Cerner to Acquire AbleVets Further Expanding Strategic and Technical Expertise in U.S. Federal Health Market

医疗保健公司Cerner收购AbleVets ,拓展美国保健市场战略发展和技术研发

2019-10-21 12:01:31 BioSpace


KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 18, 2019 -- Cerner Corporation , a global health platform and innovation company, announced today a definitive agreement to acquire AbleVets—a strategic IT consulting and engineering firm—as a wholly-owned subsidiary. The acquisition of the Washington, DC area-based company will provide Cerner even greater scale and technical expertise in designing and implementing modernization solutions, particularly in the federal space. The companies expect to complete the transaction in the fourth quarter.  “AbleVets has been a trusted partner to Cerner and is providing critical support to our federal programs,” said Travis Dalton, president, Cerner Government Services. “Integrating the team into our business is a natural next step of our relationship. We expect AbleVets’ technical expertise and execution in solving complex problems will accelerate Cerner’s success in providing integrated, seamless care for Veterans, Service members and their families.” AbleVets was founded as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business and focuses on the unique missions of federal health clients. AbleVets brings 350 professionals—many of whom are Veterans—specialized in cybersecurity, agile engineering, analytics and technology enablement to Cerner. These professionals have deep experience in delivering value to federal health clients, while reducing the time, cost and risk associated with IT modernization efforts. “I launched AbleVets to deliver health IT solutions that improve Veteran health,” said Dr. Wyatt Smith, founder and CEO of AbleVets, who served as an oncologist in the Navy. “By working with Cerner over the past year, we’ve been able to make important strides in laying the groundwork on our shared mission to transform care for those who served our country. By combining AbleVets’ strategic and technical expertise in the federal space with Cerner’s global scale, technology and innovation, we can expand our collective reach, accelerate developments and make the greatest impact on improving outcomes across the care continuum. We’re excited to join forces with Cerner and bring even more value and quality health care to those who have served.”   Cerner brings a high caliber of talent to support our federal clients. The company leverages internal expertise, innovative partners and with the AbleVets acquisition, external talent to fortify its implementation of the program. “As Cerner continues to drive health care innovation, we continue to seek top talent to enable our clients to deliver the highest quality of care. Teaming up with health technology leaders that bring specialized industry expertise and capabilities—like AbleVets for the federal market—will further help us drive optimal outcomes at an exceptional value for our clients and taxpayers. This is a transformational program and Cerner is building for our immediate needs while making decisions and investments to ensure we have the right talent in place for long-term success,” said Dalton. About Cerner Cerner’s health technologies connect people and information systems at more than 27,500 contracted provider facilities worldwide dedicated to creating smarter and better care for individuals and communities. Recognized globally for innovation, Cerner assists clinicians in making care decisions and assists organizations in managing the health of their populations. The company also offers an integrated clinical and financial systems to help manage day-to-day revenue functions, as well as a wide range of services to support clinical, financial and operational needs, focused on people. For more information, visit, The Cerner Blog, The Cerner Podcast or connect on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter. Nasdaq: CERN. Smarter Care. Better Outcomes. Healthier You.  