Florence gets $7.1M to bring eBinders to clinical trials


2019-10-18 14:00:41 MobiHealthNews


Atlanta-based Florence Healthcare, a maker of software for clinical trials, has raised $7.1 million in a Series B funding round led by Fulcrum Equity Partners, with additional participation from Atrium Health and Bee Partners. The round brings the company's total funding to at least $8.8 million, with a $1.7 million seed round from 2016. WHAT THEY DO Not to be confused with the UK social care employment marketplace of the same name, Florence Healthcare has been focused since 2014 on bringing clinical trial management into the cloud with its flagship product, eBinders. eBinders includes support for remote patient monitoring, project management and electronic signatures, and is interoperable with electronic medical records and clinical trial management systems. Today Florence's software is in use at more than 5,000 clinical trial sites and sponsors. "Between July 2018 and July 2019, the activity of sponsors and CRO users on the Florence platform increased by 229%," Blake Adams, head of marketing for Florence, said in a statement. "The rapid adoption by sponsors/CROs is a result of both the platform functionality and the cost savings resulting from remotely connecting to sites, as well as response to the increasing regulatory pressure for real-time oversight of trial sites." WHAT IT'S FOR The company is currently working on improving digital connectivity within that network, to enable more collaborative research. "Our new partners, Fulcrum, Atrium and Bee, will now allow us to digitally connect sites to pharmaceutical sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs), creating a new type of research network that speeds progress," CEO Ryan Jones said in a statement. "This secure connectivity enables rapid exchange of study documents and data, ultimately accelerating medical advancements for patients while reducing drug development costs and compliance risks." Florence will also use funds to introduce additional product offerings as well as hiring additional sales, marketing and customer support personnel. MARKET SNAPSHOT While some pharma companies are still hesitant to move their clinical trials into the cloud, there are a number of companies pushing to make doing so easier. Those include Medidata — a large public company which has made a couple of acquisitions, Myrtus and SHYFT Analytics, to make its clinical trial offering more expansive — and Limerick, Ireland-based Teckro, which raised $25 million earlier this year.  Additionally, a number of startups are focusing on a wide range of clinical trial-related applications. ON THE RECORD "Fulcrum is thrilled to back Ryan and the Florence team at this critical stage of the company's growth," Jeff Muir, partner at Fulcrum Equity Partners, said in a statement. "Their platform squarely fits our investment thesis of finding technology solutions that help solve critical business problems, particularly in the healthcare ecosystem. We congratulate them on their progress to date and are excited for their next chapter of success."
总部位于亚特兰大的 FlorenceHealthcare 是一家临床试验软件制造商,该公司在 Fulcrum Equity Partners 牵头的 B 轮融资中筹集了710万美元, Atrium Health 和 Bee Partners 也参与了融资。 这轮融资使公司的总资金至少达到880万美元,从2016年开始,种子轮融资170万美元。 他们做什么 Florence Healthcare 自2014年以来一直致力于通过其旗舰产品 eBinders 将临床试验管理引入云端,这与同名的英国社会护理就业市场并不混淆。eBinders 支持远程患者监测、项目管理和电子签名,并与电子医疗记录和临床试验管理系统互操作。 今天, Florence 的软件正在5000多个临床试验网站和赞助商中使用。 “从2018年7月到2019年7月,佛罗伦萨平台上的赞助商和 CRO 用户的活动增加了229%,”佛罗伦萨营销主管 Blake Adams 在一份声明中说。赞助商/ CRO 的迅速采用是由于平台功能和远程连接到站点所节省的成本,以及对实时监督试用站点的监管压力不断增加的响应。 什么是 该公司目前正致力于改善该网络中的数字连接,以实现更多的协作研究。 “我们的新合作伙伴 Fulcrum 、 Atrium 和 Bee 现在将允许我们将网站与药品赞助商和临床研究组织( CRO )进行数字化连接,创建一种新型的研究网络,加快进展,”首席执行官 Ryan Jones 在一份声明中说。“这种安全连接使研究文件和数据能够快速交换,最终加快病人的医疗进步,同时降低药物开发成本和合规风险。” 佛罗伦萨还将利用资金引进更多的产品,以及雇佣更多的销售、营销和客户支持人员。 市场 SNAPSHOT 尽管一些制药公司仍不愿将临床试验移入云端,但仍有许多公司在努力让这种做法变得更容易。其中包括 Medidata (一家大型上市公司,已进行了两次收购, Myrtus 和 SHYFT Analytics ),以使其临床试验更具扩展性——以及总部位于爱尔兰的 Teckro (今年早些时候筹集了2500万美元)。 此外,一些创业公司正在关注广泛的临床试验相关应用。 记录上的 Fulcrum Equity Partners 合伙人杰夫?缪尔( Jeff Muir )在一份声明中表示:“在公司成长的这个关键阶段, Fulcrum 非常高兴能够支持瑞安和佛罗伦萨团队。”“他们的平台完全符合我们的投资理念,即寻找有助于解决关键业务问题的技术解决方案,尤其是在医疗生态系统中。我们祝贺他们迄今取得的进展,并对他们的下一章成功感到兴奋。”