Myra Medical, A Shifamed Portfolio Company, Closes $3M In Seed Financing

Myra Medical完成300万美元A轮融资用于青光眼治疗研究

2019-10-11 10:49:52 BioSpace


Myra Medical, a newly formed Shifamed portfolio company, announced today the closing of its seed financing round, raising a total of $3.16M. Raised exclusively from select Shifamed accredited Angel Investors, the financing will be used to advance Myra Medical's product development and pre-clinical programs. Additionally, Shifamed announced the appointments of Robert Chang to serve as Myra Medical's Chief Executive Officer and Tracy Valorie, seasoned ophthalmology executive, to serve as strategic advisor to the company. Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness, occurring when fluid in the eye is not able to drain properly.1 As a result, the intraocular pressure (IOP) increases, causing progressive damage to the optic nerve and leading to gradual vision loss. This ophthalmic disorder affects approximately 64 million patients worldwide, driving the global glaucoma therapeutics market currently estimated at $6.3B.2 Myra Medical was founded to evolve the surgical device landscape with a novel technology that aims to provide physicians and patients with an effective platform to safely enable maximum intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction while reducing the risk of hypotony, a condition common following current glaucoma surgery when the resulting IOP is too low. "Despite the efforts of first-generation solutions, an unmet need remains for a device that adequately treats moderate to advanced glaucoma patients in a controlled manner," stated Robert Chang, CEO of Myra Medical. "Myra's innovative platform will elevate the standard of care in this space by being less invasive than current glaucoma approaches used to manage this patient population, enabling improved disease management and reducing the risk of complications common with current treatments." Robert Chang joins Myra Medical with over 30 years of executive and medical device development experience. Most recently, Mr. Chang was the Co-Founder, President, CEO and Director at MVRx, Inc. Prior to this, Chang served as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Sadra Medical, a legacy company of Shifamed, acquired by Boston Scientific Corporation. Prior to his time with Sadra, Chang co-founded Ample Medical, serving as their President, CEO and Director. Tracy Valorie advises Myra Medical with over 25 years of experience and most recently serving as the Senior Vice President, General Manager of the U.S. Pharmaceutical and Surgical businesses at Bausch + Lomb. Previously, Ms. Valorie was the Commercial Lead of Ophthalmology at Pfizer, with responsibility for multiple global Ophthalmology brands and commercial development of mid-stage portfolio and long-range strategic planning. "We are delighted to have Rob lead the company and Tracy strategically advise on key industry insights. Their combined decades of experience make them an ideal team to drive Myra forward at this time," commented Amr Salahieh, Founder of Shifamed and Chairman of Myra Medical. "We are also pleased with the size of and timing to close this initial financing round. It reflects the excitement around the impact Myra's technology will have on the treatment of moderate to advanced glaucoma." About Myra Medical, Inc. Myra Medical, a privately held portfolio company of Shifamed LLC, is evolving the surgical device landscape with a novel technology that aims to provide physicians and patients with an effective platform to safely enable maximum intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction while reducing the risk of hypotony, improving treatment for moderate to advanced glaucoma patients. About Shifamed, LLC. Founded by serial entrepreneur Amr Salahieh, Shifamed LLC is a highly specialized medical innovation hub focused on developing solutions that accelerate time to market, reduce risk, increase impact, and forge a path toward a world where patients are able to lead longer, healthier lives. To learn more about Shifamed, please visit MEDIA CONTACT: Katie Arnold SPRIG Consulting LLC +1 (408) 805-0520 1 Glaucoma Research Foundation 2 View original content: SOURCE Myra Medical, Inc.
新成立的 Shifamed 投资组合公司 Myra Medical 今天宣布结束其种子融资轮融资,共融资316万美元。仅从选定的 Shifamed 认可天使投资者募集资金,将用于推进 Myra Medical 的产品开发和临床前计划。此外, Shifamed 宣布任命 Robert Chang 担任 Myra Medical 的首席执行官和经验丰富的眼科行政人员 Tracy Valorie ,担任公司战略顾问。 青光眼是导致不可逆失明的主要原因,当眼睛内的液体不能正常排出时发生。1因此,眼压( IOP )增加,导致视神经逐渐受损,导致视力逐渐丧失。这一眼科疾病影响到全球约6400万患者,推动全球青光眼治疗市场目前估计为630亿美元。2 Myra Medical 的成立是为了通过一种新的技术来发展手术器械的景观,其目的是为医生和患者提供一个有效的平台,以安全地实现最大眼内压( IOP )的降低,同时降低低通便的风险,这是目前青光眼手术后普遍出现的情况,其结果是眼压(IOP)过低。 Myra Medical 的首席执行官 Robert Chang 说:“尽管第一代解决方案做出了努力,但对一种能以受控方式充分治疗中、晚期青光眼患者的设备的需求仍未得到满足。”Myra 的创新平台将提高这一领域的护理标准,其方法是比目前用于管理这一患者群体的青光眼方法更少的侵入性,从而改善疾病管理,降低目前治疗中常见并发症的风险。 Robert Chang 加入 Myra Medical 拥有30多年的执行和医疗设备开发经验。最近, Chang 先生是 MVRx , Inc .的共同创始人、总裁、首席执行官和董事。在此之前, Chang 先生曾担任 Sadra Medical 的执行副总裁和首席技术官, Sadra Medical 是 Shifamed 的一家遗留公司,被波士顿科学(Boston Scientific)公司收购。在加入 Sadra 之前, Chang 共同创立 Ample Medical ,担任总裁、首席执行官和董事。Tracy Valorie 为 Myra Medical 提供咨询服务,拥有超过25年的经验,最近担任 Bausch + Lomb 的美国医药和外科业务高级副总裁、总经理。此前, Vallorie 女士曾担任辉瑞(Pfizer)公司眼科的商业主管,负责多个全球眼科学品牌以及中期组合和长期战略规划的商业开发。 “我们很高兴 Rob 能领导公司, Tracy 能为关键行业提供战略建议。他们的几十年的经验使他们成为一个理想的团队,以推动 Myra 前进在这个时候,”阿姆萨拉赫评论说,创始人 Shifamed 和主席 Myra 医疗。“我们也对结束这一首轮融资的规模和时机感到高兴。这反映出围绕 Myra 技术将对中至晚期青光眼治疗产生的影响的兴奋。 关于 Myra Medical , Inc 。 Myra Medical 是 Shifamed LLC 的一家私人控股投资组合公司,该公司正在开发一项新技术,旨在为医生和患者提供一个有效的平台,以安全地实现最大眼内压(眼压(IOP))降低,同时降低低通气量的风险。改善中、晚期青光眼患者的治疗。 关于 Shifamed , LLC 。 Shifamed LLC 由一系列企业家 Amr Salaheh 创立,是一个高度专业化的医疗创新中心,致力于开发能够加快上市时间、降低风险、增加影响的解决方案,并朝着患者能够过上更长、更健康生活的世界迈进。