All statements in this press release that do not directly and exclusively relate to historical facts constitute forward-looking statements.  These forward-looking statements are based on the current beliefs, expectations and assumptions of Cerner's management with respect to future events and are subject to a number of significant risks and uncertainties.  It is important to note that Cerner's performance, and actual results, financial condition or business could differ materially from those expressed in such forward-looking statements. The words “expects”  or the negative of these words, variations thereof or similar expressions are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. For example, our forward-looking statements include statements regarding the expected benefits of the acquisition of AbleVets.  Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to: the possibility of significant costs and reputational harm related to product-related liabilities; potential claims for system errors and warranties; the possibility of interruption at our data centers or client support facilities, or those of third parties with whom we have contracted (such as public cloud providers), that could expose us to significant costs and reputational harm; the possibility of increased expenses, exposure to legal claims and regulatory actions and reputational harm associated with a cyberattack or other breach in our IT security or the IT security of third parties on which we rely; our proprietary technology may be subject to claims for infringement or misappropriation of intellectual property rights of others, or may be infringed or misappropriated by others; potential claims or other risks associated with relying on open source software in our proprietary software solutions or technology-enabled services; material adverse resolution of legal proceedings or other claims; risks associated with the unexpected loss or recruitment and retention of key personnel or the failure to successfully develop and execute succession planning to assure transitions of key associates and their knowledge, relationships and expertise; risks associated with failure to timely or effectively manage publicity related to harassment or discrimination claims and legal proceedings if such claims are raised against key personnel; risks related to our dependence on strategic relationships and third party suppliers; risks inherent with business acquisitions and combinations and the integration thereof into our business or relating to disputes involving such acquisitions or combinations; significant competition and our ability to quickly respond to market changes, changing technologies and evolving pricing and deployment methods and to bring competitive new solutions, devices, features and services to market in a timely fashion; managing growth in the new markets in which we offer solutions, health care devices or services; long sales cycles for our solutions and services; risks inherent in contracting with government clients, including without limitation, complying with strict compliance and disclosure obligations, navigating complex procurement rules and processes and defending against bid protests; changing