Alkaline Water Boosts Brand With Acquisition Of AQUAhydrate, Backed By Combs, Wahlberg


2019-09-12 11:05:20 benzinga


Premium bottled water company Alkaline Water Company Inc announced Monday that it reached an agreement to acquire rival premium bottled water company AQUAhydrate. What Happened Alkaline Water Co., known for its premium bottled alkaline drinking water products sold under the brand name Alkaline88, acquired AQUAhydrate in an all-stock transaction. Why It's Important Alkaline Water expects the deal to offer multiple financial and strategic benefits. The company has a pipeline of brand extensions and new products, including CBD products and alternative packaging options. The acquisition should better position the new company to target multiple products to each brand's unique target market, according to Alkaline Water.  AQUAhydrate has high-profile board members including Sean "Diddy" Combs and actor Mark Wahlberg, along with a social media reach of 74 million people. "When Sean and I first got involved in the business, our vision was to build a lifestyle company focused on health and wellness, and that's what we've done," Wahlberg said in a press release. "The AQUAhydrate and Alkaline88 brands align well and will support exciting innovations in flavors, sparkling and CBD products." What's Next Alkaline Water said it expects the combination of the two companies to result in greater institutional investor interest and coverage from Street analysts. The company said it expects to generate synergies by consolidating its sales force and offering retail partners one point of contact for the two companies. The combined revenues for the new company are expected to come in above $65 million in fiscal 2020. Alkaline Water shares were trading 1.3% higher at $2.33 at the time of publication Tuesday.  Related Links:  Social CBD Debuts: 'We Have Massive Reach In Over 10,000 Retailers' UK Medical Cannabis, CBD Company Cannaray Announces Series A Funding
高级瓶装水公司 Alkaline Water Company Inc 周一宣布,已达成协议,收购竞争对手高级瓶装水公司 AQUEES 。 什么事发生了 Alkaline Water Co .以其优质瓶装碱性饮用水产品(以品牌名 Alkaline88出售)而闻名,在一项全股票交易中收购了 Aqua水合物。 为什么重要 Alkaline Water 预计该交易将带来多项财务和战略利益。 公司拥有品牌延伸和新产品的管道,包括 CBD 产品和替代包装选项。 Alkaline Water 表示,此次收购应更好地定位新公司,将多个产品瞄准每个品牌独特的目标市场。 AQUEES 拥有包括 Sean “ Diddy ” Combs 和演员 Mark Wahlberg 在内的高知名度董事会成员,以及7400万人参与的社交媒体。 “当 Sean 和我第一次涉足这个行业时,我们的愿景是建立一个专注于健康和健康的生活方式公司,这就是我们所做的,” Wahlberg 在一份新闻稿中说。 AQUEEN 和 Alkaline88两个品牌关系良好,将支持在口味、火花和 CBD 产品方面的令人兴奋的创新。 接下来是什么 Alkaline Water 表示,预计这两家公司的合并将提高机构投资者的兴趣和华尔街分析师的覆盖率。 该公司表示,预计将通过整合销售队伍和为零售合作伙伴提供两家公司的一个联系点,实现协同效应。新公司在2020财年的总收入预计将超过6500万美元。 Alkaline Water 股价周二公布时上涨1.3%,至2.33美元。 相关链接: 社会 CBD 债务:我们在10,000多家零售商中取得了巨大成就 英国医学大麻, CBD 公司 Cannaray 宣布系列 A 资金