Swift Health Systems Raises $45 Million in Series C Funding

Swift Health Systems获4500万美元C轮融资用于正畸治疗

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The orthodontic industry is experiencing a huge increase in do-it-yourself aligner therapy, which is raising concerns among dental professionals over potential health risks from unsupervised treatment. INBRACE addresses both consumer and orthodontist needs in this evolving market, as a discrete, aesthetic and convenient solution that delivers the health benefits of light-force tooth movement. “INBRACE is a real game-changer, and this latest funding will help us ensure that every INBRACE provider can finally give their patients what they’ve always wanted – a truly invisible journey to a great new smile that is convenient and shows immediate results,” said Dr. John Pham, CEO and co-founder of Swift Health Systems. “Even with DIY orthodontic therapy on the rise, most consumers appreciate the benefits of supervised healthcare from a licensed professional. INBRACE keeps patient care in the hands of clinicians, where the overall patient experience, oral health and treatment results are always top priorities.” INBRACE truly invisible braces sit unseen behind patient teeth, leveraging an all-digital platform and innovative wire and bracket designs to create the ideal smile for each patient’s unique situation. Patented INBRACE Smartwires® are programmed using data captured from digital scans of patient teeth and automate many steps in orthodontic treatment. The INBRACE system allows patient anatomy to naturally dictate the most efficient path for all tooth movements, resulting in increased practice efficiency and reduced overall treatment time – a true win-win for patients and orthodontists. "Vivo is delighted to join the Swift Health Systems team,” said Andrew D. Goldberg, MD, principal at Vivo Capital and future Swift board member. “We believe that the advanced technologies behind INBRACE truly invisible braces will revolutionize the future of orthodontic treatment. The capital raised will enable Swift to advance the ways it supports patients and orthodontists around the globe." Joining Dr. Goldberg on the Swift board are accomplished med-tech professionals and venture capitalists Peter Moldt, PhD, partner at Novo Ventures; and Aaron Royston, MD, partner at venBio. About Vivo Capital Vivo Capital (“Vivo”) is a healthcare-focused investment firm formed in 1996 with over $3 billion under management. Vivo is currently making investments out of its growth and private equity fund into promising late-stage private and public healthcare companies in the U.S., Europe, and Greater China, from its Opportunity Fund into promising public healthcare companies, and from its PANDA Fund into promising early-stage innovative healthcare companies. For more information visit http://vivocapital.com/. About Novo Holdings A/S Novo Holdings A/S is a private limited liability company wholly owned by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. It is the holding and investment company of the Novo Group, comprising of Novo Nordisk A/S and Novozymes A/S, and is responsible for managing the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s assets. Novo Holdings is recognized as a leading international life science investor, with a focus on creating long-term value. As a life science investor, Novo Holdings provides seed