FlexEnable Acquires Merck's OTFT Materials Portfolio for Flexible Displays

FlexEnable收购默克公司用于柔性显示器的 OTFT材料产品组合

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FlexEnable, the leader in the development and industrialisation of flexible organic electronics, has acquired Merck's portfolio of best-in-class, high-performance Organic Thin-Film Transistor materials, including revolutionary and highly-patented organic semiconductors and dielectrics. The deal makes FlexEnable the first company to offer display manufacturers both the only OTFT materials which are proven to have higher performance than amorphous silicon, and an entire package of industrially-proven manufacturing processes needed for production of flexible organic liquid crystal displays of any size. With this material set and manufacturing IP, flat panel display companies can produce low-cost, area-scalable flexible displays, sensors and devices for mass-market applications such as consumer electronics, automotive, retail and beyond. The acquisition of Merck's OTFT materials – now branded as FlexEnable FlexiOM™ – includes over 300 patents covering materials, processes and devices. This brings FlexEnable's total number of organic electronics patents to over 1,000. FlexiOM™ materials, together with FlexEnable's proprietary low-temperature processes, allow glass TFT backplanes to be replaced with flexible OTFT backplanes enabling thin, lightweight, shatterproof and flexible devices. The deal includes all of the trailblazing IP and know-how developed by Merck over nearly 20 years, as well as the necessary materials supply chain. FlexEnable is now employing key members of technical staff responsible for the development of the materials and intends to continue to advance and broaden this materials platform going forward. "Across industries such as consumer electronics and automotive, flexible displays are the catalyst for the next generation of experiences and products," said Chuck Milligan, CEO of FlexEnable. "We have been working closely with Merck's organic materials portfolio and team for many years and we saw here a unique synergy with our expertise that would put us ahead of the competition to replace flat glass displays in what is currently a $100 billion addressable market. The addition of FlexiOM™ materials to our industry-leading processes will significantly increase our revenue opportunity and further strengthen our business model, while providing a rapid route for display makers to commercialise large-area flexible displays needed now for many applications." "We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the world's strongest organic electronics materials set, and also to welcome our new team members coming from Merck. We are also excited to welcome new customers requiring these high-performance organic materials for a broad spectrum of applications outside of displays." added Chuck Milligan. The addition of the FlexiOM™ OTFT materials to the FlexEnable portfolio lowers the barrier to entry for flexible OLCD production in existing LCD factories. Display manufacturers and OEMs can for the first time license technical processes and the requisite materials as a complete solution, accelerating the adoption of OLCD on existing flat panel display production lines with minimal capital expenditure, while still utilising the rest of their existing LCD supply chains.  