CVS Health's New Plans With Aetna May Improve Health Outcomes

CVS 健康与安泰的新计划可能改善健康结果

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CVS Health CVS, with its newly-acquired Aetna business, developed a Social Isolation Index to assess each Medicare beneficiary’s risk of social isolation. The mentioned index is based on claims data and multifaceted data on social determinants of health, and will help in identifying high-risk candidates.The company’s outreach program, Resources For Living, which is accessible to all members of Aetna Medicare Advantage and their caregivers, will provide further support to the high-risk candidates. The specially-trained consultants of Resources For Living will reach out to the candidates, who are potentially at a higher risk of facing social isolation.While amplifying the customer base for Aetna’s products, the current offering aims to strengthen its newly-introduced Health Care Benefits segment. The segment came into effect after CVS Health acquired Aetna in November 2018. Rationale Behind the ProgramPer the company, social connection is an important determinant of health for most people, but especially for the Medicare population. The company believes that with its help, this population will be able to care for themselves or have reliable support, be safe in their homes, and will be able to lead fulfilling lives. This will likely delay the development and progression of chronic health conditions.As part of this program, consultants will work directly with members to understand their needs and identify local resources. This serves as an early point of intervention for issues that are not health related and might affect members’ health.The company believes that personal connections are more important for beneficiaries aged 65 or more instead of digital solutions. A study conducted by CVS Health revealed that 24% of members did not have any immediate support system in the form of a friend or family and 27% did not know where to visit to meet new people.How Does This Work?The Resources For Living program and the social isolation index (both part of Aetna's overall Medicare social connectedness strategy) will work toward the improvent of the holistic well-being of the members. The program will customize its support per individual requirement.Plans in FocusIn 2020, Aetna will offer a new companionship benefit in partnership with Papa to reduce social isolation and provide the required support to the elderly population in select plans in Florida. Aetna will also continue offering SilverSneakers (a fitness program) at over 15,000 locations across the country through most of its Individual Medicare Advantage plans in 2020.Industry ProspectsPer a report by Verified Market Research, the global health insurance market was valued at $99 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $1.30 billion by 2026, witnessing a CAGR of 3.5% between 2019 and 2026. The key factors driving the insurance market are increasing health expenses and rising elderly population along with rapidly growing chronic diseases among the general population globally.Given the current trend in the insurance market as well as increasing incidents of loneliness and social isolation (resulting from adverse health behaviors and illnesses), the isolation index as part of the Resources For Living program has been developed at the right time.Price PerformanceThe company’s shares have risen 37.9% in the past six months compared with the industry’s growth of 27.3%.Zacks Rank & Key PicksCurrently, CVS Health carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).A few better-ranked stocks from the broader medical space are Haemonetics Corporation HAE, NuVasive, Inc NUVA and GW Pharmaceuticals plc GWPH.Haemonetics, currently carrying a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy), has a projected long-term earnings growth rate at 13.5%. (Strong Buy) stocks here.NuVasive estimates long-term earnings growth of 10.9%. The stock currently has a Zacks Rank #2.GW Pharmaceuticals estimates fourth-quarter earnings growth rate at 69.6%. It currently carries a Zacks Rank #2.Today's Best Stocks from ZacksWould you like to see the updated picks from our best market-beating strategies? From 2017 through 2018, while the S&P 500 gained +15.8%, five of our screens returned +38.0%, +61.3%, +61.6%, +68.1%, and +98.3%.This outperformance has not just been a recent phenomenon. From 2000 – 2018, while the S&P averaged +4.8% per year, our top strategies averaged up to +56.2% per year.See their latest picks free >>
CVS 健康 CVS 与其新收购的 Aetna 业务一起开发了社会隔离指数,以评估每个 Medicare 受益人的社会隔离风险。上述指数是基于索赔数据和关于健康的社会决定因素的多方面数据,将有助于确定高风险候选人。Aetna Medicare Advantage 的所有成员及其照顾者均可访问该公司的推广计划“生活资源”,该计划将为高风险候选人提供进一步支持。受过专门培训的生活资源顾问将与那些有可能面临社会孤立风险的候选人进行接触。在扩大安泰产品的客户群的同时,目前的产品旨在加强其新推出的医疗保健福利细分市场。该部分于 CVS Health 于2018年11月收购 Aetna 后生效。 在公司计划的背后,社会联系是大多数人健康的重要决定因素,尤其是对医疗保险人群。该公司认为,在其帮助下,这些人将能够照顾自己或得到可靠的支持,在家中安全,并将能够过上充实的生活。这可能会延缓慢性健康状况的发展和进展。作为该计划的一部分,顾问将直接与成员合作,了解他们的需求并确定当地资源。这是对与健康无关并可能影响成员健康的问题的早期干预。该公司认为,对于65岁或以上的受益人而言,个人联系更重要,而不是数字解决方案。CVS 健康组织开展的一项研究显示,24%的成员没有朋友或家人形式的即时支持系统,27%的成员不知道去哪里会见新的人。这工作如何?生活资源计划和社会隔离指数(都是 Aetna 总体医疗保险社会关联战略的一部分)将致力于改善成员的整体福利。该程序将根据个人需求定制其支持。重点计划2020年, Aetna 将与 Papa 合作提供新的同伴福利,以减少社会孤立,并在弗洛里达州的特定计划中向老年人提供必要的支持。Aetna 还将在2020年通过其多数个人医疗保险优势计划,继续在全国15,000多个地点提供 SilverSneakers (一项健身计划)。行业前景根据经验证的市场研究报告,2018年全球健康保险市场估值为9900万美元,预计到2026年将达到13.0亿美元,2019年至2026年的复合年增长率为3.5%。推动保险市场发展的关键因素是全球人口中健康费用的增加和老年人口的增加以及慢性病的快速增长。鉴于目前保险市场的趋势,以及日益增加的孤独和社会孤立事件(由于不良的健康行为和疾病),隔离指数作为生活资源计划的一部分,已在适当的时候制定。价格表现过去6个月,该公司股价上涨了37.9%,而该行业的涨幅为27.3%。ZackRank & KeyPicks 目前, CVS Health 拥有 ZackRank #3( Hold )。从更广泛的医疗领域来看,一些排名较好的股票是 Haemonitics Corporation HAE , NuVasive , Inc NUVA 和 GW Pharmaceuticals plc GWPH 。目前拥有 Zacks 排名第二的 Haemonistics 预测长期收益增长率为13.5%。这里的股票。NuVasive 估计长期收益增长率为10.9%。该股票目前有 Zacks 排名第二。GW 制药预计第四季度盈利增长率为69.6%。它目前拥有 Zacks 排名第二。今天的 ZacksBest 股票你想从我们最好的市场策略中看到最新的选择吗?2017年-2018年,标准普尔500指数上涨+15.8%,五个屏幕的回报率分别为+38.0%、+61.3%、+61.6%、+68.1%、+98.3%。这种超越不仅仅是最近的现象。从2000年到2018年,标准普尔平均每年+4.8%,我们的最高策略平均每年+56.2%。查看他们最新的选择免费>>