CannAmerica Expands into the Colorado Medical Market and Oklahoma Places its First Order


2019-09-19 12:03:58 CFN Media Group


CANNAMERICA BRANDS CORP. is pleased to announce that its licensee in in Colorado, Winkanda, LLC., has placed an order for medical packaging. This signals the Company’s entrance into a new market and continued expansion of the relationship CannAmerica and Winkanda. “We are excited to announce that CannAmerica branded products are on schedule to enter the medical marketplace in the state of Colorado in October,” said Dan Anglin, CEO and Co-Founder of CannAmerica. “By unveiling our medical packaging, we are ready to expose our brand to an entirely new customer base and create even greater awareness of our product lines.” Additionally, in its first order under the terms of the supply agreement announced on July 3, 2019, THC Total Herbal Care Corporation has ordered 15,000 10-piece bags from the Company for cannabis-product fulfillment in Oklahoma available across dispensaries throughout the state in November. About CannAmerica Brands Corp. CannAmerica is a U.S. marine veteran founded and operated portfolio of cannabis brands with licensing agreements in the states of Colorado, Nevada and Maryland. The Company aims to maximize the value of its brands by employing strong brand management teams, marketing and licensing the brands through various distribution channels, including dispensaries, wholesalers and distributors, in the United States and internationally. The Company’s core strategy is to enhance and monetize the global reach of its existing brands, and to pursue additional strategic acquisitions to grow the scope and diversity of its brand portfolio.
CANNAMERICA BRANDS公司很高兴地宣布,它在科罗拉多州持照商Winkanda已经订购医疗包装。这标志着该公司进入了一个新的市场,并继续扩大与Cannamica和Winkanda的关系。 Cannamica首席执行官兼联合创始人丹•安格林(Dan Anglin)说:“我们很高兴地宣布,Cannamica品牌的产品将如期在10月份进入科罗拉多州的医疗市场。”“通过展示我们的医疗包装,我们准备将我们的品牌展示给一个全新的客户群,并对我们的产品线产生更大的认识。” 此外,根据2019年7月3日公布的供应协议条款,THC Total草药护理公司已于11月向该公司订购了15000袋10件装的大麻产品,用于俄克拉荷马州各地药房的大麻产品供应。 关于加拿大品牌公司。 Cannamica是一名美国海军退伍军人,在科罗拉多州、内华达州和马里兰州成立并经营大麻品牌组合,并签订许可协议。该公司的目标是通过雇佣强大的品牌管理团队,通过各种分销渠道(包括在美国和国际上的药房、批发商和分销商)对品牌进行营销和授权,实现品牌价值的最大化。该公司的核心战略是增强现有品牌的全球影响力并将其货币化,并寻求额外的战略收购,以扩大其品牌组合的范围和多样性。