Acticor Biotech Raises Additional €7M; Closes Series B At €22.3M

法国生物技术公司Acticor Biotech获得新一轮2230万欧元融资

2019-11-08 09:33:51 Finsmes


Acticor Biotech, a Paris, France-based clinical stage biotechnology company involved in the acute phase of thrombotic diseases, including acute ischemic stroke, raised €7m in addition to its Series B funding, which is now completed at €22.3m. The round was led by a new investor Go Capital with participation from existing investors Newton BioCapital, CapDecisif Management and Anaxago. In conjunction with the funding, Leila Nicolas, Investment Director of Go Capital, will join the Board of Directors of Acticor Biotech. This additional funding will enable the company to expand ACTIMIS, a phase II trial in acute ischemic stroke with its lead candidate glenzocimab (ACT017) in the US. Acticor Biotech also acquired AVCare, a diagnostic company which is developing a stroke blood biomarker. AVCare was founded by Pr. Serge Timsit and Jean-Marc Herbert and financed by SATT Ouest Valorisation and Go Capital. Founded by Dr. Martine Jandrot-Perrus at INSERM Paris and Pr. Philippe Billiald at Paris-Sud University, and led by Gilles Avenard, President, Acticor Biotech is a clinical stage biotechnology company, spin-off of INSERM, dedicated to developing an innovative treatment in the therapy of acute thrombotic diseases, including ischemic stroke. The company is developing glenzocimab (ACT017), a humanized Antibody Fragment (Fab). The therapeutic candidate is directed against a novel target of major interest, platelet glycoprotein VI (GPVI), and inhibits its action. FinSMEs 06/11/2019
法国巴黎 Acticor Biotech 公司是一家临床阶段生物技术公司,从事包括急性缺血性中风在内的急性血栓疾病的研究,该公司除了 B 系列基金外,还筹集了700万欧元,目前已完成2230万欧元。 本轮融资由新投资者 Go Capital 牵头,现有投资者牛顿生物资本( Newton BioCapital )、 CapDecisif Management 和 Anaxago 参与。联合出资, Go Capital 投资总监 Leila Nicolas 将加入 Acticor Biotech 董事会。 这笔额外资金将使该公司能够扩大 ACTIMIS ,这是在美国的主要候选药物 Glenzocimab ( ACT017)的急性缺血性中风的第二阶段试验。 Acticor Biotech 还收购了 AVCare ,一家正在开发中风血液生物标志物的诊断公司。AVCare 由 Pr 创立。Serge Timsite 和 Jean-Marc Herbert ,由 SAT Ouest Valuation and Go Capital 资助。 由 Martine Jandrot-Perrus 博士在巴黎 INSERM 和 Pr 成立。由 Acticor 生物技术公司总裁 Gilles Avenard 领导的巴黎苏丹大学 Philippe Billald 是一家临床阶段生物技术公司,由 INSERM 剥离,致力于开发一种创新的治疗急性血栓疾病的方法,包括缺血性中风。 该公司正在开发一种人源化抗体片段( Fab )药物 glenzocimab ( ACT017)。治疗对象针对一个新的主要兴趣的靶标,血小板糖蛋白 VI ( GPVI ),并抑制其作用。 FinSME 06/11/2019