Nabis Holdings Completes Acquisition Of Arizona Facility


2019-09-16 08:10:35 benzinga


Earlier this week, Nabis Holdings Inc NABIF 0.18% announced it closed the acquisition of a cultivation, production and fulfillment facility located in Camp Verde, Arizona near Phoenix. Nabis is a Canadian investment company with specialty investments in assets across multiple divisions of the cannabis sector. The 44,000 square foot facility is located on 2.5 acres of total land and is one of the largest industrial warehouses in the Verde Valley. Acting as the hub of Nabis’ operations, the facility will play an integral role in the expansion of the company's business operations, adding to its portfolio of vertically integrated assets in the United States. “In August, we began our footprint in Arizona by entering into a Definitive Agreement allowing us to absorb 100% of the membership units of a licensed medical marijuana business. Now, we are excited to share our continued growth with our hub facility for the production, cultivation and fulfillment of cannabis and our products,” Shay Shnet, CEO and Director of Nabis, told Benzinga. “With Nabis’ ultimate vision to be a leading investor with a portfolio of vertically integrated multi-state operations, this acquisition in Arizona supports our goal to conquer 18 states within 18 months in the U.S.” This is the second announced acquisition for Nabis in the state of Arizona following its definitive agreement to acquire a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Phoenix.
本周早些时候,nabis控股公司 纳比夫0.18% 宣布结束对位于亚利桑那州菲尼克斯附近的佛得营的种植、生产和履行设施的收购。 NABIS是一家加拿大投资公司,专门投资大麻行业多个部门的资产。 这座占地44000平方英尺的工厂占地2.5英亩,是佛得谷最大的工业仓库之一。作为NABIS业务的中心,该设施将在公司业务扩张中发挥不可或缺的作用,增加其在美国的垂直整合资产组合。 “8月份,我们在亚利桑那州开始了我们的足迹,签订了一项最终协议,允许我们吸收一家获得许可的医用大麻企业100%的会员单位。nabis首席执行官兼董事shay shnet对本辛加表示:“现在,我们很高兴能与大麻和我们产品的生产、种植和生产中心分享我们的持续增长。”“NABIS的最终愿景是成为一个拥有垂直整合的多州运营组合的领先投资者,此次在亚利桑那州的收购支持了我们在18个月内征服美国18个州的目标。” 这是继亚利桑那州nabis最终同意收购菲尼克斯一家有执照的医用大麻药房后,该州第二次宣布收购nabis。