CannTrust Stock Falls After Cannabis License Suspended By Health Canada

CannTrust 股票在 Cannabis 许可证被加拿大卫生部吊销后下跌

2019-09-18 18:16:12 RTTNews


Canada-based CannTrust Holdings Inc. said Tuesday that Health Canada has suspended the company's license to produce and sell recreational and medical cannabis in Canada. Shares of CannTrust tumbled 14 percent in the regular trading session on the New York Stock Exchange following the news. The suspension of the license is due to CannTrust's previous non-compliance with certain regulatory requirements. In July, Health Canada found CannTrust to be non-compliant with regulations for growing cannabis in unlicensed greenhouse rooms and also for providing inaccurate information to the regulator. CannTrust said it received a notice of license suspension on Tuesday from Health Canada. According to the troubled cannabis company, Health Canada's notice constitutes a partial suspension of its licence for standard cultivation and a full suspension of its licences for standard processing, medical sales, and research. While the suspension is in effect, CannTrust will be permitted to cultivate and harvest existing batches of previously propagated lots of cannabis as well as conduct ancillary activities such as drying, trimming and milling. But the company is not permitted to grow new lots or batches of cannabis, or engage in its sale or distribution during the suspension. Health Canada said it will reinstate CannTrust's licences if the reasons for the suspension no longer exist or if the company proves that the suspension was unfounded. Health Canada has outlined several measures CannTrust could implement to address the public health and safety risks that contributed to the regulator's decision regarding the license suspension. The measures include ensuring that cannabis will be produced and distributed only in authorized areas, and recovering marijuana that was not authorized by CannTrust's license. Health Canada also recommended improving CannTrust employees' knowledge and compliance with the law, and developing a plan to improve the company's record-keeping and inventory tracking. CannTrust said it is reviewing the Health Canada notice with its counsel and other advisors. The company remains committed to being in full regulatory compliance. After Health Canada identified non-compliance in certain aspects of CannTrust's operations in July, the company appointed a Special Committee of the board to investigate the causes of the non-compliance and to provide direction to its remediation efforts. CannTrust also terminated Chief Executive Officer Peter Aceto for cause as well as demanded the resignation of Chair Eric Paul, and placed a voluntary hold on the sale and shipment of all its cannabis products. For comments and feedback contact: Health News
总部位于加拿大的 CannTrust Holdings Inc .周二说,加拿大卫生部已经暂停了该公司在加拿大生产和销售娱乐和医用大麻的许可证。消息公布后,佳能信托在纽约证券交易所的常规交易时段股价下跌了14%。 该许可证的暂停是由于 CannTrust 之前未遵守某些监管要求。7月,加拿大卫生部发现, CannTrust 不遵守无许可证温室中种植大麻的规定,也不向监管机构提供不准确的信息。 CannTrust 表示,周二收到了加拿大卫生部的许可证暂停通知。 据陷入困境的大麻公司称,加拿大卫生部的通知构成部分暂停其标准种植许可证,全面暂停其标准加工、医疗销售和研究许可证。 当暂停生效时, CannTrust 将获准种植和收获现有批次先前繁殖的大麻以及进行干燥、修剪和碾磨等辅助活动。 但该公司不得在暂停期间种植新批或批大麻,或从事其销售或分销业务。 加拿大卫生部表示,如果暂停的原因不再存在,或者该公司证明暂停是没有根据的,它将恢复 CannTrust 的执照。 加拿大卫生部概述了 CannTrust 可实施的几项措施,以解决公共健康和安全风险,这些风险有助于监管机构做出暂停许可的决定。 这些措施包括确保大麻只能在授权地区生产和分发,以及回收未经 CannTrust 许可证授权的大麻。 加拿大卫生部还建议改善 CannTrust 员工的知识和遵守法律的情况,并制定一项改善公司记录保存和库存追踪的计划。 CannTrust 表示,正与其律师和其他顾问一起审查加拿大卫生部的通知。公司仍致力于完全遵守法规。 在加拿大卫生部7月份发现 CannTrust 运营的某些方面存在违规行为后,公司任命了董事会专门委员会调查违规原因,并对其补救工作提供指导。 佳能信托还终止了首席执行官 Peter Acto 的原因,并要求主席 Eric Paul 辞职,并自愿暂停其所有大麻产品的销售和运输。 有关意见和反馈,请联系: edition @ 健康新闻