Pasha Brands Signs Supply Agreement with Health Canada Licensed Canandia

工艺大麻组织Pasha Brands与加拿大卫生部签署《供应协议》

2019-09-26 09:34:06 CFN Media Group


VANCOUVER, Sept. 25, 2019 /CNW/ – Pasha Brands Ltd. , Canada’s national craft cannabis organization, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary BC Craft Supply Co. has signed a supply agreement with Canandia Bioceutials , based in Delta, BC. This supply contract will add approximately 500kg of specialized craft cannabis to BC Craft’s supply chain and brings the number of licensed micro-producers BC Craft has signed supply agreements with to four. Canandia founder, Alon Amit, brings decades of cannabis growing experience with him to the legal marketplace with businesses operating in both Canada and Israel. As a master cultivator of cannabis for medical purposes under three previous regulatory regimes in Canada since 2001, Alon has a successful track record for producing high quality cannabis, and will now form a part of BC Craft’s supply chain for both the medical and national recreational market. Alon’s previous company has been selling dry medical cannabis directly to the Government of Alberta’s Worker’s Compensation Board under an exclusive contract to supply their claimants. Canandia had applied under previous Health Canada rules to be a Licensed Producer. However, due to its size, they were given the option to amend their license to the newly created class of micro-cultivator on October 12, 2018.  The micro-cultivator licence allows for a canopy size of 2,150 square feet which will typically generate approximately 500 kg of craft cannabis per year operating out of an indoor facility. About Pasha Brands Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pasha is a prohibition-era brand house firmly rooted in BC’s craft cannabis industry and is developing a nation-wide network of craft cultivators to provide the nation with high grade quality craft cannabis. With proven capabilities in cannabis cultivation, genetic research and development, product processing, and retail, Pasha is uniquely positioned in the new legal cannabis market through its network of hundreds of craft cannabis suppliers under the Pasha umbrella. Pasha subsidiary, Medcann Health Products Ltd., is a Health Canada licensed cultivator and processor with a licence to sell medical cannabis products in Canada. Pasha and BC Craft are also developing a craft cannabis campus, which is dedicated to bringing craft quality into the newly legal cannabis market in Canada. BC Craft is driven to assist craft growers in obtaining security clearance and licensing to grow as micro-cultivators, specializing in education and compliance to bring growers into the regulated cannabis supply market. Pasha’s common shares trade on the CSE under the symbol “CRFT” and on the FSE under the symbol “ZZD”. For more information, please visit Neither the Canadian Securities Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this press release, which has been prepared by management. SOURCE Pasha Brands Ltd. For further information: Media & Investor Relations Contact: Emerald Asuncion, [email protected], (236) 521-5135
加拿大国家工艺大麻组织 Pasha Brands Ltd .今天宣布,其全资子公司 BC Craft Supply Co .已与位于 BC 省 Delta 的 Canandia Bioceutials 公司签署供货协议。该供应合同将为 BC Craft 的供应链增加约500公斤的特种工艺大麻,并使 BC Craft 与4家获得许可的微型生产商签订了供应协议。 Canandia 的创始人 Alon Amit 将数十年来大麻日益增长的经验带到了法律市场,在加拿大和以色列都有业务。自2001年以来,作为加拿大三个以前监管制度下用于医疗目的的大麻的主栽品种, Alon 在生产高质量大麻方面取得了成功的业绩,现在将成为 BC Craft 医疗和国家娱乐市场供应链的一部分。Alon 的前一家公司一直直接向艾伯塔工人赔偿委员会政府销售干式医用大麻,这是一份为索赔人提供服务的独家合同。 Canandia 根据加拿大卫生部以前的规定申请成为特许生产商。然而,由于其规模较大,于2018年10月12日,他们有权选择修改其对新创建的一类微品种的许可。微型耕种者许可证的面积为2150平方英尺,通常每年可在室内设施外生产大约500公斤的手工艺大麻。 关于帕沙品牌 帕沙总部位于不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华,是一家禁止时代的品牌公司,扎根于不列颠哥伦比亚省的工艺大麻产业,并正在开发全国范围的工艺培育网络,为国家提供高质量的工艺大麻。Pasha 在大麻种植、基因研究和开发、产品加工和零售方面具有公认的能力,通过其在 Pasha 保护伞下的数百家手工大麻供应商网络,在新的合法大麻市场上独树一帜。 Pasha 子公司 Medcana Health Products Ltd .是加拿大卫生部授权的品种和加工商,拥有在加拿大销售医用大麻产品的许可证。 Pasha 和 BC Craft 也正在开发一个手工艺大麻校园,致力于将工艺质量引入加拿大新的合法大麻市场。BC Craft 公司的任务是协助工艺种植者获得安全许可和许可,使其成为微品种种植者,专门从事教育和遵守法规,使种植者进入规范的大麻供应市场。 Pasha 的普通股在 CSE 交易,代码为“ CRFT ”,在 FSE 交易,代码为“ ZZD ”。 有关详细信息,请访问 加拿大证券交易所及其监管服务提供商(定义见加拿大证券交易所的政策)均不对管理层编制的本新闻稿的充分性或准确性承担责任。 苏州帕沙品牌有限公司. 更多信息:媒体与投资者关系联系人: Emerald Asuncion ,[电子邮件保护],(236)521-5135