Emerald Health Therapeutics Forms Partnership With HelloMD to Continue Expanding its Medical Cannabis Patient Program

Emerald Health Therapeutics与HelloMD合作,继续扩大其医用大麻患者计划

2019-09-19 08:03:35 CFN Media Group


Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. , a Canadian licenced producer of medicinal and recreational cannabis products, and HelloMD, a leading online cannabis healthcare company, have announced a partnership to further streamline and enhance Emerald’s patient onboarding experience. As part of this new partnership, Emerald has integrated HelloMD’s industry-leading turnkey virtual services and patient onboarding solutions into its program for medical cannabis patients. Patients are offered 7 days-a-week access to independent, practitioner-led advice regarding medical cannabis. Interested patients connect securely online with a licensed practitioner, and the process is free of charge for patients who use the online service via Emerald’s website. “Emerald’s team is led by life sciences professionals who firmly believe that putting patient needs first is an integral part of our core values. Our new partnership with HelloMD further enhances our already first-rate onboarding experience, thereby leading to better outcomes and service for our valued patients,” said Riaz Bandali, Chief Executive Officer of Emerald. “Over the last twelve months, we have seen significant growth in the medical segment of our business, as more patients become aware of the diverse, high-quality products we offer. We expect this growth to further accelerate through our new partnership with HelloMD.” Since its launch in 2015, HelloMD’s propriety platform has facilitated more than 100,000 virtual consults between medical cannabis patients and licensed practitioners. “In today’s post-legalization climate, it is more important than ever that patients considering  medical cannabis have convenient access to a thorough consult with a licensed practitioner,” said Megan Henderson, Director, Marketing & Business Development for Canada at HelloMD. “We understand that barriers to entry still remain for qualified patients seeking solutions, hence our focus on user-friendly technology, real-time customer service and working closely with a patient-first organization like Emerald Health,” Henderson added. About HelloMD HelloMD has facilitated more than 100,000 virtual consults between medical cannabis patients and licensed practitioners. The company’s white-label solutions enable third parties to quickly deploy a turnkey virtual solution, complete with the technology, practitioners and support personnel required to improve their own patient onboarding processes. About Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. Emerald Health Therapeutics, Inc. is a Canadian licensed producer of cannabis products, with strategic initiatives focused on differentiated, value-added product development for medical and adult-use customers supported by novel intellectual property, large-scale cultivation, extraction, and soft gel encapsulation, as well as unique marketing and distribution channels. Its 50%-owned Pure Sunfarms operation in British Columbia has reached its full run-rate annual production of approximately 75,000 kg in its first 1.1 million square-foot greenhouse Delta 3 operation; its second 1.1 million square-foot greenhouse is planned to be in full production by the end of 2020. Emerald’s two wholly-owned facilities in Quebec, a high-quality indoor growing and processing facility, and in British Columbia, an organic greenhouse and outdoor operation, are completing construction and are working toward final licensing extension. Emerald has also contracted for approximately 1,200 acres of hemp annually in 2019 to 2022 with the objective of extracting low-cost CBD. Its team is highly experienced in life sciences, product development, large-scale agri-business, and marketing.
加拿大药用和休闲大麻产品许可生产商 Emerald Health Therapeutics , Inc .和领先的在线大麻保健公司 HelloMD 宣布建立合作伙伴关系,以进一步简化和增强 Emerald 的住院体验。 作为这一新伙伴关系的一部分, Emerald 将 HelloMD 行业领先的虚拟服务和病人登录解决方案整合到其医疗大麻病人项目中。患者可以每周7天获得独立的、由医生指导的关于医用大麻的建议。感兴趣的患者通过 Emerald 网站使用在线服务的患者可以在网上安全地与获得许可的医生进行连接,该过程是免费的。 “ Emerald 的团队由生命科学专业人士领导,他们坚信将患者需求放在首位是我们核心价值观的一个组成部分。Emerald 公司首席执行官 Riaz Bandali 说:“我们与 HelloMD 公司的新合作进一步增强了我们在寄宿方面的一流经验,从而为我们的宝贵患者带来了更好的结果和服务。”“在过去的12个月里,随着越来越多的患者意识到我们提供的多样化、高质量的产品,我们的医疗业务出现了显著增长。我们预计,通过与 HelloMD 的新合作,这一增长将进一步加快。” 自2015年推出以来, HelloMD 的 Excellence 平台已为医疗大麻患者与执业医师之间的10万多次虚拟咨询提供了便利。 HelloMD 加拿大市场与商业发展部总监 Megan Henderson 表示:“在如今的合法化后气候下,考虑使用医用大麻的患者比以往任何时候都更重要,因为他们可以方便地与一位有执照的从业者进行彻底的咨询。”“我们明白,对于寻求解决方案的合格患者,进入市场的障碍依然存在,因此我们专注于用户友好的技术、实时客户服务,并与 Emerald Health 等患者第一的组织密切合作。” 关于 HelloMD HelloMD 为医疗大麻患者和持照医生之间的100,000多个虚拟咨询提供了便利。该公司的白标解决方案使第三方能够快速部署交钥匙虚拟解决方案,并配备必要的技术、从业者和支持人员,以改善他们自己的病人登机程序。 关于 Emerald 健康治疗公司。 Emerald Health Therapeutics , Inc .是一家加拿大特许的大麻产品生产商,其战略举措侧重于在新知识产权、大规模种植、提取和软凝胶封装的支持下,为医疗和成人使用的客户提供差异化的增值产品开发。以及独特的营销和分销渠道。其在不列颠哥伦比亚省拥有50%股权的 Pure Sunfarm 业务在其第一个110万平方英尺的温室 Delta 3运营中已实现约7.5万公斤的年全流产率;其第二个110万平方英尺的温室计划到2020年底全面投产。Emerald 在魁北克的两个全资设施,一个高质量的室内种植和加工设施,以及在不列颠哥伦比亚,一个有机温室和室外操作,正在完成建设,并正在努力最终的许可证延长。Emerald 还在2019年至2022年每年承包约1200英亩大麻,目的是提取低成本的生物多样性公约。其团队在生命科学、产品开发、大型农业企业和市场营销方面经验丰富。