FlexEnable's FlexiOM™ OTFT materials are available immediately to customers worldwide for any organic electronics applications. About FlexEnable With over 1000 patents and more than 1000 engineering years in the development of organic materials and manufacturing processes, FlexEnable is the worldwide leader in organic electronics. We have developed and industrialised a complete low-temperature manufacturing process for small and large-area organic electronics on ultra-thin plastic substrates. FlexEnable also owns the best-in-class, highest-performance organic materials - FlexiOM™ - making us the only company to offer both materials which are better than amorphous silicon and industrially-proven enabling manufacturing processes. FlexEnable is bringing organic electronics technology to market in a fabless business model. Our processes and solutions have been developed to be run on existing flat panel display lines, leveraging existing assets and supply chain. Applications for FlexEnable's technology include flexible displays for consumer electronics and automotive interiors, flexible sensors and optics. FlexEnable supplies FlexiOM™ materials and transfers and licenses its unique technology platform to display manufacturers. We also work directly with OEM and Tier 1 companies on developing next generation products, from design to prototyping and product qualification all the way to volume production. For more information please visit www.flexenable.com or contact info@flexenable.com. Media Contact: pr@flexenable.com, 0208 811 2474 View original content:http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/flexenable-acquires-mercks-otft-materials-portfolio-for-flexible-displays-300952616.html SOURCE FlexEnable
FlexEnable 是柔性有机电子产品开发和产业化的领导者,他收购了默克(Merck)公司的一流、高性能有机薄膜晶体管材料产品组合,包括革命性的、高专利的有机半导体和介电。该交易使 FlexEnable 成为首家向显示器制造商提供性能高于非晶硅的唯一 OTFT 材料的公司,也是生产任何尺寸的柔性有机液晶显示器所需的全套工业验证的制造工艺。利用这种材料集和制造 IP ,平板显示器公司可以生产低成本、可扩展区域的柔性显示器、传感器和设备,用于大规模市场应用,如消费电子、汽车、零售等。 收购默克(Merck)公司的 OTFT 材料(现已更名为 FlexEnableFlexOM ™)包括300多项专利,涉及材料、工艺和设备。这使 FlexEnable 的有机电子专利总数超过1000项。FlexEnable 的专有低温工艺使玻璃 TFT 背板被灵活的 OTFT 背板所替代,使其能够实现薄、轻、防碎和灵活的设备。这笔交易包括了默克(Merck)公司近20年来开发的所有具有开创性的知识产权和专有技术,以及必要的材料供应链。FlexEnable 目前正在雇用负责材料开发的关键技术人员,并打算继续推进和拓宽这一材料平台。 FlexEnable 首席执行官 Chuck Milligan 说:“在消费电子和汽车等行业,灵活的显示器是下一代体验和产品的催化剂。”“多年来,我们一直与默克(Merck)公司的有机材料组合和团队密切合作,我们在这里看到了与我们的专业技术独特的协同作用,这将使我们在竞争中领先,以取代平板玻璃显示器在目前这个价值1000亿美元的目标市场。将 FlexxiOM ™材料添加到我们行业领先的流程中,将大大增加我们的收入机会,并进一步加强我们的商业模式,同时为显示器制造商提供一条快速途径,使目前许多应用程序所需的大面积灵活显示器商业化。” “我们很高兴能够为客户提供世界上最强的有机电子材料,也欢迎来自默克(Merck)公司的新团队成员。我们也很高兴欢迎新客户要求这些高性能有机材料广泛的应用范围以外的显示器。“查克·米利根又说。 将 FlexEnable 产品组合中的 FlexOM ™ OTFT 材料添加到 FlexEnable 产品组合中,降低了在现有 LCD 工厂中进行灵活 OLCD 生产的门槛。显示器制造商和 OEM 厂商可以首次将技术工艺和所需材料作为一个完整的解决方案,加快采用 OLCD 对现有平板显示器生产线的最低资本支出,同时仍然利用其现有 LCD 供应链的其余部分。 FlexEnable 的 FlexOM ™ OTFT 材料可立即为全球客户提供任何有机电子应用程序。 关于 FlexEnable FlexEnable 拥有1000多项专利,在开发有机材料和制造工艺方面拥有1000多年的工程经验,是全球有机电子领域的领导者。我们已经开发和工业化了一个完整的低温制造过程的小型和大面积有机电子超薄塑料基板。FlexEnable 还拥有一流、性能最高的有机材料—— FlexxiOM ™——使我们成为唯一一家提供两种材料的公司,这两种材料都优于非晶硅和经工业验证的授权制造工艺。FlexEnable 将有机电子技术引入无晶圆厂商业模式的市场。我们的流程和解决方案已经开发出来,将在现有平板显示器生产线上运行,充分利用现有资产和供应链。FlexEnable 技术的应用包括消费电子产品和汽车内部的柔性显示器、柔性传感器和光学设备。FlexEnable 提供 FlexOM ™材料,并转让和许可其独特的技术平台以显示制造商。我们还直接与 OEM 和第1层公司合作开发下一代产品,从设计到原型和产品资格认证,一直到批量生产。 有关详细信息,请访问 www.flibable.com 或联系 info @ flibable.com 。 媒体联系人: pr @ flibable.com ,0208811274 查看原始内容: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/flexable-acquiry-merks-otft-materials-portfolio-for-flexible-show-300952616。html SOURCE FlexEnable