ProciseDx and Lumiphore Announce Diagnostic Technology Partnership


2019-10-09 16:11:46 BioSpace


Agreement strengthens ProciseDx proprietary diagnostic platform with broad applications in disease diagnosis and management. ProciseDx and Lumiphore announced that they have signed an agreement on incorporation of Lumiphore's new metal luminescent reporter technology in ProciseDx™ point-of-care diagnostic tests. Under the agreement, ProciseDx has the exclusive worldwide rights to use Lumiphore's new technology in its diagnostic tests. First offerings will be for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as celiac and metabolic syndromes. "Lumiphore can bring the benefits of lanthanide-based homogenous mix-and-read assays, known as time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer (TR-FRET) assays, to the diagnostic markets, from central labs to point-of-care applications. Detection sensitivity and simplicity of use as well as material cost reductions in reagent use, labor, and reader platforms are all benefits of Lumiphore's new reporter technology," said Steve Blose, Lumiphore's Chief Business Officer. "Using Lumiphore's technology enables ProciseDx to offer rapid, quantitative and easy point-of-care tests. We are excited to bring these tests to market in 2020." said Dr. Larry Mimms, ProciseDx's CEO. About ProciseDx ProciseDx is a diagnostics company committed to the development and commercialization of a broad portfolio of point-of-care diagnostic tests for use in physician offices, retail clinics and urgent care. ProciseDx currently has 24 employees, 10,000 sq. ft. of office, laboratory and manufacturing space and is ISO13485 certified. ProciseDx is headquartered in San Diego, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé Health Science. For more information about Procise Dx, please visit us at About Lumiphore, Inc. Based in Berkeley, California, Lumiphore Inc, a privately held company, is a biotechnology leader in the development of proprietary luminescent-metal lanthanide reporters as well as radionuclide metal payload delivery technology for use in high-value diagnostic and site-directed radio-pharmaceutical applications, respectively. Lumiphore's technology is commercialized through market-specific alliances with corporate partners. Lumiphore has exclusive licenses to the basic science developed at the University of California, Berkeley in the laboratory of Professor Kenneth N. Raymond, a world expert on lanthanide chemistry. For more information about Lumiphore, log onto Media Contacts Lumiphore, Inc. Stephen Blose Chief Business Officer + 1 415-318-4457 ProciseDx, LLC. Peter Westlake President + 1 619-821-0660 multimedia:
协议加强了 ProciseDx 专有诊断平台,广泛应用于疾病诊断和管理。 ProciseDx 和 Lumihore 宣布,他们签署了一项协议,将 Lumihore 的新型金属发光报告技术纳入 ProciseDx ™护理点诊断测试。 根据协议, ProciseDx 拥有在诊断测试中使用 Lumihore 新技术的全球独家权利。首批产品将用于炎症和自身免疫性疾病,如腹腔和代谢综合征。 “ Lumihore 可以将基于镧系的均匀混合读分析技术(称为时间分辨荧光共振能量转移( TR-FRET )的优点带到诊断市场,从中央实验室到护理点应用。检测灵敏度和使用的简单性以及试剂使用、劳动力和读者平台的材料成本的降低都是 Luminiphore 新的记者技术的好处。 “利用 Lumihore 的技术使 ProciseDx 能够提供快速、定量和简单的护理点测试。我们很高兴在2020年将这些测试推向市场。" ProciseDx 首席执行官 LarryMimms 博士说。 关于 ProciseDx ProciseDx 是一家诊断公司,致力于开发和商业化广泛的医疗点诊断测试产品组合,用于医生办公室、零售诊所和紧急护理。ProciseDx 目前拥有24名员工,10,000平方米。ft 。办公室、实验室和制造场地,并获得 ISO13485认证。ProciseDx 总部位于加利福尼亚州的圣地亚哥,是雀巢健康科学公司的全资子公司。 有关 ProciseDx 的详细信息,请访问 。 关于 Lumiplane , Inc . 总部位于加州伯克利的 Lumihor Inc ,是一家私人控股公司,是一家生物技术领域的领先企业,致力于开发专利发光金属镧系记者以及放射性核素金属有效载荷递送技术,分别用于高价值诊断和现场定向无线电药物应用。Lumiiphore 的技术通过与公司合作伙伴的特定市场联盟实现商业化。Lumiiphore 拥有加州大学伯克利分校基础科学的独家许可证,该大学位于世界镧系化学专家 KennethN.Raymond 教授的实验室。 有关 Lumipore 的更多信息,请登录 。 媒体联络人 Lumihore , Inc . Stephen Blose 首席运营官 steve @ +1415-318-4457 ProciseDx , LLC 。 彼得·韦斯特莱克 总统 225914@ +1619-821-0660 多媒体:。html