AI Medical Service Raises $42.9M in Series B Funding

内窥镜开发商AI Medical Service筹集4290万美元推进临床试验

2019-11-08 09:36:36 Finsmes


AI Medical Service Inc., a Tokyo, Japan-based real-time endoscopic artificial intelligence developer, raised approximately $42.9m in Series B funding. Backers included Globis Capital Partners, World Innovation Lab (WiL) and Sony Innovation Fund by IGV (Innovation Growth Ventures), as well as additional third-party allocations. The round followed the last funding in August 2018 of over $9 million USD from the Incubate Fund, this brings the company to approximately $57 million USD raised since its founding in 2017. The company intends to use the funds for the promotion of clinical trials, to further the development pipeline, acquisition of expert personnel, investment in equipment and overseas expansion. Through further development of its technology, AI Medical Service plans to accelerate towards regulatory approval and contribute to the development of endoscopic medical care worldwide. Led by Dr. Tomohiro Tada, CEO, AI Medical Services develops AI technology that brings together Japanese endoscopic specialists to support endoscopic examinations of gastrointestinal organs, such as the esophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine. The company collaborates with approximately 80 medical institutions representing Japan in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy to research and develop AI endoscopies.
总部位于日本东京的实时内窥镜人工智能开发商 AI Medical Service Inc .筹集了约4290万美元的 B 系列资金。 支持者包括 Globis Capital Partners 、世界创新实验室( WiL )和 IGV ( Innovation Growth Ventures )的索尼创新基金( Sony Innovation Fund ),以及额外的第三方拨款。 本轮融资是继2018年8月最后一笔来自孵化器基金的超过900万美元的资金之后,该公司自2017年成立以来募集到约5700万美元。 公司拟使用募集资金推进临床试验,进一步开发管线、收购专家人员、设备投资及海外拓展。通过进一步开发其技术, AI 医疗服务计划加速走向监管批准,并为全球范围内的内窥镜医疗的发展作出贡献。 人工智能医疗服务公司( AI Medical Services )首席执行官 TomohiroTada 博士领导下开发了人工智能技术,该技术汇集了日本内窥镜专家,以支持食管、胃、小肠和大肠等胃肠道器官的内窥镜检查。 公司与代表日本的约80家医疗机构在胃肠内窥镜领域进行合作,研发AI内窥镜。