and venture capital to development-stage companies and takes significant ownership positions in growth and well-established companies. Novo Holdings also manages a broad portfolio of diversified financial assets. Novo Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of, and provides certain consulting services to, Novo Holdings. For more information visit: www.novoholdings.dk. About venBio venBio Partners is a life sciences investment firm that partners with industry leaders to build innovative medicines and technologies, with a focus on novel therapeutics for unmet medical needs. For more information, please visit www.venbio.com. About INBRACE Hidden behind your teeth, INBRACE® is the new name for truly invisible braces and the aesthetic solution that patients love and doctors trust. The patented Smartwire® system with GentleforceTM technology is tailored to each patient’s unique smile, promoting good oral health through light-force tooth movement and allowing patients to brush and floss normally. Orthodontists appreciate the health benefits of light-force tooth movement and the practice growth opportunities that INBRACE creates. Learn more at www.myinbrace.com or connect with your nearest INBRACE provider with the easy-to-use doctor finder at www.myinbrace.com/doctor-finder. View source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191008005777/en/ Investor: Kenny Chang investor@myinbrace.com 877-258-8677 Media: Paul Williams paul@medialinecommunications.com 310-569-0023 Source: Swift Health Systems, Inc. View this news release online at: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191008005777/en
正畸行业正经历着自我调节疗法的大幅增长,这引起了牙科专业人士的担忧,他们担心未经监督的治疗可能带来健康风险。INBRACE 解决了这个不断发展的市场中的消费者和正统需求,作为一种离散的、美学的和方便的解决方案,它提供了轻力牙齿运动的健康益处。 “ INBRACE 是一个真正的游戏规则改变者,最新的资金将帮助我们确保每一个 INBRACE 提供者最终能够给他们的病人他们一直想要的——一个真正看不见的旅程,一个伟大的新微笑是方便的,并显示立即的结果,” John Pham 博士说,Swift Health Systems 的首席执行官兼联合创始人表示:“即使 DIY 正畸治疗在不断上升,大多数消费者也会欣赏到由一位有执照的专业人士监管的医疗保健带来的好处。INBRACE 使病人的护理掌握在临床医生手中,在那里,病人的整体经验、口腔健康和治疗结果始终是首要的优先事项。” INBRACE 真正看不见的支撑坐在病人牙齿后面,利用全数字平台和创新的电线和支架设计,为每个病人的独特情况创造理想的微笑。专利 INBRACE Smartwire ®使用从患者牙齿的数字扫描中获取的数据编程,并在正畸治疗中自动化许多步骤。INBRACE 系统允许患者解剖自然决定所有牙齿运动的最有效路径,从而提高了实践效率,减少了整体治疗时间——这对患者和正畸医生来说是真正的双赢。 “ Vivo 很高兴加入 Swift 健康系统团队,” Vivo Capital 的负责人、未来的 Swift 董事会成员 AndrewD.Goldberg 说。“我们相信 INBRACE 背后的先进技术真正隐形的手镯将彻底改变正畸治疗的未来。筹集的资金将使 Swift 能够推进其在全球范围内支持患者和正统医师的方式。” 在 Swift 董事会中加入 Goldberg 博士是一位有成就的医疗技术专业人士和风险投资家 Peter Moldt 博士, Novo Ventures 的合伙人,以及 VivenBio 的合伙人 Aaron Royston 医学博士。 关于 Vivo Capital Vivo Capital (“ Vivo ”)是一家专注于医疗保健的投资公司,成立于1996年,管理着超过30亿美元。Vivo 目前正通过其增长和私募股权基金向美国、欧洲和大中华区有前途的后期私人和公共医疗公司进行投资,从 Opportunity Fund 到有前景的公共医疗公司,从 PANDA 基金到有前景的早期创新医疗公司。详情请访问 http://vivotal 。com /。 关于 Novo Holdings A / S Novo Holdings A / S 为诺和诺德(Novo Nordisk) Foundation 全资拥有的私人有限责任公司。它是 Novo Group 的控股和投资公司,由诺和诺德(Novo Nordisk) A / S 和 Novozymes A / S 组成,负责管理诺和诺德(Novo Nordisk)基金会的资产。Novo Holdings 被公认为国际领先的生命科学投资者,专注于创造长期价值。作为生命科学投资者, Novo Holdings 为处于发展阶段的公司提供种子和风险投资,并在成长和成熟的公司中占据重要的所有权地位。Novo Holdings 还管理广泛的多元化金融资产组合。Novo Ventures 是 Novo Holdings 的全资子公司,向其提供一定的咨询服务。有关更多信息,请访问: www.novooldings.dk 。 关于 venbio venBio Partners 是一家生命科学投资公司,与行业领先企业合作开发创新药物和技术,专注于针对未满足的医疗需求的新型疗法。详情请访问 www.venbio.com 。 关于 INBRACE 隐藏在牙齿后面的 INBRACE ®是真正看不见的牙套的新名称,也是患者喜爱和医生信赖的美学解决方案。拥有专利的 Smartwire ®系统采用 GentleorTM 技术,可根据每位患者独特的微笑度身定制,通过轻松的牙齿运动促进良好的口腔健康,并使患者能够正常刷牙和牙线。正畸医生欣赏光动力牙齿运动的健康益处和 INBRACE 创造的实践生长机会。