political, economic, regulatory and judicial influences, which could impact the purchasing practices and operations of our clients and increase costs to deliver compliant solutions and services; and non-compliance with laws, government regulation or certain industry initiatives or failure to deliver solutions or services that enable our clients to comply with laws or regulations applicable to their businesses; Additional discussion of these and other risks, uncertainties and factors affecting Cerner's business is contained in Cerner's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The reader should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, since the statements speak only as of the date that they are made. Except as required by law, Cerner undertakes no obligation to update or revise forward-looking statements to reflect changed assumptions, the occurrence of unanticipated events, or changes in our business, results of operations or financial condition over time. Contacts: Cerner Austin Cozzolino, Senior Communications Partner, (816) 786-2154,
全球健康平台和创新公司 Cerner 公司今天宣布,作为全资子公司,收购战略 IT 咨询和工程公司 AbleVets 的最终协议。收购总部位于华盛顿特区的 Cerner 公司,将使 Cerner 在设计和实施现代化解决方案方面拥有更大的规模和技术专长,特别是在联邦领域。两家公司预计将在第四季度完成交易。 Cerner 政府服务部总裁特拉维斯•道尔顿( Travis Dalton )表示:“ AbleVets 一直是 Cerner 值得信赖的合作伙伴,并为我们的联邦计划提供关键支持。”“将团队融入我们的业务是我们关系的下一个自然步骤。我们预计, AbleVets 在解决复杂问题方面的技术专长和执行将加速 Cerner 为退伍军人、服务人员及其家庭提供一体化、无缝的护理的成功。” AbleVets 是一家由服务残疾退伍军人拥有的小型企业,专注于联邦医疗客户的独特使命。AbleVets 为 Cerner 带来了350名专业人员,其中许多是退伍军人,专门从事网络安全、敏捷工程、分析和技术支持。这些专业人员在为联邦健康客户提供价值方面有着丰富的经验,同时减少了与 IT 现代化工作相关的时间、成本和风险。 “我推出了 AbleVets ,以提供健康 IT 解决方案,改善退伍军人健康,” AbleVets 创始人兼首席执行官怀亚特·史密斯博士说,他曾在海军担任肿瘤专家。“在过去的一年里,通过与 Cerner 合作,我们能够在为我们的共同使命奠定基础方面取得重大进展,从而为那些为我们国家服务的人提供转变护理服务。通过将 AbleVets 在联邦领域的战略和技术专长与 Cerner 的全球规模、技术和创新相结合,我们可以扩大我们的集体覆盖范围,加快发展,并在整个护理过程中对改善结果产生最大影响。我们很高兴与 Cerner 合作,为那些服务过的人带来更多的价值和优质的医疗保健。”这是一个很好的例子 Cerner 为我们的联邦客户提供了高素质的人才支持。该公司利用内部专业知识,创新的合作伙伴和阿卜列维斯收购,外部人才,以加强其实施该计划。 “随着 Cerner 继续推动医疗保健创新,我们继续寻找顶尖人才,使我们的客户能够提供最高质量的医疗服务。与带来专业行业专业知识和能力(如联邦市场的 AbleVets )的卫生技术领导者合作,将进一步帮助我们为客户和纳税人创造超值的最佳结果。这是一个转型计划, Cerner 正在为我们的迫切需要而努力,同时做出决策和投资,以确保我们拥有合适的人才,以获得长期成功,” Dalton 说。 关于 Cerner Cerner 的健康技术将全球超过27500家签约供应商设施的人员和信息系统连接起来,致力于为个人和社区提供更智能和更好的服务。Cerner 是全球公认的创新专家,帮助临床医生做出护理决策,并协助组织管理其人口的健康。该公司还提供综合的临床和财务系统,以帮助管理日常收入功能,以及广泛的服务,以支持临床,财务和业务需求,重点是人。有关更多信息,请访问 Cerner 。com 、 The Cerner Blog 、 The Cerner Podcast 或在 Facebook 、 Instagram 、 LinkedIn 或 Twitter 上连接。纳斯达克: CERN 。聪明的照顾.更好的结果.健康的你。 本新闻稿中所有与历史事实无关的声明均构成前瞻性声明。这些前瞻性陈述基于 Cerner 管理层对未来事件的当前信念、预期和假设,并受若干重大风险和不确定性的影响。需要注意的是, Cerner 的业绩、实际业绩、财务状况或业务可能与这些前瞻性陈述中表达的业绩存在重大差异。“预期”或这些词语的否定、它们的变化或类似表达意在识别这种前瞻性陈述。例如,我们的前瞻性陈述包括关于收购 AbleVets 的预期收益的陈述。可能导致或促成此类差异的因素包括但不限于:与产品相关负债相关的重大成本和声誉损害的可能性;系统错误和保证的潜在索赔;数据中心或客户支持设施发生中断的可能性。或与我们签约的第三方(如公共云提供商)可能使我们面临重大成本和声誉损害的第三方;增加费用的可能性;暴露于与网络攻击或我们所依赖的第三方 IT 安全或 IT 安全的其他漏洞相关的法律索赔和监管行动以及声誉损害;我们的专有技术可能因侵犯或盗用他人知识产权而受到索赔;或可能被他人侵犯或挪用;在我们的专有软件解决方案或技术支持服务中与依赖开源软件相关的潜在索赔或其他风险;法律诉讼或其他索赔的重大不利解决;与关键人员意外损失或招聘和保留有关的风险,或未能成功制定和执行继任计划以确保关键员工及其知识的转移,关系和专业知识;与未能及时或有效管理与骚扰或歧视索赔和法律诉讼相关的宣传相关的风险,如果此类索赔针对关键人员提出;与我们对战略关系和第三方供应商的依赖相关的风险;与业务收购和合并相关的固有风险,以及与此类收购或合并相关的争议;重大竞争和我们快速响应市场变化、不断变化的技术以及不断变化的定价和部署方法的能力,并及时为市场带来具有竞争力的新解决方案、设备、功能和服务;管理我们提供解决方案的新市场的增长;医疗保健设备或服务;我们的解决方案和服务的长期销售周期;与政府客户签订合同所固有的风险,包括但不限于遵守严格的合规和披露义务,引导复杂的采购规则和程序,防止投标抗议;不断变化的政治、经济、监管和司法影响,这可能会影响我们客户的采购做法和运营,增加交付合规解决方案和服务的成本;不遵守法律、政府法规或某些行业计划,或未能提供使我们的客户能够遵守适用于其业务的法律或法规的解决方案或服务;对这些风险和其他风险的进一步讨论,影响 Cerner 业务的不确定性和因素包含在 Cerner 提交给美国证券交易委员会的文件中。读者不应过分依赖前瞻性陈述,因为这些陈述仅在陈述作出之日才会发表。除非法律要求, Cerner 不承担更新或修订前瞻性陈述的义务,以反映随时间变化的假设、意外事件的发生或我们业务、经营业绩或财务状况的变化。 联系人: Cerner 奥斯汀 Cozzolino ,高级通信合作伙伴,(816)786-2154,奥斯汀。Cozzolino @