CURE Pharmaceutical Takes First Step to Secure Hemp CBD Supply Chain by Partnering with Fytiko Farms

CURE 药业通过与 Fytiko Farms 合作,迈出第一步,确保 CBD 供应链安全

2019-09-16 11:10:46 Business Times


OXNARD, Calif., Aug. 21, 2019 -- PRESS RELEASE -- CURE Pharmaceutical, a drug delivery and development company, has announced it has signed a deal with Oklahoma-based hemp grower Fytiko Farms. The deal gives CURE direct, guaranteed access to high-quality plant material for exclusive use in its proprietary oral thin film drug delivery system, CUREfilm. “The agreement with Fytiko Farms is a crucial step in CURE’s effort to secure our CBD supply chain and also includes preferred pricing for CURE,” said Rob Davidson, CEO of CURE Pharmaceutical. “This puts CURE in a strategic position to further deliver on our mission to bring the best products to our customers and accelerates our product commercialization. Our next step will be securing a relationship with vendors for the extraction process leveraging our extraction patents.” The deal provides access to high-quality organic hemp extracts for use in CURE products through strain improvement, cannabinoid extraction process development, biomarker identification and quality control testing. “Partnering with an industry leader like CURE allows us to expand into more markets and grow our production capabilities,” said Joe Dan Rogers, CEO of Fytiko Farms. “This partnership supports our main business of growing hemp by providing a production hub for local farmers and marketing our high-quality hemp oil and other byproducts for use in CURE’s hemp-based products.” Fytiko Farms is an innovative company focused on industrial hemp production, cultivation, seed and clone production and sale and the processing and sale of the various by-products from the hemp plant. In 2019, Fytiko Farms was licensed to plant in Oklahoma, utilizing select varieties specifically targeted for their genetics.
加州 OXNARD 。,2019年8月21日-- PRESS RELEASE -- CURE Pharmaceutical ,一家药品配送和开发公司,宣布它已经与俄克拉荷马州的大麻种植者 Fytiko Farms 签署了一项协议,该协议使 CURE 能够直接、有保证地获得高质量的植物材料,在其专有的口服薄膜药物输送系统 CUREfilm 中独家使用。 “与 Fytiko Farms 达成的协议是 CURE 努力确保 CBD 供应链安全的关键一步,也包括 CURE 的首选定价,” CURE 制药首席执行官罗布•戴维森( Rob Davidson )表示。“这使 CURE 处于战略地位,能够进一步履行我们的使命,为客户带来最好的产品,加速我们的产品商业化。我们的下一步将是利用我们的提取专利与提取过程中的供应商建立关系。” 本次交易通过菌种改良、大麻素提取工艺开发、生物标志物鉴定和质量控制检测等方式,为 CURE 产品提供优质有机大麻提取物的准入。 “与 CURE 这样的行业领先企业合作,使我们能够开拓更多市场,提高我们的生产能力,” Joe Dan Rogers 说。Fytiko Farms 首席执行官:“这一合作伙伴关系通过为当地农民提供生产中心和营销我们的优质大麻油和其他副产品,支持我们的主要业务,用于 CURE 的大麻产品。” Fytiko Farms 是一家专注于工业大麻生产、种植、种子和克隆生产和销售以及大麻植物各种副产品加工和销售的创新型公司。2019年, Fytiko 农场获得了在俄克拉荷马州种植的许可,利用特定的基因品种。