Lupin to sell its stake in Kyowa to Unison for $526m


2019-11-14 08:32:21 PHARMACEUTICAL


Founded in 1998, Unison is an independent private equity firm investing in the healthcare sector across Japan, Korea and Singapore, with an emphasis on the pharmaceutical sector. Unison founding partner Tatsuya Hayashi said: “We are delighted to welcome Kyowa into our portfolio and support its next phase of growth, both in its existing business, as Kyowa continues to centre its strategy of strengthening its hybrid (brand/generics) pharma model in Japan, and in expanding its influence in the CNS space to beyond drugs. “We look forward to actively working with Kyowa to leverage our unique set of resources in the healthcare market – including our own portfolio companies, and our network of experienced health care advisors and strategic partners – to enable Kyowa’s vision of growth. “We also look forward to supporting Kyowa’s partnership with Lupin and exploring opportunities for Unison to collaborate further in the healthcare sector with Lupin and its unparalleled global network in the healthcare industry.” According to the agreement, Lupin subsidiary Nanomi will divest its 99.82% stake in Kyowa to Plutus, an entity of Unison for a total enterprise value of JPY57.36bn ($526m). Established in 1954, Kyowa is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling branded and generic pharmaceutical products for patients in the Japanese market. After acquiring Kyowa in 2007, Lupin has developed the company using incentives provided by the Japanese government for enhancing generic utilisation, R&D, manufacturing and commercial capabilities. Lupin said that Kyowa provides a diverse product portfolio that covers cardiovascular, gastroenterology and a wide variety of other segments, and offers central nervous system/neurology products under the AMEL brand. The completion of the transaction approved by the Lupin board of directors is subject to customary closing conditions including approval by the company’s shareholders. Lupin CEO Vinita Gupta said: “We are very pleased to partner with Unison, a leading healthcare-focused private equity player. This transaction will build upon the strong foundation our team has established in Japan. We acquired Kyowa in 2007 and since then have made a material difference to the Japanese healthcare system with the affordable medicines we brought to market. “This transaction is aligned with our vision to focus on our key markets and strategic priorities to achieve sustainable growth in the mid to long-term. The deal proceeds will be utilized to strengthen Lupin’s balance sheet as well as provide growth capital to support organic and inorganic initiatives for our focus markets.”
紫光成立于1998年,是一家独立的私募股权公司,投资于日本、韩国和新加坡的医疗保健行业,重点是制药行业。 Unison 创始人合作伙伴 Tatsuya Hayashi 表示:“我们很高兴欢迎 Kyowa 进入我们的投资组合,并支持其在现有业务中的下一阶段增长,因为 Kyowa 继续将其战略重心放在加强其在日本的混合(品牌/仿制药)制药模式,并将其在 CNS 领域的影响力扩大到药品以外。 “我们期待着与 Kyowa 积极合作,利用我们在医疗市场的独特资源,包括我们自己的投资组合公司,以及我们经验丰富的医疗顾问和战略合作伙伴网络,以实现 Kyowa 的增长愿景。 “我们还期待着支持 Kyowa 与 Lupin 的合作伙伴关系,并探索 Unison 与鲁宾(Lupin)及其在医疗行业无可比拟的全球网络进一步合作的机会。” 根据协议,鲁宾(Lupin)子公司 Nanomi 将把其持有的 Kyowa 99.82%的股权出售给 Plutus ,后者是 Unison 的一个实体,企业总价值为573.6亿日元(合5.26亿美元)。 Kyowa 成立于1954年,致力于为日本市场的患者开发、制造和销售品牌和仿制药产品。 2007年收购 Kyowa 后,鲁宾(Lupin)利用日本政府提供的激励措施开发了该公司,以提高仿制药的利用率、研发、制造和商业能力。 鲁宾(Lupin)说, Kyowa 提供了一个多元化的产品组合,涵盖心血管、胃肠病学和各种其他领域,并提供中枢神经系统/神经病学产品下的 AMEL 品牌。 鲁宾(Lupin)公司董事会批准的本次交易完成尚需满足包括公司股东批准在内的惯常交割条件。 鲁宾(Lupin)首席执行官 Vinita Gupta 表示:“我们非常高兴与优生( Unison )合作,优生是一家专注于医疗保健的领先私人股本公司。本次交易将建立在我们的团队在日本建立的坚实基础之上。我们在2007年收购了 Kyowa ,此后我们用我们带到市场上的平价药品,对日本的医疗保健系统产生了重大影响。 “这笔交易符合我们的愿景,即专注于关键市场和战略优先事项,以实现中长期的可持续增长。这笔交易所得将用于加强鲁宾(Lupin)的资产负债表,并提供增长资本,以支持我们重点市场的有机和无机举措。”