W2O Acquires Arcus Medica to Accelerate and Deepen Scientific and Medical Communications Offering

W2O收购Arcus Medica,以加速科学数据和医疗通信产品研究

2019-10-10 10:47:56 BioSpace


This acquisition represents a vital move by W2O to disrupt the status quo in medical and scientific communications by creating a fully integrated communications agency that uses proprietary data and analytics to fuel scientific strategy, peer-to-peer medical engagement and patient-centered narration for clients. Given the highly complex and fragmented nature of the healthcare industry, companies and their brands require data-informed insights and clear, compelling storytelling to drive value. W2O and Arcus share a passion for uncovering deep scientific acuities to build best-in-class strategy and deliver high quality communications that resonate. “Arcus is a trailblazer in the field of medical and scientific communications, consistently following the data to get to the right outcome for its clients. The addition of Arcus to the W2O family significantly enhances our medical and scientific communications expertise and enriches our offering in this key discipline,” said Jim Weiss, W2O founder and CEO. “Together, we will continue to place science at the center of everything we do, supplementing this prowess with unmatched data analytics and insights, robust strategy and creative know-how to ensure we deliver maximum impact to client business, from the bench to the bedside.” With the integration of Arcus, W2O’s scientific and medical communications team will comprise approximately 40 best-in-class employees, including 16 doctoral level experts. Arcus co-founders Mary Seideman, MD, PhD, Stan Eapen, PharmD, and Jonathan Seideman, PhD, will all serve in leadership roles at W2O arcus, which will be an integral part of W2O’s single profit and loss (P&L) operation. These tenured industry experts, along with their seasoned team of communicators, will work closely with W2O’s scientific strategy team run by Ujwal Pyati, PhD, and other multidisciplinary teams across the company – including data analysts, brand strategists, creatives and media specialists – to drive differentiated communications and meet diverse client objectives. “We founded Arcus on the premise of serving as strategic partners to our clients by providing world-class communications attuned to the unique challenges of the healthcare market. We couldn’t be more excited about our affiliation with W2O, given Jim and his team’s commitment to becoming the best by understanding every client’s business and treating it as its own, delivering the highest quality work and results and applying data analytics to every program it touches,” said Mary Seideman, Partner, W2O arcus. “Our partnership is genuinely symbiotic, and we look forward to working together to achieve something truly great for our dynamic clients and remarkable people.” Earlier this year, W2O announced its partnership with New York based investment firm New Mountain Capital, enabling the company to support continued growth and accelerated scaling to meet the evolving needs of its clients in an increasingly digital and data-centric world. The partnership will take W2O to the next level of talent, capability, geographic and technology expansion to serve clients better and more expansively than ever while maintaining the independent, entrepreneurial