Novartis STEP Program™ now accepting submissions for proposals that address unmet patient needs in cancer biomarker testing

诺华实施STEP Program提案,提高癌症社区对生物标志物检测

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STEP Program is available to US-based nonprofit patient advocacy organizations Recipients will receive funding to support proposals that demonstrate innovation in awareness and education, self-advocacy and/or policy improvement Submissions will close on November 4, 2019 EAST HANOVER, N.J., Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Novartis is inviting patient advocacy organizations to submit proposals for programs that offer to expand and improve understanding of biomarker testing among the cancer community through one of its signature patient advocacy initiatives, the Solutions to Empower Patients (STEP) Program™. The STEP Program will provide funding to as many as four patient advocacy organizations of up to $75,000 each. Through the advancement of personalized medicine, cancer treatment has greatly evolved to include more customized treatment options based on a patient's type of cancer determined through biomarker and other forms of testing. The hope is that treatments will one day be tailored to each person's cancer.1 Though biomarker testing has become one of the cornerstones of personalized medicine within oncology, there remain significant challenges when it comes to education, access and reimbursement.2,3,4 "Biomarker testing has the potential to transform the treatment strategy for people living with certain types of cancer, but it is not yet part of routine care for all tumor types," said Ameet Mallik, Executive Vice President and Head, US, Novartis Oncology. "By supporting patient advocacy organizations that empower patients and their care teams to make informed decisions about their health, the STEP Program can help create a path to better care." Novartis created the annual STEP Program to inspire solutions from US-based nonprofit organizations that help to address some of the most significant gaps in health care. Since 2017, the STEP Program has provided support to eight organizations across the country for their impactful patient-focused initiatives. Application Details for Interested Patient Advocacy Organizations Any national, US-based, 501(c)(3) patient advocacy organization is welcome to submit a STEP Program proposal for consideration. Suggested proposals should focus on at least one of the following criteria in cancer biomarker testing: Awareness and Education Self-Advocacy Policy Improvement Proposals will be evaluated by an external review committee consisting of experts in a variety of fields. The committee will review the applications and identify as many as four proposals that have the potential to make the greatest positive impact on the cancer community. Organizations that wish to apply for funding from the program should complete the required submission form available on All submissions must be received by 11:59pm ET on November 4, 2019. For more information about STEP Program, including submission details, please visit the Novartis US website, STEP Program page. About Novartis Novartis is reimagining medicine to improve and extend people's lives. As a leading global medicines company, we use innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments in areas of great medical need. In our quest to find new medicines, we consistently rank among the world's top companies investing in research and development. Novartis products reach more than 750 million people globally and we are finding innovative ways to expand access to our latest treatments. About 108,000 people of nearly 140 nationalities work at Novartis around the world. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, a US affiliate of Novartis, is located in East Hanover, NJ. Find out more at Novartis is on Twitter. Sign up to follow @Novartis at or follow @NovartisNews for the latest News & Media Updates at For Novartis multimedia content, please visit For questions about the site or required registration, please contact References National Cancer Institute. Precision medicine in cancer treatment. Accessed July 2019. Lungevity. Need for consistent language around biomarker testing and diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Accessed May 2019. Levit LA, et al. Implementing precision medicine in community-based oncology programs: three models. Journal of Oncology Practice. 2019;15(6):325–329. Ciardiello F, Adams R, Tabernero J, et al. Awareness, understanding, and adoption of precision medicine to deliver personalized treatment for patients with cancer: a multinational survey comparison of physicians and patients. Oncologist. 2016;21:292–300. 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STEP计划适用于美国非营利性的患者宣传组织 接受资助的人将获得资助,以支持在认识和教育、自我宣传和/或政策改进方面显示创新的提案 提交的申请将于2019年11月4日截止 EAST HANOVER , N.J .,2019年10月8日/ PRNewswire /--诺华(Novartis)公司正在邀请患者倡导组织提交方案提案,通过其标志性的患者宣传举措之一,即增强患者能力解决方案( STEP )计划™,扩大和提高癌症社区对生物标志物检测的了解。STEP 计划将为多达四个病人倡导组织提供资金,每个组织最高可达75000美元。 通过个性化医学的发展,癌症治疗已经有了很大的发展,包括基于通过生物标记和其他形式的检测确定的病人类型的癌症的更多的定制治疗选择。希望有一天治疗能针对每个人的癌症。1尽管生物标志物检测已成为肿瘤学中个性化医学的基石之一,但在教育、获取和报销方面仍存在重大挑战。2,3,4 “生物标记检测有可能改变某些类型癌症患者的治疗策略,但它还不是所有肿瘤类型常规治疗的一部分,”诺华(Novartis)肿瘤学执行副总裁兼美国负责人 AmeeetMallik 说。“通过支持患者宣传组织,使患者和他们的护理团队能够对他们的健康做出明智的决定, STEP 计划可以帮助创造更好的治疗途径。” 诺华(Novartis)公司创建了年度 STEP 计划,以激励美国非营利组织的解决方案,帮助解决一些最重要的差距在医疗保健。自2017年以来, STEP 计划为全国8个组织提供了支持,帮助它们开展以病人为中心的有效举措。 有兴趣的病人宣传机构的申请详情 欢迎任何国家、美国、501( c )(3)患者倡导组织提交 STEP 计划提案供审议。建议的提案应至少关注以下癌症生物标志物检测标准之一: 意识与教育 自我宣传 政策改进 提案将由一个由各领域专家组成的外部审查委员会进行评估。委员会将审查申请,并确定多达四项可能对癌症社区产生最大积极影响的建议。 希望从该方案申请资金的组织应填写 。所有意见书必须在2019年11月4日东部时间下午11:59前收到。 有关 STEP 计划的更多信息,包括提交的详细信息,请访问诺华(Novartis)美国网站, STEP 计划页面。 关于诺华(Novartis)公司 诺华(Novartis)公司正在重新开发药物以改善和延长人们的生活。作为一家全球领先的医药企业,我们利用创新的科学和数字技术,在医疗需求巨大的领域创造了革命性的治疗。在我们寻找新药的过程中,我们一直是世界上最大的研发投资公司之一。诺华(Novartis)的产品覆盖全球超过7.5亿人,我们正在寻找创新的方法来扩大我们最新的治疗方法。约108,000人的近140个国家的工作在诺华(Novartis)在世界各地。诺华制药公司,诺华(Novartis)的美国子公司,位于东汉诺威,新泽西州。详情请访问 。 诺华(Novartis)在 Twitter 上。在 http://twitter 注册@ Novartis 。com / novartis 或关注@ Novartis News 的最新新闻和媒体更新,请访问 https://twitter 。com / novarianws 有关诺华(Novartis)多媒体内容,请访问 / news / media-library 如对本网站有任何疑问或需要注册,请与媒体联系。relations @ 参考文献 国家癌症研究所.癌症治疗中的精准医学. 。到2019年7月。 午休。关于肺癌的生物标志物检测、诊断和治疗需要一致的语言。https://lunghivity 。org / sites / default / files / file-上载/ test-terms-world-lung-2016-post 。pdf 。到2019年5月。 Levit LA 等人。在社区肿瘤项目中实施精准医疗:三种模式。肿瘤学实践杂志.2019年;15(6):325-329。 Ciardello F , Adams R , Tabernero J , et al .认识、理解和采用精准医疗为癌症患者提供个性化治疗:医生和患者的跨国调查比较。