HearMe Launches Emotional Wellness Mobile App


2019-11-08 10:35:11 CISION


 HearMe, a new text-based peer support service from the founder of Cuddlist, today announced the launch of its new emotional wellness app following completion of a successful beta test of 10,000 users. The app, which is now available for iOS and Android, connects people to a trained volunteer listener for real-time chat, anytime and anywhere. HearMe listeners are specialists trained in evidence-based active and reflective listening strategies, which enables them to help people in need forge authentic connections and improve well-being. According to a recent study by healthcare services firm Cigna, almost half of respondents surveyed reported they often or always feel lonely. HearMe aims to help users overcome loneliness by providing a safe space to share what's on their mind with listeners who want to be there. Members of HearMe can instantaneously text with a listener who can understand and share in their lived experiences, such as becoming a new parent or dealing with a breakup. "We developed HearMe as a platform to help people quickly and easily connect to a listener with similar life experiences," said founder and CEO, Adam Lippin. "There's a transcendence I have experienced in my own life that comes from being truly heard, seen and validated by another human being. Since I started attending AA meetings as a recovering addict, I have found strength in sharing my pain and every part of myself with others who understand what I am going through. I am excited to share this experience of feeling heard and understood with HearMe members." Loneliness is increasingly recognized as a public health issue that affects millions of people, with studies showing that young people in particular report feeling lonely. Loneliness and feelings of isolation are associated with depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, and a reduced lifespan equivalent in impact to smoking 15 cigarettes per day. "We've created a safe space to authentically share your thoughts with another human being who will listen and offer unconditional positive regard," said Lippin. "There's an illusion of social interaction with the abundance of social media, but the latest statistics on loneliness show that these shallow interactions cannot replace the value of real connections. When we have an outlet to freely communicate without fear of judgment, we feel a sense of release, validation and empowerment." The HearMe listener training synthesizes the helper theory principle — the idea that when a "helper" assists another person, the helper also benefits — with active and reflective listening strategies. These methods are employed in a variety of settings, including counseling, doctor-patient relationships, social work and crisis interventions. Combined, these approaches aid in getting people to open up, resolve conflict and build trust and self-esteem. HearMe listeners go through ongoing training to help them continuously improve their skills and support users of the app. "The value and quality of what HearMe and our hundreds of listeners offer are unique in the field of peer support," stated Madelon Guinazzo, Director of Training at HearMe and a professional communication coach. "Whether you are lonely or facing a major life challenge, empathetic connection and community can be invaluable, and that is exactly what HearMe provides. We get so much farther with others than we do alone." Features include: HearMe is now available for download everywhere for US$7.99/month. First-time members can access the app for free up to one week.
来自 Cuddlist 创始人的新的基于文本的同行支持服务 Healme 今天宣布,在完成对1万名用户的测试后,该公司推出了新的情绪健康应用程序。这款应用现在可以用于 iOS 和 Android ,它可以随时随地将人们连接到训练有素的志愿者监听器,进行实时聊天。听力听者是受过基于证据的主动和反思听力策略训练的专家,这使他们能够帮助需要帮助的人建立真实的联系和改善幸福。 根据医疗服务公司 Cigna 最近的一项研究,近一半的受访者表示他们经常或总是感到孤独。HearsMe 旨在帮助用户通过提供一个安全的空间与想要在那里的听众分享他们的思想,从而克服孤独。HearsMe 的成员可以即时与听众沟通,他们可以理解并分享他们的生活经历,如成为新父母或处理分手。 “我们开发了 HeaMe 作为一个平台,帮助人们快速和容易地连接到具有类似生活经验的听众,”创始人兼首席执行官 AdamLippin 说。“我在自己的生活中经历了一种超越,它来自于被另一个人真实地听到、看到和证实。自从我开始作为一个康复的成瘾者参加 AA 会议以来,我发现自己有力量和其他了解我经历的人分享我的痛苦和我自己的每一部分。我很高兴能与我的成员分享这一感受,并与他们交流。 孤独越来越被认为是一个影响数百万人的公共健康问题,研究表明,尤其是年轻人感到孤独。孤独和孤独的感觉与抑郁,焦虑,心血管疾病和减少的寿命相当于每天吸烟15支香烟。 “我们已经创造了一个安全的空间,以真实地分享你的想法与另一个人谁将倾听和提供无条件积极的尊重,”李平说。“社交媒体的丰富性让人产生了一种社会互动的错觉,但最新的关于孤独的统计数据表明,这些浅薄的互动不能取代真实关系的价值。当我们有一个不惧怕判断的自由交流的出口时,我们感到一种释放、验证和授权的感觉。” 听力听者训练综合了助听器理论原理——当“助听器”帮助另一个人时,助听器也会受益——积极和反思的听力策略。这些方法用于各种环境,包括咨询、医患关系、社会工作和危机干预。综合起来,这些方法有助于让人们敞开心扉,解决冲突,建立信任和自尊。听力听者通过持续的培训,帮助他们不断提高技能和支持用户的应用。 “ HeaMe 和我们数百名听众所提供的价值和质量在同行支持领域是独一无二的,” HeaMe 培训总监兼专业沟通教练 Madelon Guinazzo 说。“不管你是孤独还是面对重大的生活挑战,无神论的联系和社区都是无价的,这正是我所提供的。我们与他人相处得比我们单独相处得更远。” 特点包括: HeartMe 现在可以在任何地方下载,每月7.99美元。首次使用该应用程序的会员最多可免费使用一周。