Sensyne Health enters into a research collaboration with UK MHRA to validate digital health software algorithms

Sensyne Health与英国MHRA开展研究合作,以验证数字医疗软件算法

2019-10-10 12:31:51 BioSpace


Oxford, UK; 07 October 2019: Sensyne Health plc (LSE: SENS), the British clinical AI technology company, today announced it has entered into a formal research agreement with the UK MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) to contribute to the development of methods to validate software algorithms used in digital health. Lord (Paul) Drayson, CEO of Sensyne Health, said: “New techniques using artificial intelligence and machine learning have the potential to improve patient care and accelerate medical research, however they also require the development of new methods to validate them. As a leading company in the field of Clinical AI we are delighted to be working with the UK’s regulatory agency on this vital project.” For more information please contact: Sensyne Health ( +44 (0) 330 058 1845 Lord (Paul) Drayson, Chief Executive Officer Lorimer Headley, Chief Financial Officer Consilium Strategic Communications +44 20 3709 5700 Mary-Jane Elliott Sukaina Virji Melissa Gardiner About Sensyne Health Sensyne Health plc is a healthcare technology company that creates value from accelerating the discovery and development of new medicines and improving patient care through the analysis of real-world evidence from large databases of anonymised patient data in collaboration with NHS Trusts. These anonymised patient data are ethically sourced in that any analysis of anonymised patient data (and hence the Company’s access to it) must be pre-approved for each programme on a case-by-case basis by the relevant NHS Trusts. This is to ensure that the purpose of the anonymisation and the proposed analysis are subject to appropriate ethical oversight and information governance, including conformance with NHS principles, UK data protection law and applicable regulatory guidance. Sensyne Health is an early signatory to the Department of Health and Social Care’s ‘Initial Code of Conduct for data-driven health and care technology. Sensyne Health is listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange (SENS.L). For more information, please visit:
英国临床 AI 技术公司 Sensoyn Health plc ( LSE : SENS )今天宣布,它已与英国 MHRA ( Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency )签订正式的研究协议,以协助开发验证数字健康中使用的软件算法的方法。 Senseyne Health 首席执行官 Lord ( Paul ) Drayson 表示:“利用人工智能和机器学习的新技术有潜力改善患者护理和加速医学研究,但它们也需要开发新方法来验证它们。作为临床人工智能领域的领先公司,我们很高兴能与英国监管机构就这一重要项目开展合作。” 如需更多信息,请联系: Senseyne Health ( www.sensyne ) +44(0)3300581845 Lord ( Paul ) Drayson ,首席执行官 Lorimer Headley ,首席财务官 包括战略沟通 +442037095700 Mary-Jane Elliott Sukaina Virji Melissa Gardiner sensyne health @ 关于感觉健康 Sensenyne Health plc 是一家医疗技术公司,通过与 NHS Trusts 合作,从大型匿名患者数据数据库中分析真实世界的证据,加速新药的发现和开发,改善患者护理,从而创造价值。这些匿名的患者数据是合乎道德的,因为对匿名的患者数据的任何分析(以及公司对其的访问)必须由相关的 NHS 信托在个案基础上为每个方案预先批准。这是为了确保匿名目的和提议的分析受到适当的道德监督和信息治理,包括符合 NHS 原则、英国数据保护法和适用的监管指导。Senseyne Health 是健康和社会福利部“数据驱动的健康和保健技术的最初行为准则”的早期签署者。 森森健康在伦敦证券交易所 AIM 市场( SENS.L )上市。 详情请访问: