Echopoint Medical Raises £2.8M in Funding

Echobotint Medical筹集280万英镑资金开发超声波信号转换技术平台

2019-11-08 10:32:02 Finsmes


Echopoint Medical Ltd, a London, UK-based medtech company, raised £2.8M in funding. Backers included Parkwalk, the UCL Technology Fund and two grants from Innovate UK. The company intends to use the funds to to further develop the optical fibre sensors on its microcatheters, as well as its technology platform which translates their ultrasound signals into meaningful metrics. A spinout company from UCL, Echopoint Medical has developed technology that aims to help Coronary heart disease disease patients in a ‘grey zone’ where the need for treatment is unclear. The company’s microcatheters, which use fibre-optic sensors to accurately measure blood pressure and flow, aim to enable clinicians to precisely assess patients and dramatically reduce stent implants. Echopoint was founded in November 2018 and is led by: – executive chairman Antony Odell; – Dr Adrien Desjardins, Chief Technical Officer and a senior lecturer in the Department of Medical Physics at UCL; and – Dr Malcolm Finlay, Chief Medical Officer and a consultant cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre.
总部位于英国伦敦的医疗科技公司 Echoopint Medical Ltd .筹集了280万英镑的资金。 支持项目包括 Parkwalk 、 UCL 技术基金和 Innovate UK 的两笔赠款。 该公司打算利用这笔资金,进一步开发其微芯片上的光纤传感器,以及将其超声波信号转换成有意义指标的技术平台。 Echoopint Medical 是 UCL 的一家分拆出来的公司,该公司开发了一项技术,旨在帮助处于“灰色地带”的冠心病患者,因为那里的治疗需求尚不清楚。 该公司使用光纤传感器精确测量血压和血流的微导管,旨在使临床医生能够精确评估患者,并大幅减少支架植入物。 Echoopint 成立于2018年11月,由: -执行主席安东尼·奥德尔; -医学物理系首席技术官兼高级讲师 Adrien Desjardins 博士; – Dr Malcolm Finlay , Barts 心脏中心首席医疗官和心脏病顾问。