Cannabis holding company Future State Brands Launches with $25 million in funding


2019-09-23 10:25:30 CFN Media Group


LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Future State Brands , announces today the launch of a consumer goods and marketing holding company led by PRØHBTD CEO and Founder Drake Sutton-Shearer. Future State Brands oversees a growing portfolio of THC, Hemp and CBD brands reinforcing the company’s mission to take cannabis from the black market to the supermarket. Having spent nearly six years in the cannabis industry building PRØHBTD, Sutton-Shearer is supported by a team with proven mainstream CPG experience and specialist expertise in THC, hemp and CBD. CEO Drake Sutton-Shearer says “I’m excited to move into this next phase of our journey with a crystal clear vision of our desired future state. Although brands is the vehicle to get us there, it cannot be achieved without an incredible team, accessible capital and most of all, an understanding of the customer we are building for.” The current Future State Brands portfolio includes: hemp beauty line Hempathy; functional beverage platform Ceeby Dee’s; art-centric infused wearables The Patch Co.; and music-driven flower brand Heavy Grass. The company’s flagship icon PRØHBTD recently launched an all-new immersive website at which integrates content and eCommerce with the brand expanding beyond its digital footprint into cannabis and street style consumer products in 2020. Dallas-based Cresco Capital led this latest funding round, bringing the total investment in Future State Brands to $25 million. “The Cresco Capital team is excited to partner with Future State Brands, and we see great potential in their expansion into the consumer-packaged goods space,” said Matt Hawkins, Managing Partner at Cresco Capital. “We have had a longstanding partnership with Drake and his team and trust his long-term financial and creative vision.” This latest funding enables the company to develop innovative products, make acquisitions and build market-leading brands that resonate with their desired target consumer. As part of the company’s overall strategy, FSB recently acquired a majority interest in premium hash brand Hot Nife, and are now working directly with founder Circe Wallace to reintroduce the brand to the market. “Having navigated the California cannabis landscape for three years now, it’s increasingly clear how important it is to have a solid team and resources to succeed. Being a part of the amazing team at Future State Brands ensures we will not only survive, we will thrive,” Wallace said. Future State Brands will also benefit from a deeper integration with strategic marketing partners Joel, Benji and Josh Madden who are successful entertainment entrepreneurs and cultural trend spotters. “As partners with Drake and the team at PRØHBTD for the past couple of years, we look forward to the continuation of our work together at Future State Brands by providing our insights and hands-on experience across the pop and sub-culture spectrums,” said Joel, Benji and Josh Madden. In addition to Sutton-Shearer, a number of PRØHBTD executives will transition into new roles under Future State Brands, including Chief Financial and Operating Officer, Frank Carrère, Chief Brands Officer, Craig Binkley, Chief Business Officer, Kieve Huffman, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Frese and Senior Vice President of Finance, Shannon Holtzman. Future State Brands has also made new senior hires to support the company’s efforts. Marianna Burchfield, as Vice President of Consumer Brands, joins with more than 15 years of CPG marketing and innovation experiences across leading multinationals, such as Starbucks, L’Oréal, Ferrero US and Johnson & Johnson. Seychelle Bradley, as Vice President of Consumer Brand Sales, brings her global sales expertise in green beauty, cosmetics and personal care to the role, having been instrumental in the growth of high-end natural beauty brand Odacité Skincare. Danny Rhodes, as Vice President of Design, is responsible for executing all aspects of FSB’s creative needs. His prior roles include Creative Director at the Dupuis Group where he led groundbreaking work on behalf of clients such as PepsiCo/Frito-Lay, Patagonia Provisions, Nestle, Campbell’s and more. Luc Doucedame, as Senior Design Director, comes with 12 years