. He was the editor at New Frontier and New Economy and columnist in several political and business publications. He is also a lawyer and economist by trade with degrees from the Javeriana University in Colombia. Rafael’s role with Vinzan Colombia will be to serve as an advisor on regulatory and public affairs. His depth of international relations experience will prove invaluable to Vinzan’s global operation. Piedad Rojas (Board of Directors) has spent two decades promoting the values and scope of social responsibility and sustainability. During her professional life, she has worked as a consultant for social action projects and stakeholder dialogue for the United Nations Development Program, the Organization of Ibero-American States, the Colombian Institute of Higher Education, the Ministry of Culture and the Inter-American Development Bank. Rojas will be in charge of Vinzan Colombia’s Social Responsibility. NOVATO, Calif., Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- PRESS RELEASE -- Trym, a farm management software provider for cannabis cultivation, has announced its official certification with Metrc, the selected track-and-trace software system for many recreational cannabis markets such as California, Colorado and Oregon. Trym officially launched this integration last week with Santa Rosa, Calif.-based FloraCal Farms. With this launch, Trym expands upon its core farm management offering, now allowing cultivators to manage all aspects of their daily operations, such as task management, environmental monitoring, batch analytics and compliance reporting, in a single software system. Beyond conventional cannabis seed-to-sale software systems, Trym enables cultivators to track plant batches throughout their life cycles, along with all attributed task and environmental data, in order to understand the critical variables contributing to each harvest. Tracking these important data points consistently empowers growers to make meaningful improvements to their cultivation processes. "At Trym, we listen intently to our customers to ensure we're always delivering products that provide the most value to growers. We heard from numerous farms that the workflows found in Metrc don't match the way they actually grow cannabis and that tracking plant data in Metrc was costing them a lot of money in additional labor expenses," said Matt Mayberry, co-founder and chief executive officer of Trym. "We took a 'farm-first' approach to our Metrc integration, with a focus on mirroring actual cultivation workflows and minimizing time growers need to think about compliance." FloraCal Farms, craft cannabis producer, currently uses Trym to manage their cultivation operations at all four of their Santa Rosa, California cultivation facilities. As a long-standing and valued partner to Trym, their team worked closely with Trym during the Metrc integration development process. Additionally, FloraCal Farms was the first farm to utilize the integration, both during initial testing and for the official launch. "Matt, Ben, and the rest of the Trym team have been a joy to work with. Their ability to scale quickly and efficiently with our operations has helped us greatly. Their customer service and willingness to tailor the software towards our operational processes, have made them a valuable partner to our business," said Drew Duval, FloraCal Farms' VP of operations.
