Earlybird Co-leads Investment In Instrument-free Molecular Diagnostics Company Sense Biodetection


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Sense Biodetection Limited raises £12.3m to progress instrument-free molecular diagnostics The investment is co-led by Earlybird and Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC), with participation from Jonathan Milner, and Mercia Asset Management Initial focus on diagnosing infectious disease through development of machine-free, lab-quality, true point-of-care products Cambridge, UK, 29th October 2019 – Sense Biodetection Limited (Sense) has today announced that it has raised £12.3m to develop its portfolio of instrument-free, point-of-care molecular diagnostic tests, a pioneering new class of diagnostic product. The company has raised £10.5m Series A investment co-led by Cambridge Innovation Capital (CIC) and Earlybird, with participation from Jonathan Milner and seed round investor Mercia Asset Management. Concurrent with the investment, Sense has also secured a grant of £1.8m from Innovate UK. The company plans to invest the new funds in the development and manufacture of a range of tests utilising its novel and proprietary rapid molecular amplification technology, targeting in the first instance infectious disease applications such as influenza (flu). Instrument-free molecular diagnostics represent the ultimate flexible test format as the tests could be deployed in any setting and by a wide range of potential users. This could be transformational for the diagnostic industry, delivering for the first time, true point-of-care testing in a market-successful, single-use product format, allowing diagnostic tests to be readily adopted by new users and scaled to meet demand. Sense CEO Harry Lamble commented: “We are delighted to secure the funding necessary to conduct the formal development of our first products. With the support of an exceptional new investment syndicate, Sense is positioned to become first-in-class and best-in-class in the exciting field of instrument-free molecular diagnostics and to realise our vision to transform healthcare through decentralisation.” Sense’s vision is to enable truly decentralised healthcare. The company’s products will allow rapid tests for viral and bacterial pathogens, such as those causing respiratory infections or sexually transmitted diseases, to be performed within minutes in doctors’ offices, pharmacies or community facilities, ensuring more timely treatment and management of infections. The field of molecular diagnostics is currently dominated by machine-based tests, despite the recent launch of near-patient instruments licensed for use outside of a central laboratory. The systems and procedures necessary to operate and maintain machines present barriers to their adoption at the point of care. In contrast, Sense’s instrument-free products could bring the performance of laboratory machine tests into virtually any setting. Rainer Christine from the Health team at Earlybird commented: “We believe that Sense has created a disruptive solution for true point-of-care molecular diagnostics that will bring machine-free lab-quality results within minutes, and thus health benefits to an unprecedented number of patients. At Earlybird, we continue to be impressed by the founding team's commitment to its overall vision and are very excited to be working together to ultimately improve patient outcomes.” Mike Anstey of CIC commented: “We’re delighted to co-lead Sense’s Series A financing, enabling this ambitious company to develop its pipeline of transformational products. CIC’s investment strategy is to build high-growth companies with differentiated, innovative technology within the Cambridge ecosystem, and Sense is a great example of this.” About Sense Sense Biodetection Limited is a molecular diagnostics company focused on bringing tests to the True