LaunchPad Medical Wins NIH HEAL Grant to Reduce Opioid Use and Addiction

LaunchPad Medical获补助金以抑制阿片类药物的泛滥

2019-11-07 14:55:35 CISION


 LaunchPad Medical, Inc. announced that it has received a grant from the National Institutes of Health through its Helping to End Addiction Long-term Initiative, or NIH HEAL Initiative, to improve strategies for the prevention and treatment for opioid misuse and addiction.  This Phase I Small Business Innovation Research grant will fund the development of a dental bone graft formulation that will include the release of locally acting non-opioid pain medication.  Once developed, this product is intended to be used to fill extraction sites and mitigate post-operative pain following the removal of wisdom teeth. "Data shows that there is a statistically significant absolute risk increase in persistent opioid use and abuse following a single course of opiates prescribed after wisdom tooth extractions," said George Kay, DMD, MMSc, LaunchPad Medical's Chief Scientific Officer.  Approximately 10 million wisdom teeth are removed annually in the United States. "Preliminary studies have shown that medication can be incorporated into our biomaterial and released over time," said Rahul Jadia, PhD, who is the principal investigator for this grant, "and the release profile of a target drug can be tailored to elicit an ideal time-dose curve." This grant complements the existing grants that LaunchPad Medical has received from the NIH-funded Michigan-Pittsburgh-Wyss Regenerative Medicine Resource Center (U24DE026915) which was formed to improve the translation of promising tissue engineering and regenerative medicine technologies for dental, oral, and craniofacial clinical practice.  Funding from the Michigan-Pittsburgh-Wyss Regenerative Medicine Resource Center has enabled LaunchPad Medical to develop and optimize a dental graft based on the company's Tetranite® technology that resorbs and is replaced by bone on a timescale commensurate with existing graft materials but does not require ancillary fixation or containment devices like most other dental graft materials.  "The incorporation of therapeutics into this bone grafting material would further increase the value proposition and clinical utility of this product," said David Kohn, PhD, Director of the Michigan-Pittsburgh-Wyss Regenerative Medicine Resource Center. About LaunchPad Medical, Inc. LaunchPad Medical, Inc. is a medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of a patented, synthetic, injectable, self-setting, and osteoconductive bone adhesive biomaterial called Tetranite®.  The company is initially developing this technology for use in the dental market, and recently initiated its first-in-man clinical study for implant stabilization.  The company is also working to develop adhesive applications for the broader orthopedics market.  LaunchPad Medical's Tetranite technology is not yet approved for commercial use. SOURCE LaunchPad Medical, Inc. Related Links
LaunchPad Medical , Inc .宣布,该公司已收到美国国立卫生研究院通过其帮助结束成瘾长期倡议( NIH HEAL Initiative ,简称 NIH HEAL Initiative )提供的一笔赠款,用于改善阿片类药物滥用和成瘾的预防和治疗策略。这项第一期小型企业创新研究基金将资助开发一种植骨配方,其中包括释放局部作用的非阿片类药物疼痛药物。一旦开发,该产品是打算用于填补提取地点和减轻术后疼痛后,去除智齿。 LaunchPad Medical 首席科学官 GeorgeKay 说:“数据显示,在智齿拔除后开出的单一疗程阿片剂之后,持续使用和滥用阿片类药物的风险在统计上显著增加。”美国每年大约有1000万颗智齿被移除。 “初步研究表明,药物可以纳入我们的生物材料,并随着时间的推移释放,” RahulJadia 博士说,他是这一补助金的主要研究人员,“目标药物的释放概况可以定制,以得出理想的时间剂量曲线。” 此项资助补充了 LaunchPad Medical 从 NIH 资助的 Michigan-Pittsburgh-Wyss 再生医学资源中心( U24DE026915)获得的现有资助,该中心是为了改善牙科、口腔和颅面临床实践方面有前景的组织工程和再生医学技术的翻译。来自密歇根-匹兹堡-怀斯再生医学资源中心的资助使 LaunchPad Medical 能够基于该公司的 Tetraite ®技术开发和优化牙科移植物,该技术可以在与现有移植物材料相称的时间范围内吸收和替换骨,但不需要像大多数其他植牙材料那样的辅助固定或封闭设备。 密歇根-匹兹堡-怀斯再生医学资源中心主任大卫·科恩博士说:“将治疗药物纳入骨移植材料将进一步提高该产品的价值主张和临床效用。” 关于 LaunchPad Medical , Inc . LaunchPad Medical , Inc .是一家医疗器械公司,从事开发和商业化一种名为 Tetraite ®的专利、合成、注射、自我设定和骨导电骨胶生物材料。该公司最初正在开发这项技术,用于牙科市场,并最近启动了其第一个人为植入物稳定的临床研究。公司还致力于为更广泛的骨科市场开发胶粘剂应用。LaunchPad Medical 的 Tetraite 技术尚未获得商业应用许可。 SOURCE LaunchPad Medical , Inc . 相关链接