THC Submits new product application to Health Canada for Pure Cannabis Sticks

大麻公司THC BioMed向加拿大卫生部提交Pure Cannabis Sticks新产品申请

2019-09-18 14:30:41 CFN Media Group


THC BioMed Intl Ltd.  announces that it has submitted a new product application to Health Canada for THC BioMed’s Pure Cannabis Sticks. Pure Cannabis Sticks are filtered, paper cylinders filled with pure THC BioMed cannabis. Pure Cannabis Sticks are to be manufactured using THC BioMed’s automated production machine. They are to be packaged in lots of 3 and 20. Each Pure Cannabis Stick is intended for a single-use session and has a biodegradable filter. The filters are natural, rapidly degrading and commercial-quality, made using raw materials that include flax, cotton, and manila hemp, with no artificial compounds. The purpose of the filters is convenience only. A filter is there to stop loose cannabis from going into a user’s mouth. “We look forward to the approval of our Pure Cannabis Sticks,” commented John Miller, CEO of THC Biomed, “The introduction of these automated cannabis pre-rolled cylinders would make a significant change in the cannabis industry.” If the Pure Cannabis Sticks are approved by Health Canada, THC BioMed ( intends to discuss co-manufacturing agreements with larger Licensed Producers, some of whom have already expressed an interest to THC. If these co-manufacturing agreements are realized, THC would manufacture pre-rolls on behalf of other Licensed Producers. “We see great potential in Pure Cannabis Sticks. We expect them to provide a new and significant revenue stream for our company,” Miller said, “We believe that licensed producers need to be more innovative and invent their own brands of new products that are better than what is available on the gray market, rather than copying and competing with current gray market products.” If the Pure Cannabis Sticks are approved by Health Canada, THC Biomed would be the first Canadian licensed cannabis producer to distribute Pure Cannabis Sticks. About THC THC is an ACMPR Licensed Producer and Canada’s largest supplier of legal Cannabis Genetics. THC is on the leading edge of scientific research and the development of products and services related to the medical cannabis industry. Management believes THC is well-positioned to be in the forefront of this rapidly growing industry.
THC BioMed Intl Ltd .宣布已向加拿大卫生部提交 THC BioMed 的 Pure Cannabis Sticks 新产品申请。纯卡纳比斯棒是过滤,纸瓶填充纯THC BioMed 大麻。 纯大麻棒将使用 THC BioMed 的自动化生产机器制造。它们将被包装成3和20批.每一个纯卡纳布斯棒是一个单一用途的会议,并有一个生物降解过滤器。 过滤器是天然的,快速降解和商业质量,使用原材料,包括亚麻,棉花和马尼拉麻大麻,没有人工化合物。过滤器的目的只是方便。有一个过滤器可以阻止松动的大麻进入用户的口中。 THC Biomed 公司首席执行官约翰•米勒( John Miller )表示:“我们期待着批准我们的 Pure Cannabis Sticks 。引入这些自动大麻预卷圆筒将使大麻行业发生重大变化。” 如果 Pure Cannabis Sticks 获得加拿大卫生部的批准, THC BioMed ( )打算与较大的特许生产商讨论联合制造协议,其中一些生产商已经对 THC 表示了兴趣。如果这些联合制造协议得以实现, THC 将代表其他许可生产商制造预轧辊。 “我们在 Pure Cannabis Sticks 看到了巨大的潜力。米勒表示:“我们希望它们为我们的公司提供一个新的、重要的收入来源。我们认为,特许生产商需要更具创新性,并发明自己的新产品品牌,而不是复制和竞争当前灰色市场的产品。” 如果 Pure Cannabis Sticks 获得加拿大卫生部的批准, THC Biomed 公司将成为第一家获得加拿大许可证的大麻生产商,负责分发 Pure Cannabis Sticks 。 关于 THC THC 是 ACMPR 授权生产商和加拿大最大的合法大麻基因供应商。THC 在与医用大麻产业相关的科研和产品开发方面处于领先地位。管理层相信, THC 在这个快速增长的行业中处于领先地位。