TOROTON ---- PRESS RELEASE ---- Vinzan International , Inc .宣布收购哥伦比亚 Dreams MariHuana Inc .51%的股份。哥伦比亚 Dreams MariHuana 的业务将落入 Vinzan International 的全球保护伞之下,并将更名为“ Vinzan Colombia ”。哥伦比亚梦想马里奥纳品牌将用于销售产品。 “我们很高兴宣布这一消息,并开始合作,使温赞哥伦比亚成为该地区的领导者。”首席执行官布赖恩•阿姆斯特朗( Brian Armstrong )表示:“我们考虑了发展哥伦比亚业务的多种选择,但 CDM 团队的实力让他们与众不同。” Vinzan 在哥伦比亚的业务包括在 Guamo-Tolima 和 Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta 两个不断增长的地点,总面积超过18公顷。Vinzan Colombia 已获得哥伦比亚政府颁发的非精神活性大麻和种子播种许可证,目前正处于批准制造和精神活性大麻许可证的最后阶段。Vinzan Colombia 的业务还包括种子和基因项目,将为 Vinzan International 的所有业务提供投入。 “在温赞国际( Vinzan International )中,我们发现了一个团队,他们分享了我们进军全球市场的愿景,”温赞哥伦比亚首席执行官贾罗•莫雷诺( Jairo Moreno )表示,“哥伦比亚有很多竞争,为了让自己独立,我们需要一位了解国际市场、并有专注全球战略的合作伙伴。” Vinzan 国际团队正在建立一个全球运营网络,以满足区域对 THC 和 CBD 分离物、蒸馏物和最终形式的大麻产品的需求。Vinzan Asia 将为亚太地区不断增长的大麻市场提供服务,而 Vinzan Colombia 将主要专注于美洲的遗传和分销。 阿姆斯特朗表示:“目前大麻行业面临真正的压力——投资者希望看到盈利能力、稳健的管理以及能够忍受该行业正经历的日益增长的痛苦的全球战略。”我们看到,许多大麻公司做出的决策让投资者感到不安。在 Vinzan International ,我们正在执行一项全球计划,为来自低成本生产地区的高价值市场提供服务。我们的商业模式借鉴了全球最大的农业公司的最佳实践,今天的声明巩固了这一难题的另一块。” Vinzan Colombia 领导团队: Jairo Moreno ( Vinzan Colombia 首席执行官)在大麻行业拥有丰富的经验,并在哥伦比亚国立大学从事了17年的不同工作。他在商业领域有15年的工作经验,是四家合资企业的创始人和经理。此前,他曾担任电信和物流公司的通信顾问。Jairo 将领导 Vinzan Colombia 的运营,并与加拿大多伦多的高管管理团队密切合作。 Boris Serrano ( Master Grower )在农业项目管理、规划、成本控制和检查方面拥有25年的经验。他在商业和公共关系方面有丰富的经验。他是位于弗洛里达州的里奇伍德景观维护和灌溉公司的老板。在哥伦比亚文赞,他将负责项目管理,质量,灌溉技术和植物种植发展。 Rafael Amador (董事会)是前哥伦比亚驻俄罗斯大使,作为哥伦比亚参议员有着广泛的公共服务记录。他是《新边疆与新经济》的编辑,也是一些政治和商业出版物的专栏作家。他也是一名律师和经济学家,贸易学位来自哥伦比亚的 Javaeriana 大学。Rafael 在 Vinzan Colombia 的角色是担任监管和公共事务顾问。他丰富的国际关系经验将证明对 Vinzan 的全球运作非常宝贵。 PieddadRojas (董事会)花了20年时间宣传社会责任和可持续性的价值观和范围。在其职业生涯中,她曾担任联合国发展方案、伊比利亚-美洲国家组织、哥伦比亚高等教育研究所、文化部和美洲开发银行社会行动项目和利益攸关方对话顾问。Rojas 将负责 Vinzan Colombia 的社会责任。 加州 NOVATO 。,2019年9月10日/ PRNewswire /---- PRESS RELEASE ---- Trym ,一家大麻种植的农场管理软件供应商,宣布了其对 Metc 的正式认证, Metc 是许多休闲大麻市场的选定跟踪和跟踪软件系统,如加利福尼亚州、科罗拉多州和俄勒冈州。上周, Trym 与加州圣罗莎正式启动了这一整合。-以 FloraCal 农场为基地。 随着此次发布, Trym 扩展了其核心农场管理产品,现在允许耕种者在单一软件系统中管理其日常运营的所有方面,如任务管理、环境监控、批量分析和法规遵从性报告。除了传统的大麻种子到销售的软件系统之外, Trym 使耕种者能够跟踪植物在其生命周期中的批处理情况,以及所有归因任务和环境数据,以便了解促成每一次收获的关键变量。跟踪这些重要的数据点始终使种植者能够对他们的种植过程做出有意义的改进。 “在 Trym ,我们认真倾听客户的意见,以确保我们始终为种植者提供最有价值的产品。Trym 联合创始人兼首席执行官马特•梅伯里( Matt Mayberry )表示:“我们从众多农场听说, Metc 发现的工作流程与它们实际种植大麻的方式不匹配,而 Metc 的工厂数据显示,这些农场在额外的劳动力支出中耗费了大量资金。”“我们采用了“农场至上”的方法来实现我们的 Metc 集成,重点是反映实际的种植工作流程,并最大限度地减少种植者需要考虑法规遵从性的时间。” FloraCalFarms 是一家手工大麻生产商,目前正在使用 Trym 管理他们在加州圣罗莎的所有四个种植设施的种植业务。作为 Trym 的长期和有价值的合作伙伴,他们的团队在 Metric 集成开发过程中与 Trym 密切合作。此外, FloraCalFarms 是首个利用整合的农场,无论是在初始测试期间还是在正式启动时。 “马特,本和其他的 Trym 团队一直很高兴能与之合作。他们在我们的行动中迅速而有效地扩大规模的能力大大帮助了我们。FloraCal Farms 运营副总裁 Drew Duval 说:“他们的客户服务和根据运营流程定制软件的意愿,使他们成为我们业务的宝贵合作伙伴。”