Sterifre Medical Raises $8m in Series B Funding

华盛顿医疗技术公司Steifre Medical获B轮融资800万美元,加速护理市场商业化

2019-11-08 09:00:40 Finsmes


Sterifre Medical, Inc., a Kirkland, WA-based medical technology company, raised $8m in Series B private equity round of financing. The company intends to use the funds to accelerate its initial commercialization in the U.S. Acute Care Market beginning early next year. Led by Richard Shea, CEO, Sterifre Medical is a medical technology company commercializing a suite of products based on an innovative disinfection and sterilization technology to address the acute need for rapid, point-of-care device disinfection in healthcare facilities. Its patented technology, called Aura™, is a compact one-touch system that treats multiple organisms on hard-surface items used in doctors’ offices and hospitals. A fully automated medical device disinfection system, Aura enables the safe and effective use of microbicide Hydrogen Peroxide via a novel approach that does not damage the items being processed. The company is actively pursuing registration with the EPA for common problematic pathogenic organisms found in the healthcare setting.
总部位于华盛顿的医疗技术公司 Kirkland 的 Steifre Medical , Inc .通过 B 轮私募股权融资筹集了800万美元。 公司拟使用该资金,从明年初开始加速其在美国急性护理市场的首次商业化。 在首席执行官 Richard Shea 的带领下, Steifre Medical 是一家医疗科技公司,基于创新的消毒和消毒技术将一系列产品商业化,以满足医疗设施对快速、点护理设备消毒的迫切需求。 其专利技术名为 Aura ™,是一种紧凑的一次触摸系统,用于治疗医生办公室和医院使用的硬面物品上的多种生物。一个完全自动化的医疗设备消毒系统, Aura 使安全和有效地使用杀微生物剂过氧化氢通过一种新的方法,不损害正在处理的项目。 该公司正在积极寻求向 EPA 注册在医疗环境中发现的常见问题致病菌。