spirit upon which the company was founded. “At W2O we actively listen to our clients and continually enhance our capabilities based on what they ask for and what we foresee them needing to move their business forward,” Weiss added. “Integrating Arcus’ scientific and medical communications capability into our expansive, multidisciplinary service offering will ensure we are more competitively positioned and favored in the healthcare communications marketplace, ultimately enabling us to meet the changing demands of our clients and provide our people with greater career growth opportunities.” Both companies are privately held, and the financial terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed. Delancey Street Partners acted as exclusive financial advisor to Arcus in the transaction. About Arcus Medica Arcus Medica prides itself on being strategic partners to its clients. The company’s deep scientific expertise in multiple disease areas allows for flawless delivery of world-class communications attuned to the unique challenges of today’s drug market. Arcus pairs extensive in-house industry experience with agency know-how to translate complex clinical and scientific data into clear and meaningful content. About W2O Founded by Jim Weiss in 2001, W2O is the leading independent provider of analytics-driven, digital-first marketing and communications to the healthcare sector. W2O applies proprietary analytics models, methodologies and approaches in a digital world to design precise communications and marketing strategies to deliver sustained business results. W2O maintains 15 offices across the United States and in Europe. For more information, please visit www.w2ogroup.com. 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这次收购代表了 W2O 的一项重要举措,即创建一个完全集成的通信机构,利用专有数据和分析为客户提供科学战略、点对点医疗服务和以病人为中心的叙述,从而扰乱医疗和科学通信的现状。鉴于医疗行业的高度复杂和支离破碎的性质,企业及其品牌需要数据灵通的洞察力和清晰、令人信服的故事来推动价值。W2O 和 Arcus 分享了探索深层次科学敏锐度的热情,以建立一流的战略和提供高质量的交流共鸣。 “ Arcus 在医疗和科学通信领域是一个开拓者,一直在跟踪数据,为客户取得正确的结果。Arcus 加入 W2O 家族,大大增强了我们的医疗和科学通信专业知识,丰富了我们在这一关键学科的产品,” W2O 创始人兼首席执行官 Jim Weiss 说。“我们将继续把科学放在我们所做一切工作的中心位置,用无与伦比的数据分析和洞察力、稳健的战略和创造性的专业知识补充这一能力,以确保我们为客户业务带来最大的影响,从工作台到床边。” 随着 Arcus 的整合, W2O 的科学和医学交流团队将包括约40名最优秀的员工,其中包括16名博士级别的专家。Arcus 联合创始人 Mary Seideman 、 MD 、 PhD 、 Stan Eapen 、 PharmD 和 Jonathan Seideman 博士都将在 W2O Arcus 担任领导职务,这将是 W2O 单一损益( P & L )运营的一个组成部分。这些有资历的行业专家,以及他们经验丰富的沟通者团队,将与由 Ujwal Pyati 博士管理的 W2O 科学战略团队以及公司其他多学科团队密切合作,包括数据分析师、品牌战略家、创造和媒体专家-推动不同的沟通和满足不同的客户目标。 “我们建立 Arcus 的前提是,通过提供与医疗保健市场独特挑战相适应的世界级沟通,作为我们客户的战略合作伙伴。考虑到 Jim 和他的团队致力于通过了解每个客户的业务并将其视为自己的业务,提供最高质量的工作和成果,并将数据分析应用到它涉及的每个项目,从而成为最好的客户,因此我们不能对我们与 W2O 的关系感到更兴奋。”“我们的伙伴关系是真正的共生关系,我们期待着共同努力,为我们充满活力的客户和杰出的人实现真正伟大的目标。” 今年早些时候, W2O 宣布与总部位于纽约的投资公司 New Mountain Capital 建立合作关系,使该公司能够支持持续增长和加速扩张,以满足日益数字化和以数据为中心的世界中客户不断变化的需求。合作伙伴关系将把 W2O 提升到人才、能力、地理和技术的新水平,以便更好、更广泛地为客户服务,同时保持公司建立的独立、创业精神。 “在 W2O 上,我们积极倾听客户的意见,并根据客户的要求和我们预见的他们推进业务的需要不断增强我们的能力,” Weiss 补充道。“将 Arcus 的科学和医疗通信能力集成到我们广泛的、多学科的服务产品中,将确保我们在医疗通信市场中处于更具竞争力的地位并受到青睐。最终使我们能够满足客户不断变化的需求,并为我们的员工提供更大的职业发展机会。” 两家公司均为私人持有,收购的财务条款未披露。Delancey Street Partners 在本次交易中担任 Arcus 的独家财务顾问。 关于 Arcus Medica ArcusMedica 以成为其客户的战略合作伙伴而自豪。该公司在多个疾病领域拥有深厚的科学专长,能够完美地提供与当今药品市场独特挑战相适应的世界级沟通。Arcus 公司拥有丰富的行业内部经验和代理技术,能够将复杂的临床和科学数据转化为清晰而有意义的内容。 关於 W2O 由 Jim Weiss 于2001年创立的 W2O 是领先的独立供应商,提供分析驱动的,数字第一的营销和通信到医疗保健部门。W2O 在数字世界中应用专有的分析模型、方法和方法来设计精确的通信和营销战略,以实现持续的业务成果。W2O 在美国和欧洲设有15个办事处。