Point-of- CareTM. Sense was founded in 2014 by Harry Lamble and Ralph Lamble, who combined their respective expertise in molecular sciences and medical device design to realise their vision of empowering patients through decentralised testing. Sense is developing a new class of diagnostic product to break down the barriers that have led to the current model of centralised testing. Sense products are simple, ultra-rapid, handheld tests which remove the need for advanced hardware to determine a result. Sense operates from bespoke laboratory, with development and manufacturing facilities in Cambridge and Oxford, UK and is growing rapidly as it seeks to take its first product to market. Learn more about Sense: www.sense-bio.com. About Earlybird Earlybird is a venture capital investor focused on European technology companies. Founded in 1997, Earlybird invests in all growth and development phases of a company. Amongst the most experienced venture investors in Europe, Earlybird offers its portfolio companies not only financial resources, but also strategic and operational support as well as access to an international network and capital markets. Earlybird manages different funds with focuses on digital technologies in Eastern and Western Europe as well as a healthcare focused fund. With over EUR 1 billion under management, seven IPOs and 24 trade sales, Earlybird is one of the most successful venture capital firms in Europe. For further information: www.earlybird.com, Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/EarlybirdVC, LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/earlybird-venture-capital or Facebook: www.facebook.com/EarlybirdVC. Press Contact Earlybird Catrin Schmidt +49 30 46 72 47020 press@earlybird.com info@sense-bio.com
Sense Bio 检测有限公司筹集了1230万英镑,用于开发无仪器分子诊断技术 这项投资由 Earlybild 和 Cambridge Innovation Capital ( CIC )共同牵头,乔纳森•米尔纳( Jonathan Milner )和美西娅资产管理公司( Mercia Asset Management )参与其中 最初的重点是通过开发无机、实验室质量、真正的护理产品来诊断传染病 英国剑桥,2019年10月29日—— Sense Bio Detection Limited ( Sense )今天宣布,已筹集1230万英镑,用于开发其无仪器、点护理分子诊断测试产品组合,这是一种开创性的新型诊断产品。 由剑桥创新资本( Cambridge Innovation Capital )和 Earlybird 共同牵头,该公司已筹集了1050万英镑的 A 系列投资,其中包括乔纳森•米尔纳( Jonathan Milner )和种子轮投资者 Mercia Asset Management 。在投资的同时, Sense 还从 Innovate UK 获得了180万英镑的赠款。 该公司计划利用其新型和专有的快速分子扩增技术,投资于一系列试验的开发和制造,目标是在流感(流感)等首次传染病应用领域。 无仪器分子诊断代表了最终的灵活的测试格式,因为测试可以部署在任何设置和广泛的潜在用户。这对诊断行业来说可能是一种变革,首次以市场成功、单一用途的产品格式提供真正的医疗点测试,从而使诊断测试易于为新用户所采用并按比例满足需求。 Sense 首席执行官 Harry Lamble 评论道:“我们很高兴获得必要的资金来进行我们的第一个产品的正式开发。在一个特殊的新投资财团的支持下, Sense 将成为无仪器分子诊断领域的一流和一流企业,并实现我们通过权力下放改造医疗保健的愿景。” Sense 的愿景是实现真正分散的医疗保健。该公司的产品将允许在医生办公室、药店或社区设施的几分钟内对病毒和细菌病原体(如引起呼吸道感染或性传播疾病的病原体)进行快速检测,确保更及时地治疗和管理感染。分子诊断领域目前主要是基于机器的测试,尽管最近推出了近病人仪器许可使用以外的中央实验室。操作和维护机器所必需的系统和程序在护理方面对它们的采用构成了障碍。相比之下, Sense 的无仪器产品几乎可以将实验室机器测试的性能带入任何环境。 Earlybird 健康团队的 Rainer Christine 评论道:“我们相信 Sense 已经为真正的医疗分子诊断创造了一个颠覆性的解决方案,它将在几分钟内带来无机器的实验室质量结果,从而为空前数量的患者带来健康益处。在 Earlybird ,我们继续对创始团队对其整体愿景的承诺留下深刻印象,并非常高兴能够共同努力,最终改善患者结果。” 中投公司的迈克•安赛( Mike Anstey )表示:“我们很高兴联合领导 Sense 的 A 系列融资,使这家雄心勃勃的公司能够开发其转型产品管道。中投公司的投资战略是在剑桥生态系统内建立具有差异化创新技术的高增长公司, Sense 就是一个很好的例子。” 关于理智 Sense Bio 检测有限公司是一家专注于为 True Point-of-CareTM 提供测试的分子诊断公司。Sense 由 Harry Lamble 和 Ralph Lamble 于2014年创立,他们结合各自在分子科学和医疗设备设计方面的专业知识,通过分散的测试来实现增强患者能力的愿景。Sense 正在开发一类新的诊断产品,以打破导致当前集中测试模式的障碍。传感器产品是简单的,超快的,手持测试,消除了对先进硬件的需求,以确定结果。Sense 在英国剑桥和牛津设有研发和制造工厂,并在寻求将其第一款产品推向市场的过程中快速发展。 了解更多关于感觉的信息: www.sense-bio 。com 。 关于 Earlybird Earlybird 是一家专注于欧洲科技公司的风险投资公司。Earlybild 成立于1997年,投资于一家公司的所有成长和发展阶段。作为欧洲最有经验的风险投资者之一, Earlybild 不仅为其投资组合公司提供财务资源,还提供战略和运营支持,以及进入国际网络和资本市场的机会。Earlybird 管理着不同的基金,专注于东欧和西欧的数字技术以及医疗保健基金。Earlybild 是欧洲最成功的风险投资公司之一。 更多信息: www.earlybird.com , Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/Earlybird VC , LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/company/earlybird-Venture-capital 或 Facebook : www.facebook.com/Earlybird 。 记者联络 Earlybird Catrin Schmidt +4930467247020 press @ earlybird.com info @ sense-bio 。com