AI Medical Service Inc., Secures $42.9M in Series B Funding

医疗服务公司AI Medical Service Inc获4290万美元融资推进临床试验

2019-10-08 16:15:28 BioSpace


Endoscopy AI startup, backed by Globis Capital Partners, World Innovation Lab and Sony Innovation Fund by IGV, plans to further develop technology, promote clinical trials and expand overseas AI Medical Service Inc., one of the world's first real-time endoscopic artificial intelligence (AI) developers, today announced that it has raised approximately $42.9 million USD in Series B funding from Globis Capital Partners, World Innovation Lab (WiL) and Sony Innovation Fund by IGV (Innovation Growth Ventures), as well as additional third-party allocations. Following the last funding round in August 2018 of over $9 million USD from the Incubate Fund, this brings the company to approximately $57 million USD raised since its founding in 2017. The company intends to use the latest funding for the promotion of clinical trials, to further the development pipeline, acquisition of expert personnel, investment in equipment and overseas expansion. Through further development of its technology, the company hopes to accelerate towards regulatory approval and contribute to the development of endoscopic medical care worldwide. Dr. Tomohiro Tada, CEO of AI Medical Services, says, "Our company was founded on the desire to solve issues with endoscopies in the clinics. In January 2018, we published the world's first article on AI in gastric cancer in cooperation with the Joint Research Group and have since published a number of scientific articles on topics including AI in esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, and capsule endoscopy AI. In order to commercialize and deliver these products to society as soon as possible, we will make effective use of the procured funds. As our founding philosophy states, we plan to contribute to endoscopic medical treatment around the world." AI Medical Service develops AI technology that brings together the wisdom of Japanese endoscopic specialists and supports endoscopic examinations of gastrointestinal organs, such as the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. Satoshi Fukushima, Director of Globis Capital Partners says, ''We foresee an irreversible trend of doctors diagnosing cancer in collaboration with AI in the near future. Supported by the world's leading medical institutions and specialists in the field, and led by experienced management, the endoscopy AI developed by AIM has huge potential to help endoscopists and patients globally.'' Masa Matsumoto, General Partner of WiL says, ''Endoscopic treatment is a medical field that needs to be promoted in society because it leads to the improvement of diagnostic accuracy of diseases. However, the industry is facing key hurdles including long hours required for analysis and a shortage of human resources. AI Medical Service, which offers endoscopic AI to solve these problems, partners with many leading medical institutions in Japan and possesses the largest number of endoscopic images and thesis data. I believe AI Medical Service will be one of the world-leading companies, given the high barriers to entry into the market in which there are few players and Japan has an advantage, and the company's focus on the global market since its inception.'' Gen Tsuchikawa, Chief Investment Officer, Sony Innovation Fund by IGV says, "The AI Medical Service team is not only powered with exceptional software engineering, but authoritative doctors in the endoscopy space. They have seen great advancements in both research and technology that will contribute to providing cutting-edge innovation in the field. We are confident that AI Medical Service will provide breakthrough solutions for various medical institutes and endoscopy doctors that will greatly improve the standard of treatment across the global market." About AI Medical Service, Inc. AI Medical Service, Inc. collaborates with approximately 80 medical institutions representing Japan in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy to research and develop AI endoscopies. The results have been widely accepted by experts all over the world, including the conference for Digestive Disease Week (DDW), the world's largest gastroenterology association, in which as many as 12 studies by AI Medical Service were selected for presentation including the one awarded as "Best of DDW." The company will enable the practical use of these technologies at an early stage and will contribute to the world's endoscopic medical practice by supporting physicians' diagnoses, thereby reducing the risk of overlooking diseases to the highest extent possible. To learn more, please visit, Contact: AI Medical Service Inc. Corporate Communications Contact page: View original content: SOURCE Sony Innovation Fund; AI Medical Service, Inc.
由 Globis Capital Partners 、世界创新实验室( World Innovation Lab )和索尼创新基金( Sony Innovation Fund )赞助的内窥镜下的 AI 初创公司计划进一步开发技术,推动临床试验并向海外扩张 全球首批实时内窥镜人工智能( AI )开发商之一的人工智能医疗服务公司( AI Medical Service Inc .)今天宣布,它已从 Globis Capital Partners 、世界创新实验室( WiL )和索尼创新基金 IGV ( Innovation Growth Ventures )筹集了约4290万美元的 B 系列资金。以及额外的第三方分配。继2018年8月的上一轮融资之后,孵化器基金提供了超过900万美元的资金,这使公司自2017年成立以来筹集了约5700万美元。 公司拟使用最新资金推进临床试验,进一步开发管线、收购专家人员、设备投资及海外拓展。公司希望通过技术的进一步发展,加快向监管审批方向迈进,为全球范围内的内窥镜医疗的发展做出贡献。 人工智能医疗服务公司的首席执行官 TomohiroTada 博士说:“我们的公司建立在解决临床内窥镜检查问题的愿望之上。2018年1月,我们与联合研究集团合作发表了全球第一篇关于胃癌人工智能的文章,并已发表多篇关于食管癌 AI 、结直肠癌、胶囊内镜 AI 等主题的科学文章。为了尽快将这些产品商业化并交付社会,我们将有效利用采购资金。正如我们的创始理念所说,我们计划为全世界的内窥镜医疗做出贡献。” 人工智能医疗服务开发了人工智能技术,汇集了日本内窥镜专家的智慧,并支持内窥镜检查胃肠道器官,如食道、胃、小肠和大肠。 Globis Capital Partners 董事 Satoshi Fukushima 说:“我们预计,在不久的将来,医生与人工智能合作诊断癌症的趋势将不可逆转。在全球领先的医疗机构和领域专家的支持下,以经验丰富的管理为主导, AIM 开发的内镜人工智能具有巨大的潜力,可以帮助全球的内窥镜医生和患者。“不是吗?” WiL 的普通合伙人 Masa Matsumoto 说,“内镜治疗是一个需要在社会上推广的医学领域,因为它可以提高疾病的诊断准确性。然而,该行业面临着关键的障碍,包括分析所需的长时间和人力资源短缺。为解决这些问题提供内窥镜人工智能的 AI 医疗服务公司与日本许多领先的医疗机构合作,拥有最多的内窥镜图像和论文数据。我认为 AI 医疗服务将是全球领先的公司之一,鉴于进入市场的壁垒较高,市场参与者较少,且日本具有优势,公司自成立以来专注于全球市场。“不是吗?” IGV 公司索尼创新基金首席投资官 Gen Tschikawa 表示:“人工智能医疗服务团队不仅拥有出色的软件工程,而且在内窥镜领域拥有权威的医生。他们看到了在研究和技术方面的巨大进步,这将有助于提供该领域的尖端创新。我们相信,人工智能医疗服务将为各种医疗机构和内窥镜医生提供突破性的解决方案,将大大提高全球市场的治疗标准。” 关于 AI 医疗服务公司。 AI Medical Service , Inc .与代表日本的约80家医疗机构在胃肠道内窥镜领域合作,研究和开发 AI 内窥镜。这些结果已被世界各地的专家广泛接受,包括世界最大的胃肠病学协会消化疾病周会议,其中包括由 AI 医疗服务机构挑选的多达12项研究进行介绍,其中包括被评为“最佳的滴滴涕”。公司将使这些技术在早期能够实际使用,并通过支持医生诊断,为全球的内窥镜医疗实践做出贡献,从而最大限度地降低忽视疾病的风险。欲知详情,请访问 联系方式: AI Medical Service Inc . Corporate Communications 联系方式: 查看原始内容:。html 索尼创新基金.