of experience crafting impactful strategies and experiences across digital, advertising, and brand design/packaging for brands including P&G, Apple, House Beer, The Honest Company, Verve Coffee, Fred Segal, PacSun, Google and Esquire. Samantha Fiock, named as Director of Consumer Brands, brings with her ten years of beauty experience. Sam managed global innovation for Dermalogica and she led all agency initiatives at HATCHBEAUTY Brands, working with clients such as Dollar Shave Club, eSalon and Robin McGraw. FSB’s licensing agency partner Beanstalk (an Omnicom agency) will be primarily focused on brand extension opportunities across multiple categories that expand the company’s footprint at not only mainstream retail, but also in collaboration with like-minded manufacturers and brand partners around the world. The company will also work closely with the newly-announced content services agency, RONIN. Created in partnership with PRØHBTD co-founder and Chief Content Officer, Joshua Otten, and rapper and Cookies entrepreneur, Berner, RONIN offers customized content production and video distribution services for cannabis and hemp brands. About Future State Brands (FSB) Future State Brands is a global consumer goods and marketing company with a mission to lead cannabis from the black market to the supermarket. Our portfolio currently includes lifestyle and wellness brands across hemp, CBD and THC including flagship icon PRØHBTD, Hot Nife, The Patch Co., Heavy Grass, Hempathy, and Ceeby Dee’s. Key strategic partnerships include Beanstalk Licensing Agency, Licensing Expo Trade Show, RONIN, Advertising Week, MDDN, Postmedia, and Regulated Solutions. Future State Brands is headquartered in Los Angeles and backed with $25M in funding from prominent cannabis and mainstream investors. Media Contact Patrick Martin [email protected] SOURCE Future State Brands Related Links
洛杉矶,2019年9月20日/ PRNewswire /—未来国家品牌,今天宣布推出由 PRØ HBTD 首席执行官和创始人 Drake Sutton-Shearer 领导的消费品和营销控股公司。未来国家品牌管理着越来越多的 THC 、 Hemp 和 CBD 品牌,强化了该公司将大麻从黑市转移到超市的使命。 Sutton-Shearer 在大麻工业大楼 PRØ HBTD 工作了近六年,得到了一个在 THC 、大麻和 CBD 领域具有公认的主流 CPG 经验和专业知识的团队的支持。 首席执行官德雷克·萨顿-谢勒( DrakSutton-Shearer )表示:“我很高兴进入我们旅程的下一个阶段,对我们所希望的未来状态有一个清晰的愿景。虽然品牌是我们实现目标的工具,但如果没有一支令人难以置信的团队、可获得的资本以及最重要的是对我们为之建立的客户的了解,就无法实现目标。” 目前的未来国家品牌组合包括:大麻美容系列血液病;功能饮料平台 Ceeby Dee's ;以艺术为中心的注入可穿戴设备 Patch Co ;以及音乐驱动的花卉品牌 Heads 。该公司的旗舰图标 PRØ HBTD 最近在 上推出了全新的浸入式网站,该网站将内容和电子商务结合在一起,该品牌在2020年超越数字足迹进入大麻和街头风格的消费产品。 总部位于达拉斯的 CrescoCapital 领导了这轮最新融资,使未来国家品牌的总投资达到2500万美元。 “ Cresco Capital 团队很高兴与 Future State Brands 合作,我们看到它们在向消费者打包产品领域扩张方面具有巨大潜力,” Cresco Capital 执行合伙人马特•霍金斯( Matt Hawkins )表示。“我们与德雷克及其团队建立了长期的合作伙伴关系,并相信他的长期财务和创新愿景。” 这一最新资金使该公司能够开发创新产品,进行收购,并建立市场领先的品牌,与他们期望的目标消费者产生共鸣。作为公司整体战略的一部分, FSB 最近收购了高端哈希品牌 Hot Nife 的多数股权,目前正与创始人 Circe Wallace 直接合作,将品牌重新推向市场。 “已经在加州大麻景观上航行了三年,现在越来越清楚拥有一个稳定的团队和资源来取得成功是多么重要。作为未来国家品牌令人惊叹的团队的一部分,我们不仅能够生存,还能茁壮成长。” 未来的国家品牌还将受益于与战略营销合作伙伴 Joel , Benji 和 JoshMadden 更深入的整合,他们是成功的娱乐企业家和文化趋势传播者。 “作为德雷克和 PRØ HBTD 团队过去几年的合作伙伴,我们期待着通过在流行和亚文化幽灵中提供我们的见解和实践经验,继续我们在未来国家品牌方面的合作,” Joel 、 Benji 和 Josh Madden 说。 除了 Sutton-Shearer 外,一些 PRØ HBTD 高管将过渡到未来国家品牌下的新职位,包括首席财务和运营官、首席品牌官 Frank Carr è re 、首席业务官 Craig Binkley 、营销高级副总裁 Kieve Huffman 、 Glenn Frese 和高级财务副总裁,Shannon Holtzman 。 未来国家品牌公司还聘请了新的高级职员来支持公司的努力。 Marianna Burchfield ,作为消费者品牌副总裁,在星巴克、欧莱雅、费列罗美国和强生等领先跨国公司拥有超过15年的 CPG 营销和创新经验。 塞舌尔布拉德利,作为消费品牌销售副总裁,将她在绿色美容,化妆品和个人护理方面的全球销售专业知识发挥作用,一直在促进高端自然美容品牌 Odacit é Skincare 的增长。 DannyRhodes ,作为设计副总裁,负责执行 FSB 创意需求的所有方面。他之前的角色包括 Dupuis 集团的创意总监,在那里他代表百事可乐/ Frito-Lay 、 Patagonia Provision 、雀巢、坎贝尔等客户领导了开创性的工作。 作为高级设计总监, Luc Domessame 拥有12年的丰富经验,为宝洁、苹果、 House Beer 、 The Honest Company 、 Verve Coffee 、 Fred Segal 、 PacSun 、 Google 和 Esquire 等品牌在数字、广告和品牌设计/包装方面制定有影响力的战略和经验。 Samantha Fiock ,被任命为消费品牌总监,带来了她十年的美容经验。Sam 负责 Dermalogica 的全球创新,她领导了 HATCHBEAUTY 品牌的所有代理计划,与 Dollar Shave Club 、 eSalon 和 Robin McGraw 等客户合作。 FSB 的授权代理合作伙伴 Beanstalk (一家 Omnicom 代理公司)将主要关注多个类别的品牌推广机会,这些机会不仅扩大了公司在主流零售领域的足迹,还将与全球志同道合的制造商和品牌合作伙伴合作。 该公司还将与新宣布的内容服务机构 RONIN 密切合作。RONIN 与 PRØ HBTD 联合创始人兼首席内容官 Joshua Otten 、说唱歌手兼 Cookie 企业家 Berner 合作创建,为大麻和大麻品牌提供定制的内容制作和视频分发服务。 关于未来国家品牌( FSB ) 未来国家品牌是一家全球性的消费品和营销公司,其使命是带领大麻从黑市到超市。我们的产品组合目前涵盖了包括大麻、 CBD 和 THC 在内的生活方式和健康品牌,包括旗舰图标 PRØ HBTD 、热夜咖啡、 Patch Co .、 Heavy Grass 、 Hempatis 和 Ceeby Dee's 。 主要的战略合作伙伴包括 Beanstalk 授权机构、特许世博会贸易展、 RONIN 、广告周、 MDDN 、 Postmedia 和受监管的解决方案。 未来国家品牌总部位于洛杉矶,并得到知名大麻和主流投资者2500万美元的资金支持。